Sean Dunne and Sophia Locke

Sean Dunne and Sophia Locke discuss their new documentary, Cam Girlz. Gina Grad returns for the news, and Bald Bryan reviews an Oscar-nominated doc for this week’s Baldywood.

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Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen joins for a podcast about how you define performance enhancing drugs, if helmets and facemasks actually make football more dangerous, and the MMA fighters to keep your eye on. Kira Soltanovich also reads a news story about a guy who had sex with a dolphin.

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Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, and Matt Atchity

Mark and Jay Duplass join for a podcast about their love of Raising Arizona, their new show ‘Togetherness’, and what it’s like to go to Sundance. Plus, Matt Atchity returns to play a Gene Hackman-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Ross Matthews, Ken Ehrlich, and David Wild

Ross Matthews sits down for a podcast about tax credits for gay people, the Katy Perry halftime show, and how to get invited to Kimmel’s. Plus, Beth Stelling reads the news, and Ken Ehrlich and David Wild call in to discuss the upcoming Grammy Awards.

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Christopher Noxon

Christopher Noxon chats with Adam about being married to ‘Orange is the New Black’ creator Jenji Kohan, and the importance of teaching your kids about sword fighting. Plus, Adam rants about his Super Bowl weekend, and Melanie Baldonado reads the news.

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