Ice Cube and Dr. Bruce

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about people getting killed because cops are not doing their jobs properly. Dr. Bruce is also in studio, and he chats with Adam about the language barrier in LA and terrible ranchero music. They also discuss adult film stars with STDs, the new heroine epidemic, and workplace injuries caused by robots. Later, Adam …

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Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons joins Adam and the gang for a podcast about rooftop parties, father-son road trips, and why no one cares about soccer.

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Richard Marx

Richard Marx sits down for a podcast about Adam’s family trip to Napa, prank ideas for your buddies, and the death of Casey Kasem. Bald Bryan also reviews 22 Jump Street during this week’s Baldywood.

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This Week in Rage 6-15-14

This week’s topics: Severe Drought Freeway Signs, Airport McDonalds, and Formerly Fat Guys

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Ian Edwards and Steve Malanga

Ian Edwards joins for a podcast about chicken shit tickets, silencing people who have a different opinion, and George HW Bush’s tandem skydive jump. Plus, Adam takes a call from Steve Malanga to discuss the latest in his fight against the patent trolls, and Bald Bryan reviews Edge of Tomorrow.

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