Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden returns for a podcast about Adam’s road trip to Laguna Seca, 7-11 cook-offs, and cheating at the Soapbox Derby. Plus, Bald Bryan reviews the new Muppet movie in this week’s Baldywood.

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This Week in Rage 3-22-14

This week’s topics – Farmer’s Markets, Squirrels and One Rollerblade Guy

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Greg Proops and Adam White

Greg Proops returns for a podcast about writing books on a deadline, asexual meter maids, and banishing prisoners to an island of floating garbage. Plus, Adam White of Bitcoin calls in to support the fight against the patent trolls, and everyone rejoices over the death of Westboro Church founder Fred Phelps.

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Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner talks with Adam about his first big break, shooting a film with Paul Newman, and how celebrity culture has changed over the years. Plus, Adam takes your calls for a round of Mr. Brightside.

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David Wild

David Wild is in studio for a podcast about underwear models, finishing what you started, and teaching your kids grit to help them get ahead.

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