Eric Stonestreet and Dr. Drew, Live at the Hollywood Improv

Eric Stonestreet and Dr Drew join Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from The Melrose Improv. Adam opens the show with a discussion on big breasted women. Then the gang does a round of “Q and Ace”. As the show wraps, Adam, Eric, Drew, and Bryan react to Gina’s news.

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Howie Mandel, Matt Atchity, and CA State Assemblyman Mike Gatto

Howie Mandel sits down for a podcast about adult circumcision, swimming while high, and the art of vajazzling. Plus, CA State Assemblyman Mike Gatto swings by to congratulate Adam on five years of podcasting, and Matt Atchity returns for the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Deaf Frat Guy and Tom Sizemore

The Deaf Frat Guy returns for a podcast about gangbangers in Syria, parent support classes, and the dangers of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Plus, Adam questions Tom Sizemore about his Bill Clinton – Elizabeth Hurley story.

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David Alan Grier and Dr. Marty Nemko

David Alan Grier returns for a podcast about being friends with Madonna, seeing Siegfried and Roy, and retiring old bits like Teddy Pendergrass. Plus, Gina Grad steps in for Alison’s news, and Adam talks with Dr. Marty Nemko about why college is not for everyone.

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Monica Mehta and Jesse Ventura

Monica Mehta returns to discuss the entrepreneurial spirit, and what it means to look forward, embrace risk, and push yourself into the unknown. Adam also talks to Jesse Ventura about the problems with a two-party system, and what it’s like living off the grid.

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