Dave Coulier and David Wild

Dave Coulier talks with Adam about his musical storybook, ice skating with Bruce Jenner, and celebrity fart impressions. Plus, David Wild is in studio to hear about Adam’s Divorce Cam idea, and to take some fan phone calls.

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Matt Atchity

Matt Atchity is in studio for an Avengers themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Plus, Adam takes fan phone calls, and Bald Bryan reviews the new ‘Jungle Book’ for this week’s Baldywood.

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AJ Benza and Jo Koy

AJ Benza talks with Adam about being banned from Howard Stern, and his thoughts on the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Plus, Jo Koy helps Adam rant about a ridiculous new Prius commercial.

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Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Bruce

Natasha Leggero joins for a podcast about acting opposite Andrew Dice Clay and her Honeymoon tour. Plus, Dr. Drew swings by to talk about the last Loveline ever, and Dr. Bruce is also in studio for a Healthwatch update.

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Doug Laux and David Portnoy

Ex-CIA Officer Doug Laux talks with Adam about infiltrating the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Plus, David ‘Prez’ Portnoy calls in to introduce a new segment called ‘The Barstool Breakdown’.

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