Jay Mohr and Dave Dameshek

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about the release of the new Mangria White. He also complains about his mom’s obsession with European culture and all of her weirdo friends. Adam then talks about an envelope of money that was stolen from the studio on Friday, and tries to get Sonny on the phone to interrogate him. Dave Dameshek …

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Sebastian Bach and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio. The guys talk about songs that are clearly ripping each other off, then play a round of Nicaraguan Name That Tune, with guest stars Ozzie and Alan Parsons. The guys then discuss ridiculous radio competitions, and Adam welcomes Sebastian Bach to the studio. Adam asks Sebastian about his Broadway …

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Dana Gould and Huey Lewis

Show Summary Adam opens the show telling more stories from his practice at the trace tracks. He also complains about the traffic in LA slowing down even more and rants about guys on bikes who give you a crappy attitude. Later, he takes a call from Huey Lewis, and talks with him about his love of fly-fishing, getting a perfect …

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Dave Dameshek Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Adam is joined by Dave Dameshek live from Amalfi for a podcast including Alison’s news, Creep of the Week and a round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About’ Superfan Sidebar Click Here for Superfan Giovanni’s recap and commentary on today’s episode. For more, go to AdamCarolla.com/Gio. Show Credits Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson Co-Producers: Gary …

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Jon Sebastiani

Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing the latest ridiculous Kotex commercial he watched. He also talks about ads he saw for the new Tyler Perry thriller, and rants about a food stamp commercial he also caught. The gang then takes your suggestions for Made Up Movie. Next, ‘Krave Jerky’’s Jon Sebastiani enters the studio, and Adam talks with him …

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