Dana Gould and Matt Atchity

Dana Gould is in studio for a podcast about Tales of Halloween, Huell Howser’s greatest hits, and the latest update with Lamar Odom. Plus, Matt Atchity returns for a listener suggested round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Anjelah Johnson and David Wild

Anjelah Johnson joins for a podcast about how women act at the nail salon, a road rage video that’s gone viral, and fantasy fulfillment at the brothel. Plus, David Wild is in studio to chat with Adam about the highs and lows of Tom Petty.

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Dean Devlin, Nate Burleson, and Jo Koy

Producer Dean Devlin chats about his amazing career, and growing up in North Hollywood. Adam also takes a call from former NFLer Nate Burleson, and Jo Koy returns to discuss not needing soap, smokers who spit, and the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ campaign.

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Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman sits down for a podcast about performing standup on late night TV, why carpool lanes are discriminatory, and an update on Lamar Odom’s health.

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Adam Ray and John Demko

Adam Ray is in studio to talk about opening for New Kids on the Block on a four-day concert cruise. Plus, the guys analyze the Democratic Presidential Debate, and John Demko of Castrol chats with Adam about when to change your oil, and the future of automobiles.

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