Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir talks to Adam about his journey to South East Asia and purposely disconnecting from his phone and social media. Plus, RJ Bell calls in to talk about this weekend’s Canelo vs. GGG fight, as well as the scoop on this week’s RJ’s Parlay.

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Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Adam gives updates on the new Willy T. Ribbs doc and shares his thoughts on the first Football Sunday of the season. The guys also respond to news stories about Steve Bannon, Jim Carrey, and Miss Texas.

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Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia talks about being a ring announcer for the WWE without being a wrestler, singing the national anthem only a couple days after 9/11, and updates on Hurricane Irma.

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Dan Soder and Vinnie Tortorich

Dan Soder joins for a podcast about the way we name hurricanes, how Dennis Rodman can help stop a war with North Korea, and a new service that will let you party in space. Plus Vinnie Tortorich returns for a round of Fit or Bull****.

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Chris Jericho and Jeff Cesario

Chris Jericho returns to discuss the principles to follow to achieve your dreams, DACA being rescinded, and revelations about the Zika virus. Plus, Jeff Cesario talks about a recent trip to Disneyland, and Chet Waterhouse delivers this week’s Sports Report.

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