Bill O’Reilly and Rich Eisen

Bill O’Reilly interviews Adam about the PC Police, safe spaces, and Fascism run wild. Later, Adam chats with Rich Eisen about the start of the NFL season, as well as early Super Bowl predictions.

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Kevin Hench, Take A Knee (Best Of)

Kevin Hench chats with Adam about their upcoming book, ‘The 10 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful People’. The guys also discuss the importance of early morning alone time, and books to read in the quest for self-perfection.

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Rob O’Neill

Rob O’Neill talks about firing the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden, as well as being part of the team that rescued Captain Phillips. The gang also chats about Benghazi, the difference between ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and dealing with PTSD.

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David Koechner and Rainn Wilson, Live from Oxnard

David Koechner and Rainn Wilson join Adam live from Oxnard to enjoy their highly anticipated group dinner together. Later in the show, the guys sing a song about Diligence.

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Peter Pardini and Vinnie Tortorich

Peter Pardini talks with Adam about spending two years on the road with the band ‘Chicago’, and making a feature length documentary. Plus, Vinnie Tortorich tells the truth about coconut oil, and hangs out for a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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