Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore joins for a podcast about comedy songs, the ethics of cleaning up after your dog, and the future of powdered alcohol.

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Michael DesBarres

Michael DesBarres joins for a podcast about Adam’s epic travel weekend, including a hilarious conversation with Sir Ben Kingsley, and attempting to get a new iPhone on the road. Later they discuss the rock’n’roll lifestyle, and issues surrounding plagiarized music.

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‘Take a Knee’ with RZA

Show Summary RZA from Wu-Tang Clan joins Adam for this episode of Take A Knee. Adam opens the show with RZA’s humble beginnings in New York and how he first found his love of Rap music. Then Adam and RZA talk a bit about respect and how to instill it in kids properly as they grow. RZA goes on to …

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Jim O’Heir, Jo Koy, and Leland Orser

Jim O’Heir guest-hosts a podcast with special guests Jo Koy and Leland Orser. The guys chat about foot fungus, UFO sightings, and the death of Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews Road Hard for this week’s Baldywood.

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Richard Roeper

Adam opens the show discussing the recent travel experiences with Mike August before he is joined legendary movie critic Richard Roeper. Together they discuss Adam’s new movie Road Hard as well as the history of ‘At The Movies’ both during Richard’s tenure as well as back to its inception.

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