Andy Daly and Jo Koy

Andy Daly sits down for a podcast about the return of ‘Review’, the latest blast against Bill Cosby, and a failed attempt at a Heterosexual Pride Parade. Plus, Jo Koy helps recreate Adam’s very frustrating sushi experience.

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Adam, Gina and Bryan

No guest today, just a lively conversation about a Las Vegas hotel fire, crazy fair food, and the end of Hulkamania. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews the new doc ‘Amy’ for this week’s Baldywood, and Gina talks about her photo shoot with Fabio.

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Dr. Bruce and Jeff Abraham

Dr. Bruce makes his triumphant return to the podcast for this week’s Healthwatch. Plus, Jeff Abraham chats with Adam about avoiding premature ejaculation, and the guys react to news stories about the Ashley Madison hack and racism in soccer.

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Martin Short, Brad Thor, and Matt Atchity

Martin Short chats with Adam about Jiminy Glick, Steve Martin, and the contents of his new memoir. Plus, author Brad Thor chats about the process of having his books adapted, and Matt Atchity is here for the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio, and Adam makes fun of him for going to a soccer game. Adam then rants about terrible Eagles songs, and people in the Rock‘n’Roll Hall of Fame that shouldn’t be. Adam then chats with Gina about her experience taking the Mensa IQ Test, and Adam takes a fan phone …

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