Russell Peters Live From the Hollywood Improv

Show Summary Adam opens the show complimenting Russell Peters on his incredible stand-up career. The guys then talk about the weird phenomenon of late divorce and not being able to call Christmas Break what it really is. Adam also takes some audience suggestions for a Holiday-themed What Can’t Adam Complain About, and the guys listen to a new Christmas Classic …

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Mark Hamill and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary The show opens with a big announcement from Bald Bryan. The guys then talk about Barbara Walters’ list of the 10 most interesting people, and Adam discusses the idea of having a fat president. Dave Dameshek is also in studio, and talks with Adam about the final weeks of the NFL, the latest in the NBA, and the …

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Dana Gould Live From the Irvine Improv

Show Summary Adam begins the show talking with the group about his confusion over Hanukkah. He also rants about the percentage of hit and run accidents in LA, and talks with audience members about ‘manscaping’, tattoos, and little people. Later, the guys roll through some clips of Huell Howser visiting the Shoe House at Confusion Hills. Dana Gould talks about …

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Steve O’ Live From the Irvine Improv

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks about waking up early for his kids’ Christmas pageant, and some of the ridiculous songs the kids had to sing. He also talks to Steve-O about his five years of sobriety, and they recall his over-the-top substance abuse days. Later they answer some audience questions, which lead the guys to …

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Eddie Pepitone Live From the Irvine Improv

Show Summary Adam opens the show ranting about his incredibly long day, followed by witnessing his daughter pee on herself. He then chats with Eddie Pepitone and the gang about wearing less clothing as you get older, and reflects on doing pushups to stop a boner when he was a teenager. The guys also play a round of What Can’t …

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