Super Bowl Recap with Owen Benjamin and Jo Koy

Owen Benjamin joins for a podcast about the Super Bowl, taste-testing beers, and ‘Sportsball’ tweets. Plus, Jo Koy returns as Bung Lu Soo!

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Is It A Vibrator? + Baldywood Review of “Icarus”

Adam and Eve’s Katy Zvolerin joins for a compelling new game, ‘Is It A Vibrator?’ Bald Bryan also reviews an Oscar nominated doc for today’s ‘Hooray for Baldywood’, and everyone reacts to the news.

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The Sklar Brothers + Jeff Cesario

The Sklar Brothers return to discuss their new documentary, ‘Poop Talk’, and play a round of ‘Hobo Power’. Plus, Jeff Cesario talks to Adam about the difficulty of good character work, and being interviewed by people who are unprepared.

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Rob Schneider’s Art History Lesson + Blah Blah Blog with Sarah Tiana

Rob Schneider returns to talk about his time on Saturday Night Live, and to share some more fascinating history lessons. Plus, the guys play a State of the Union themed round of Blah Blah Blog with comedian Sarah Tiana.

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Chad Prather + Super Bowl Bets with RJ Bell

PODCAST: PART 1 PART 2 Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam shares some leftover thoughts about the Grammy Awards from over the weekend. The guys chat about cover songs, and then take a call from RJ Bell to discuss Adam’s gambling life. They also talk about the odds for the Super Bowl, and some fun prop bets …

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