Paul Mecurio, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Show Summary Adam begins the show with Paul Mecurio talking about all the crazy people and cabbies in New York. He chats with Alison about the hotel workout room, and observes that he asymmetrically sweats. Adam then rants about his lunch at a Polish restaurant in New Jersey, and the guys play a round of Totally Topical TiVo Trivia, New …

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Dave Attell, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining with Dave Attell about the horrible weather. The guys then discuss the proper way to become elderly, as well as the problems with wet-nap snap lids. The also talk about ‘Dave’s Old Porn’ and make fun of Honey Boo Boo’s need for subtitling. Later they discuss Adam’s swimming pool, pirating porn, and why …

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Judah Friedlander, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his crazy odyssey of a day. Despite the incredible heat and a too-early wakeup call, Adam traveled to New Jersey for a Mangria presentation, followed by a tasting. He also talks about eating an incredible Hungarian meal, and recalls his grandfather Lazlo. Adam then takes audience questions about his first big purchase, and …

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Artie Lange, Live from Caroline’s in NYC

Show Summary Live from Caroline’s in New York City, Adam opens the show with Artie Lange, Alison and Bald Bryan. Adam tells a couple more stories from Jimmy’s wedding, and discusses a nice moment that turned awkward. Artie then jokes about ‘Behind the Candelabra’, and Adam and Bryan talk about their experience in first class. Next up, a round of …

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This Week in Rage – 7/20/13

This Week’s Topics: Blue Cotton Candy, Zucchini and No Dogs on the Beach

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