JL Cauvin

JL Cauvin joins for a podcast about Gina getting flashed, people who mouth off to the cops, and the Duck Dynasty musical. Plus, the gang plays a round of Greater Than or Less Than.

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This Week in Rage – 5/5/15

This Week’s Topics: Bruce Jenner’s Shocking Revelation, the Tragedy in Baltimore and L.A.’s Rock Bottom Moment

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Michael Jai White and Jo Koy

Michael Jai White joins for a podcast about directing an action movie in Thailand, his experiences teaching delinquent children, and how to find strength when your father is not around. Plus, Jo Koy rants with Adam about street vendors, and talks about going to Vegas to see the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

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Dr. Drew and Christian Picciolini

Christian Picciolini chats with Adam about his experiences as a skinhead. Kristen Carney also fills in for Gina Grad, Dr. Drew swings by to discuss psychopathology, and the guys talk about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

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Sir Ken Robinson and Taleeb Starkes

Sir Ken Robinson joins for a podcast about the problems with our school system, Sonny’s academic struggles, and the one country that seems to be doing it right. Plus, Adam takes a call from Taleeb Starkes to chat about the riots in Baltimore and why conservative values are not sticking with the black community.

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