Eddie Pepitone Live From the Irvine Improv

Show Summary Adam opens the show ranting about his incredibly long day, followed by witnessing his daughter pee on herself. He then chats with Eddie Pepitone and the gang about wearing less clothing as you get older, and reflects on doing pushups to stop a boner when he was a teenager. The guys also play a round of What Can’t …

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Christopher Titus Live from the Irvine Improv

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about an exchange with a fan celebrating her birthday at his Fresno performance. He also rants about rain-sensing windshields, and the frustration of losing your phone in the car while driving. The gang then talks about t-shirts with sexual innuendo, Adam’s old motorcycle, and having his car stolen multiple times. He then discusses …

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Dr. Drew, Live from the Canyon Club

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his beard, and the differences between his son and daughter’s personalities. Dr. Drew then asks an audience member why they think Adam is their hero. Adam talks about why Dave Matthews is his hero, and chats with the group about the idea of having sex with slaves or dogs. He goes on a …

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Mike Tyson, Dave Dameshek and Deaf Frat Guy

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about the massive Christmas tree he bought for his family, and compares it to the pathetic tree branch he had as a kid. Mike Tyson then calls in, and Adam chats with him about his fights with Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock. They also discuss his charity work with ‘Mike Tyson Cares,’ and his life …

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Adam on The Tonight Show

Watch Adam, Jay Leno, and Khloe Kardashian talk about Mangria, Thanksgiving etiquette, and Jay’s garage.

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