Kevin Clancy and Jeff Abraham

Kevin Clancy joins for a podcast about being a new Dad, the origins of Barstool Sports, and the new Tesla Model 3. Plus, Jeff Abraham returns to talk about his recent car accident, and Kristen Carney fills in for Gina on News.

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Glynn Washington and Matt Atchity

Glynn Washington of ‘Snap Judgment’ talks about making a choice that changes your life forever, and his thoughts on Super Tuesday. Plus, Matt Atchity hosts an action movie sequel themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Alec Baldwin and Sue Costello

Alec Baldwin chats with Adam about his new projects, and the origins of his political aspirations. Plus, Comedian Sue Costello comments on Erin Andrews, the NFL combine, and the Stallone brothers.

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David Javerbaum

Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam shares his thoughts on this weekend’s Oscars; including Chris Rock’s monologue, the In Memoriam, and the clips they chose to highlight from each film. Later, Adam takes fan phone calls about stopping unwanted sexual advancements from your friend, and how to adapt to an ever-changing society. Before the break, Adam rants …

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Soledad O’Brien, Live from The El Portal Theatre

Show Summary Soledad O’Brien joins Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan for a live podcast from The El Portal Theatere in North Hollywood. Adam opens the show talking to Soledad about her HBO show Real Sports, especially when they do stories on skydiving and base jumpers. Then the gang plays a round of ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About.’ Before they wrap, …

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