Al Madrigal and Tom Patterson

Al Madrigal recalls two encounters he had with Adam in the past, including a wild night with Jimmy Kimmel and Dave Attell. Plus, Tommy John founder Tom Patterson joins for a Father’s Day-themed round of Tales from the Cheap.

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Jocko Willink and Dave Dameshek

Jocko Willink talks about the benefits of self-punishment, and the future of masculinity. Plus, Dave Dameshek returns to discuss hierarchy in sports leagues and pouring his beer on a rude person at a party.

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George Shapiro and Jeff Cesario

George Shapiro discusses the legendary talents he’s managed like Jerry Seinfeld and Andy Kaufman, the secret to vitality as you get older, and watching Danny DeVito play him in a movie. Plus, Jeff Cesario returns as Chet Waterhouse.

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Teresa Strasser and Jim O’Heir

Teresa Strasser fills in for Gina on today’s news. Plus, Jim O’Heir returns to talk about his own radio show past in Indiana, how he transitioned into comedy, and not letting sudden fame impact you.

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Take a Knee with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Adam and Kareem kick off the episode by chatting about the style of play that attracted Kareem to UCLA. They then chat about Kareem’s thirst for intellectualism which was equally as important in deciding where to go to school. Kareem and Adam then talk about the unconscious shift in Kareem’s life towards Islam and how he was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood. They finally cover why we need wisdom more than ever now.

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