Matt Walsh


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing the ballsy move he did on his drive to the studio, only to get caught with the same person at the next light. He also talks about his busy Saturday with the kids’ first baseball game, and rants about Lynette losing her keys. Adam then talks with Dr. Bruce about …

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Penn Jillette and Dr. Drew


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing youth sports and the time he got the most accolades as a player. He also talks about the SHINE Award from 1999 that was sent to him today, and why it took so long to receive. Alison then starts up the news discussing the unexpected death of Andrew Breitbart. The …

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Marc Maron


  DOWNLOAD HERE Marc Maron sits down with Adam to discuss their parents, depression, and getting cold remedies from fishermen. Plus Alison with the news and Adam recalls the filming of a classic Man Show bit.

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Mr. Skin


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary NOTE: PICTURE GALLERY BELOW INCLUDES NSFW PICS Adam describes the ‘tidal wave of depression’ he was hit with today, after asking his mom to bring photos of the old family house. He also talks about the success of the Redondo Beach show this past weekend, and announces that audio of the show can now be …

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Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange join Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Adam chats with them about the frustrations and repetition of radio, and also discusses why he couldn’t work with Danny Bonnaduce. Nick and Artie also talk about Artie’s rehab, and how well their radio show is going these …

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