Blues Traveler

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his argument with Ty Pennington from back in the day when Ty appeared to know nothing about home improvement when he called into Loveline. Adam then tells a story about losing his car keys, and plays clips from a 60 Minute special about why government employees actually benefitted from the shutdown. Adam …

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Tito Ortiz and Bjorn Rebney

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about watching football with Jimmy, and a weird scary adventure that he sent his kids on. The guys then listen to another clip of Dingo Boy, reminding Adam of his days with Kevin & Bean. Adam then takes phone calls about Exporting Raymond, and why he would rather be satisfied than happy. Bald …

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This Week in Rage – 10/20/13

This week’s topics: Molly’s Chemo Pills, Lone Ants, Wine Bottles, Alaska and Unsafe Stamps

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Tom Rhodes

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about an insanely busy Portland signing, and all of the pictures that got lost. He also rants about BevMo’s bottle signing rules, and shares a couple of inspiring messages that he learned from Michael Strahan. Next up, Adam takes fan phone calls about blood tests, boxing, and his experiences using public transportation. Comedian …

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Luke Burbank, Live from the Neptune Theatre in Seattle

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Luke Burbank on stage, and Luke recalls a couple of awkward interactions he’s had with the Ace Man. The guys also chat about the problems with talking to conspiracy freaks or people obsessed with horoscope. Adam then talks with audience members about drunk people in Vancouver, his brilliant bed idea, and why he …

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