Dan St. Germain and Chas Rampenthal

Dan St. Germain joins for a podcast about awkward threesomes, the San Diego firestorm, and why Adam won’t be on Sirius XM anytime soon. Plus, Chas Rampenthal of Legal Zoom drops by to help Adam understand his Patent Troll litigation.

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Christopher Titus and Matt Atchity

Christopher Titus joins Adam and the gang for a podcast about Adam’s NY book tour, no milk on the set of his movie, and ‘douchebag credits’. Plus, Matt Atchity hosts the Rotten Tomatoes game, and Alison reads the news.

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Dave Attell, Live From Caroline’s on Broadway

Dave Attell sits down with Adam to help launch Adam’s new book, President Me. The guys also discuss Alec Baldwin’s arrest, Sonny’s track event, and how Adam measures up to past Presidents.

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Larry Miller

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Larry Miller in studio, and he talks with him about how great it’s been having Larry in the movie. The guys then play a round of the Hypothetical Road Trip Game, where there are no wrong answers. Next up, the guys discuss placating presidents, and a long list of ways that Canada is …

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Adam, Alison and Bryan

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about the difficulties of wrapping his movie, and all the union bullshit that goes with it, including avoiding meal penalties and getting a location shut down. Adam then talks to callers about shaming drivers, and how he feels about his own superfans. Next up, Adam shares a story about an accident on the …

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