Brad Williams

Show Summary Adam opens the show with Brad Williams in studio, and compliments him on his hilarious stand up special. Adam then plays a clip from his dinner Friday night of a woman with an insane laugh, and the guys follow up on the idea of a President with a ne’er-do-well brother. Brad then talks to Gina about the devil’s …

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Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick sits down for a podcast about Big Brother’s first transgender contestant, Dustin Diamond’s prison sentence, and Stevie Wonder’s hair. Plus, Adam crowns this week’s Lord of the Jungle.

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Brad Meltzer and Amy Kircos

Author Brad Meltzer chats with Adam about his new book, his first fistfight, and how to make the leap from nothing to something. Plus, Adam takes a call from Amy Kircos to discuss the future of technology.

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Adam Ray and David Wild

Adam Ray plays a new song he wrote, and chats with the gang about working with Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy in ‘Spy’. Plus, David Wild is in studio for inspired rants about ‘selfie sticks’ and peach flavored gum.

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Adam, Gina and Bryan

No guest today, just Adam, Gina and Bryan. The gang talks about Hobo Power, Obama’s use of the N-word, and Taylor Swift’s thoughts on Apple Music. Later, Bald Bryan reviews the new Pixar film, ‘Inside Out’, for this week’s Baldywood.

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