State of the Union 2013

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his New Years Resolution, and an argument he got into with Natalia about frozen yogurt. He also discusses a few exciting announcements for Carolla Digital in 2013, and tells stories from his holiday vacation. Alison and Bryan also talk about their New Years Eves, and Adam takes a fan phone call about burlesque. …

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2012 ACE Awards

Show Summary Welcome to the 2012 ACE Awards. Relive your favorite moments from the past year, and hear who wins amongst the nominees for: – Song of the Year – Most Uncomfortable Moment – Best Sound Drop – Best Fight – Rant of the Year … and much much more! Links Be sure to visit http://ZekesSmokehouse.com for a delicious meal, …

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Joel McHale

Show Summary Joel McHale and Adam talk one-on-one about Community and The Soup, Joel’s history of quitting sports, and how Adam barely graduated high school. (Recorded 11-22-11)

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Alec Baldwin Surprise Call-In

Show Summary Alec Baldwin calls in to give relationship advice, and talk 30 Rock Season 7. Later, Alison does the news, and Bald Bryan talks about putting a non-smoking zone in front of his house. (Recorded 11-1-11)

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Andrew Breitbart

Show Summary Adam sits down one-on-one with Andrew Breitbart to complain about the condition of Los Angeles. (Recorded 5-11-11) Plus Alison’s news and Adam’s thoughts from the day after Andrew’s death.

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