Steven Bochco

Steven Bochco talks about his legendary television producing career, and the upcoming reboot of ‘L.A. Law’. Plus, Gina discusses the departure of Mark Thompson from ‘Mark in the Morning’, and guys do a special television version of ‘Made Up Movie’.

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Heather McDonald and Ted Balaker

Heather McDonald and director Ted Balaker talk about their new doc, ‘Can We Take A Joke’, and the overly-offended society we’ve crafted. Plus, the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Wheeler Walker Jr. and Robert Mazur

Wheeler Walker Jr. chats with Adam about pissing off the country music scene with his explicit, hilarious new album. Plus, Adam takes a call from Robert Mazur to discuss infiltrating Pablo Escobar, and new the film based on his story.

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Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop chats with Adam about his songs and performances in classic films like Animal House, Kentucky Fried Movie, and The Blues Brothers. Plus, the gang plays a special Comic-Con edition of Nerdwalking.

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David Hasselhoff, Anthony Ferrante, and Matt Atchity

David Hasselhoff and Anthony Ferrante discuss Sharknado 4, run-ins with Donald Trump, and Hoff’s role in the new Baywatch movie. Plus, Matt Atchity hosts a Matt Damon themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and the guys discuss more from the DNC.

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