Artie Lange, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Show Summary Live from Caroline’s in New York City, Adam opens the show with Artie Lange, Alison and Bald Bryan. Adam tells a couple more stories from Jimmy’s wedding, and discusses a nice moment that turned awkward. Artie then jokes about ‘Behind the Candelabra’, and Adam and Bryan talk about their experience in first class. Next up, a round of …

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This Week in Rage – 7/20/13

This Week’s Topics: Blue Cotton Candy, Zucchini and No Dogs on the Beach

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Brad Thor

Show Summary Adam opens the show teasing the Porcelain Punisher for not knowing what a ‘chassis’ is. He then talks about hearing decent music for once while getting his haircut, and rants about the fruit roll up suck on his Mom’s ceiling. Later the guys play a round of ‘Tales From The Cheap’. Author Brad Thor enters the studio next, …

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Adam, Alison and Bryan

Show Summary Adam opens the show with more stories from Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding. He recalls his conversation with Johnny Knoxville, and the guys watch an outtake real from the Cranston FundAnything video. Adam also plays a clip from the Gavin Newsom episode, and the guys take your calls for a round of Mr. Brightside. Alison begins the news talking about …

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Tony Hale and Jo Koy

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Jo Koy in studio, and the guys discuss the phenomenon of the Meter Maid Ninja. Jo also tells a funny story about his divorce, and opens up about his foot fetish. Later, Adam and Jo re-enact an argument at a PF Chang’s, and Adam rants about the bias news, and the media’s need …

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