Kristen DiAngelo and Jo Koy

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking with Jo Koy about their first meeting. Adam then argues with Kobayashi about Independence Day and eating hot dogs. Next up, the guys play a round of Made Up Movie, where the group builds an entire film around titles submitted by fans. Along the way Adam goes on a rant about the abundance …

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James Deen

Show Summary Adam opens the show pumped after an amazing performance with Jay Mohr and Bill Simmons over the weekend. He also talks about Al Pacino’s appearance at a concert he missed, as well as having to coach his son’s basketball team. Later, Bald Bryan discusses his experience attempting to see 2 Guns, and his decision to instead see the …

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Adam, Alison and Bryan

Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about how long women take to blow dry their hair. He also talks about what his kids were doing as he was leaving to record the podcast. Later, the guys play a round of Hobo Power where they take your calls to hear your worst stink stories. Mike Stanley, comic from Chicago and …

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Yakov Smirnoff, Live from Amalfi

Show Summary Adam is joined by Yakov Smirnoff live from Amalfi in Hollywood for a podcast including discussion of Adam’s longtime curiosity about Yakov, life in Branson and a round of audience questions in ‘Q and Ace’. Superfan Sidebar Click Here for Superfan Giovanni’s recap and commentary on today’s episode. For more, go to AdamCarolla.com/Gio. Show Credits Producers: Mike August, …

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John Salley

Show Summary Adam begins the podcast discussing his recent appearance on Huffington Post Live. He then talks about a role-play he did with Dr. Drew where they helped an 18 year old get through her relationship issues. Adam then jumps to the phones and answers questions about his live shows, dating women with tattoos, and who would win in a …

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