This Week in Rage – 2/22/14

This week’s topics: Derek Jeter Retiring, Buffer Songs, and Molly’s Emotional Flexibility

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Matt Atchity

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about bad phone cell phone reception, and why he is motivated to reclaim what it means to be beautiful. He also talks about the cathartic moment of revisiting an old job site while on his way to O’Reilly, and explains why he is terrified of his daughter. After a couple fan phone calls, …

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JL Cauvin

JL Cauvin shows off his hilarious Carolla impression. The gang also chats about Adam’s dog Molly and the latest airport terrorist warning, and they play a round of Who the F Sells This S.

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Titus Welliver and David Wild

Titus Welliver joins for a podcast about Ted Nugent’s controversial comments, brother-sister ice skating teams, and growing up surrounded by his dad’s nude models. Plus, David Wild talks about Kanye West’s ego, and he and Adam make fun of extended monologues before songs.

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Julie Samuels, Ray Oldhafer, and Deaf Frat Guy

Julie Samuels talks with Adam about the latest updates in his battle against the Patent Trolls. Plus, Ray Oldhafer sits down for Just the Tip, and Deaf Frat Guy calls in for a round of JV or All Balls.

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