Monica Mehta and Vinnie Tortorich

Monica Mehta joins for a podcast about the current presidential race and the future of our country. Plus, Vinnie Tortorich returns for a round of Fit or Bullshit.

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Brian Redban and Matt Atchity

Brian Redban is in studio for a podcast about stolen comedy, the death of Beatles producer George Martin, and Katt Williams’ arrest. Plus, Matt Atchity returns to host a brothers-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Dave Rubin and David Wild

Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about breaking into a country club with Ray when he was a kid. David Wild is also in studio to celebrate his 100th appearance, and the guys pick out songs for International Women’s Day. Adam also rants about dumb people responding to repetition, and explains why it has devastated the music scene. Later, …

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Bill Engvall and Jo Koy

Bill Engvall calls in to discuss the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and his experiences as a strip club DJ. Plus, Jo Koy is in studio to chat about the times when you should be selfish, and to play a round of Blah Blah Blog.

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Deaf Frat Guy

The Deaf Frat Guy returns for a podcast about Adam and Natalia’s father-daughter dance, the upcoming Mangria Bar Crawl, and the latest from the GOP debates. Plus, the guys play a round of JV or All Balls.

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