Joel McHale and Jo Koy

Joel McHale and Jo Koy join for a podcast about questionable policy brutality, the murder of a former KGB Operative, and new rules for Oscar votes. Stay tuned for a brand new track from Bung Lu Su.

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Adam, Gina and Bryan

Adam, Gina and Bryan discuss the east coast blizzard, three inmates who escaped a maximum-security prison, and the Flint Michigan water crisis. Bald Bryan also reviews ‘The Big Short’ for this week’s Baldywood.

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Crispin Glover and Jeff Abraham

Crispin Glover sits down to talk to Adam about his new film, and his views on religion, marriage, and corporate propaganda. Plus, Jeff Abraham shares in Adam’s airport woes.

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Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons is in studio to discuss the current state of hip-hop, how we’re changing society by incarcerating too many people, and his thoughts on transcendental meditation.

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Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg chats with Adam about the Legends of Wrestling, his time in the NFL, and an upcoming trip to the Goodwood festival.

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