Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jo Koy

Mary Lynn Rajskub joins for a podcast about her new Amazon pilot, and what to do with toilet paper liners. Plus, Jo Koy is in studio to chat about Kobe Bryant’s retirement, Sinead O’Connor’s suicide attempt, and the record-shattering debut of the new Adele album.

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Paul Mecurio

Paul Mecurio chats about interviewing Paul McCartney for his new podcast on Carolla Digital. The group also catches up on their Thanksgiving weekends, and discusses the horrible Planned Parenthood shooting over the weekend, Adam Sandler’s new Hanukkah song, and the investigation of Yasiel Puig.

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‘Take a Knee’ with Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava joins Adam for this episode of Take A Knee. Adam opens the show praising Manoj’s new documentary about looking for practical solutions for the large scale problems facing humanity today. Then, Manoj talks about leaving Princeton to move to India for 12 years where he gained what he thought was more valuable knowledge than perhaps a traditional education. After that, Minoj explains his latest idea for getting free, clean, renewable energy from the earths core. This leads into a conversation about all different types of renewable energy and which they believe has the most potential in the future. Before they wrap, Adam and Minoj talk about human nature, and why we don’t have more intelligent people leading the world.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Adam wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving before sharing the recipe for his famous cranberry sauce.

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Rainn Wilson and David Wild

Rainn Wilson sits down for a podcast about where to sit on a double date, Ahmed Mohamed suing the city, and ridiculous Black Friday sales. Plus, David Wild is in studio to tell a story about Bruce Springsteen, Phil Rosenthal, and Lynette.

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