Kevin Pollak and David Wild

Kevin Pollak talks with Adam about whether you have to be miserable to be decent at comedy, and the new trend of advertising on women’s breasts. Plus, David Wild returns to chat with the gang about their favorite TV theme songs.

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Allie Mac Kay

Allie Mac Kay joins for a podcast about dogs at a funeral, the horrors of morning radio, and Adam’s thoughts on the patent trolls. Adam also tries to cheer people up with a round of Mr. Brightside.

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This Week in Rage – 4/12/15

This Week’s Topics: People Lying on the Floor In Public, Newman vs. Sinatra, and Fuber.

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Candace Smith and Deaf Frat Guy

Candace Smith of Millionaire Matchmaker joins for a podcast about the realities of the dating world, the latest controversy surrounding Scientology, and the KFC that played a porno. Plus, Adam welcomes back the Deaf Frat Gray for a round of JV or All Balls.

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Kevin Hench and Matt Atchity

Show Summary Matt Atchity is in studio at the top of the show, and everyone shares their thoughts on the latest Fast and Furious film. Adam then takes fan phone calls dealing with people who do their jobs even when they’re uncomfortable, how to face going on your first flight, and how much Adam would take to give a blowjob. …

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