Rich Eisen, Eric Stonestreet and Mike August

Rich Eisen is in studio to discuss the current state of the NFL, and Eric Stonestreet also calls in to add his commentary to the recent Chiefs-Patriots game. Plus, Mike August is in studio on the day Adam can finally break his silence about the Patent Troll litigation.

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Peter Mehlman and Jo Koy

Peter Mehlman returns for a podcast about his new novel, rude drivers, and the ‘Yes Means Yes’ campaign. Plus, Jo Koy sings the Taboo 2 theme song as Bung Lu Su, and rants with Adam about jellies, bagels, and trail mix.

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Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick is in studio for a podcast about the making of Terminator 2, getting beat up by James Gandolfini, and George Clooney’s star-studded wedding.

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This Week In Rage – 9/27/14

This week’s topics: diverting flights, flashlights and “dislikes” on internet porn videos.

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Adam Ray

Adam Ray joins for a podcast about Comedy Traffic School, commercial jingles, and eating a five-course meal made of weed-laced food. Plus, a new song from Rich Banks, and the gang plays a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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