Jim Norton, Live at the Gaslamp in Long Beach

Jim Norton joins Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from The Gaslamp in Long Beach. Adam opens the show discussing when exactly he turned into an asshole. Then the gang does a round of “Q and Ace”. Before the show wraps, Jim, Adam, and Bryan react to Alison’s News.

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James Gunn and Ray Oldhafer

Show Summary Adam opens the show with his buddy Ray Oldhafer in studio. The guys talk about the one extra embarrassing act that Adam would not participate in. Ray then provides a home improvement tip, and the guys answer a landlord-related question from a fan. Adam also brings up another horrible song from the 80s that’s actually worse than Send …

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Art Alexakis and Matt Atchity

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing the action classic Face/Off, which is rated unbelievably high on Rotten Tomatoes. Matt Atchity is also in studio, and the guys chat about whether or not dishwashers are worth our time and energy, and Adam’s power move jump roping and dictating earlier in the day. The group then plays a Gary Oldman themed …

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Jerry Ferrara and David Wild

Jerry Ferrara talks with Adam about the new Entourage movie, the career of boxer Arturo Gatti, and the rapper who cut off his own dick. Plus, David Wild calls in to talk about the ESPYs.

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Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh joins for a podcast about partying with QuestLove and Billy Connolly, ‘historical smoking’, and the preschool to prison pipeline. Plus, Alison reads news stories about Anthony Cumia, Tracy Morgan, and Steven Spielberg.

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