Larry Miller


          Adam opens the show discussing the successful story of his buddy Michael Narren. Adam stresses the importance of working hard for free, and explains how it pays off later in life. He also complains about valet guys who leave the ticket on your windshield. Moving into the news, Alison discusses the verdict of the Conrad Murray case, and …

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Vanessa Branch


Vanessa Branch, the original Orbit Gum Girl, joins the show. Adam asks her how she started doing the commercials, and Vanessa reveals that her British accent is not the voice she typically speaks in.

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David Alan Grier

DAG asks Adam about his relationship with his daughter Natalia, and Adam says that she’s maybe warming up to him a bit more.

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Larry Miller on The Show 11/01/11

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Halloween Stories with Ray

Adam’s buddy Ray Oldhafer drops by for a 1-on-1 podcast discussing their favorite Halloween stories. They also jump to the phones to hear your stories too.

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