David Choe

Artist David Choe talks to Adam about his incredible career, miserable rich people, and time spent in a Japanese prison. Adam also takes some listener phone calls and Bald Bryan gives an update on his health.

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Live from the Empire Theatre in San Antonio, Texas

Adam, Alison and Bald Bryan are live from the Empire Theatre in San Antonio, Texas for a live podcast featuring discussion of their travel experience and Crohn’s disease. They also take some questions in ‘Q and Ace’, play a round of Totally Topical Texas TiVo Trivia Time Tonight and react to Alison Rosen’s news.

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Gilbert Gottfried, Skip Bedell, and Alison Bedell

Gilbert Gottfried calls in to chat with Adam about his idiosyncrasies, and what it would be like if he ran in a marathon. Plus, Adam sits down with his Catch a Contractor co-stars Skip and Alison, and the guys chat about classic ‘yeah but still’ moments, confrontations on the set, and the problems with cell phone voice activation.

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David Wild

David Wild chats with Adam about the albums from their youth they want to revisit, why Yoko Ono sucks, and the women Adam is certain would never have sex with him.

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Phillip Keene and Ray Oldhafer

Phillip Keene joins for a podcast about Adrian Peterson, zombie overload, and the sound of Hungarians arguing. Plus, Ray Oldhafer is in studio for Just the Tip, and to critique Adam’s ability to do pushups.

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