Dr. Drew


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam talks briefly about a real estate deal he was working on. The guys then speak to a caller who is upset after catching her boyfriend watching porn while she was still in the house. Adam also plays a couple pedophile rock songs for Dr. Drew, and they chat …

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Dave Dameshek


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam and Dameshek realize they’ve both recently seen the same terrible movie. They analyze a few of their favorite moments, and then watch Dameshek’s very first Man Show bit. Later, Shek talks about the upcoming NFL season and announces the Creep of the Week. Adam and the gang talk …

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Wayne White and Ray Oldhafer


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary The show opens with Ray Oldhafer in studio, and the gang argues about the definition of the word idiosyncratic. Adam talks with Ray about the time he jumped naked off the roof of the Mulholland Club, and also recalls Sonny’s championship basketball season. Later the guys answer your home improvement questions, and talk to a …

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Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary The show opens with Adam discussing his viewing of the new film ‘Sleepwalk with Me.’ He also goes on a rant about batteries, and tells a story about Dr. Drew from over the weekend. Later he chats with his assistant about missing work for family, and talks about his own dad asking him to pay …

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Jake Steinfeld


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his weekend performances in Tampa and Orlando. He complains about his first class experience and goes on an epic rant against goat cheese. Later he reviews the latest Zac Effron film, ‘The Lucky One,’ and talks about the incredibly narcissistic lady sitting behind him on his flight. Jake Steinfeld …

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