DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam and Dr. Drew try to figure out their post-Emmy plans since they are both attending tonight. Adam rants about terrible news reporters, and complains about the education level among African-Americans. The guys then listen to a clip from a recent Prager performance about coping with pain in marriage. Dr. Drew follows up by announcing …

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Jay Chandrasekhar and Ray Oldhafer


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks with Ray about their visit to Nick Offerman’s woodshop. Adam then goes on a rant about high school graduation rates, and why the black family unit is suffering. Adam and Ray also chat about torturing Ray’s little brother, and Adam recalls a S’Mores incident with Ray when …

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Brandon T. Jackson Live from the Irvine Improv


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with today’s guest, Brandon T. Jackson, about growing up in Detroit. Brandon announces that he just quit drinking today, and Adam talks about the problems with wine bottles. They also chat about why Brandon grew up without porn in his house, and what it’s like Skyping with someone in jail. …

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Frank Stallone and Dave Dameshek


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary The show opens with Adam talking with Dave Dameshek about the glory of Mangria. They also chat about Adam’s Basic Cable Commentary with Frank Stallone, and the legacy of Will Smith. Adam then rants about flavored cream cheese and complains about driving an Aston Martin. Shek then jumps into this week’s #1 Sports and the …

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Darren Bousman


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his ‘booze pet peeves’ and an experience he had at the hospital while visiting with his dad. He also complains about the LA heat and talks about his latest entry into the Urban Dictionary. Adam then rants about a recent first class flight experience, and the guys listen to a …

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