David Arquette and Matthew Cooke + Oscar Odds with RJ Bell

David Arquette and Matthew Cooke talk to Adam about why we need to stop looking at prison as the answer to all our problems, and why we should end the war on drugs. Plus, RJ Bell calls in to review odds on this year’s Academy Awards.

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Ian Bagg + The Language of Losers

Ian Bagg returns for a podcast about the etiquette of entering someone’s home, cops who write jaywalking tickets, and the language of losers. The guys also comment on statistics about pet custody after divorce, and The Weinstein Company filing for bankruptcy.

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Jim Florentine + Los Angeles Dumps

Jim Florentine chats with Adam about their Crank Yankers days, his new book, and musicians who perform out of their mind on drugs. The guys also discuss an adult toy that orders pizza for you, Quincy Jones’ apology tour, and how to improve your online dating profile.

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9 Years of ACS with Superfan Giovanni + Peter Serafinowicz and Sassy Trump

PODCAST: PART 1 PART 2 Show Summary At the top of the pod, Adam talks about doing the podcast for 9 full years. The crew’s wearing party hats, and everyone raises a glass as Adam gives a speech. Adam then rants about having too many pockets and pieces, and miscommunications back at home. They also talk about improv classes, and …

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Rob Schneider’s History Lesson + Huell’s Jewels with Dana Gould

PODCAST: PART 1 PART 2 Show Summary Adam welcomes Rob Schneider back to the podcast, and the guys talk about David Carradine doing acid while filming the series Kung Fu. They also talk about getting harsh reviews from critics, and the idea of ‘fairness’. Rob then presents a fascinating history lesson about the various themes that transcend all eras of …

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