Toad The Wet Sprocket and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about bands with potential that churn out horrible songs. He also rants about always mispronouncing names once he’s messed it up once. David Wild then shares pictures from the horrific SFO crash and talks about interviewing Sonny Bono the day before he died. Adam also recalls an interesting exchange he had on Ace …

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Jay Mohr

Show Summary Adam opens the show thanking everyone for supporting his new fundraising project at http://FundAnything.com/AdamCarolla. He rants about weird booze flavors, and tells an epic story about his stressful 4th of July weekend hanging out with his nephew. The story involves blown out tires, useless neighbors, and a teen who doesn’t want to drive. Jay Mohr enters the studio …

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Mike Lawrence, Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Mike Lawrence joins Adam and the gang live from Amalfi restaurant for a podcast including discussion of the new Fund Anything campaign that Adam recently launched in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They also discuss things in pop culture that people frequently call the incorrect name and the gang plays a round of Totally Topical Tivo Time …

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Bryan Cranston

Show Summary Adam opens the show with a rant about sunflower seed (peanut) butter. He also talks about the reviews that have come in after The Car Show premiered, and Alison even reads one out loud. She then goes into the crowd for Q and Ace, where Adam talks about TV shows he wishes he could appear in, touring California, …

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Lee Cheng

Show Summary Adam opens the show joking with Alison and Bryan about the power of a t-shirt or business card. The guys then go straight to the news and talk about a settled lawsuit dealing with a woman who had her infant taken away after a poppy seed bagel forced her to fail a drug test. They also discuss a …

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