Duncan MacMillan and Scott Carney

Duncan MacMillan calls in to discuss ‘Every Brilliant Thing’, and the difficulty of expressing painful emotions. Plus, author Scott Carney chats with Adam about the benefits of a cold water bath, and how technology is outpacing our own natural developments.

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David Bianculli and Jo Koy

NPR’s David Bianculli joins for a podcast about the Golden Globes, and the Platinum age of television. Plus, Jo Koy returns for a new song by Bung Lu Su.

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AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget, plus Matt Atchity

AFI’s Dave Havok and Jade Puget chat with Adam about their new album, the nation’s porn watching habits, and the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting. Plus, Matt Atchity is in studio for a Sigourney Weaver themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Nick Thune

Nick Thune sits down for a podcast about the hospitalization of Charles Manson, MTV’s controversial ‘advice for white guys’ video, and what happens when you use the ladies restroom.

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Derek Riedle

Derek Riedle joins for a podcast about elevating how we think of marijuana, the free sample policy for Costco employees, and this year’s Coachella lineup. Plus, Adam takes calls for a round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About?’.

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