Kelley James and Nils Lofgren, Live from Phoenix

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about how the incredible heat activates your animal instincts. He then talks with Nils Lofgren who happens to be in the audience, and the guys discuss touring the world with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Musician Kelley James then freestyles a song based on an audience suggestion, and Adam heads into …

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John Holmberg, Live from Phoenix

John Holmberg joins the show live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix. The guys talk about Dr. Drew meeting Fidel Castro, horrible bed & breakfast places, and ‘Take Your Dog to Work’ day. Plus, Adam takes audience suggestions for a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About.

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Teresa Strasser, Live from Phoenix

Teresa Strasser joins for a live podcast including talk of Adam’s first TSA Pre experience, audience relationship questions, and reactions to Alison Rosen’s news.

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This Week in Rage – 6/21/14

This week’s topics – Beets, World Cup News and Caller ID

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Barry Katz, Dicky Barrett, and David Wild

Barry Katz joins for a podcast about how to be a successful showbiz manager, Adam’s miserable experience taking his dad to a jazz concert, and the Mount Rushmore of comedy. Plus, Adam takes a call from Dicky Barrett to wish him a Happy 50th, and David Wild is back in studio to chat music with the Aceman.

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