Jeremy Garelick and Artie Lange

Jeremy Garelick chats about writing and directing The Wedding Ringer, and boxing gym etiquette. Later, Artie Lange calls in to discuss his recent hospitalization, life on the road, and why we should all be grateful he’s not a woman.

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JoBeth Williams and Matt Atchity

JoBeth Williams joins for a podcast about her phenomenal career, Oscar predictions, and Bald Bryan’s dad’s concerns about Scientology. Plus, Matt Atchity is here for a Bradley Cooper themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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John Hodgman and David Wild

John Hodgman joins for a podcast about overly long shoe laces, Superman’s emotional support dog, and the link between porn and narcissism. Plus David Wild and Adam discuss his Jayhawks’ concert experience.

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Jo Koy

Jo Koy comes to terms with being a ‘Dork Dad’, and chats with Adam and the gang about the highlights from the Golden Globes, problems with the Super Bowl Halftime show, and a woman trying to knit with her vagina.

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Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia joins for a podcast about his departure from ‘Opie and Anthony’, the Golden Globe results, and Adam’s thoughts on firing Alison.

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