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Adam chats with Dwight Yoakam about his love of racing, and gives David Wild a hard time for not caring. They also talk about the relationship between how many voices you can do, and how boring you are in real life. Adam then talks with Dwight about his early days in Kentucky and working his way to the Southern Californian music scene. Later they talk about some notable performances on the Johnny Cash show, and a crazy story involving Jerry Lee Lewis.

In the second half of the show, Adam asks Dwight when he realized he was cool, and what went into creating his on stage persona. They discuss some of his acting accolades, and try to figure out the differences between focusing on singing versus acting. As the show wraps up, Dwight talks about young John Lennon and some of his inspirations for writing his new album, ‘3 Pears.’


Grab your copy of 3 Pears by clicking through our Amazon link.

You can also visit http://DwightYoakam.com, and follow him on Twitter @DwightYoakam.

Don’t forget to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.



Linda Ronstadt on Johnny Cash Show

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Herr Sauerteig
    Herr Sauerteig09-16-2012


    • Wavid Dild
      Wavid Dild09-17-2012


    • mfellows

      I love David Wild Keep him

      • RobK


    • Bret

      I agree!!! David Wild makes me tune out more then Adams out of tune singing.

    • JB

      Keep David Wild. Get rid of Dameshek.

      • Sconnie

        Minimally, get Dameshek to stop over-enunciating every F’ing letter! He sounds like a putz trying to emulate Dice Clay.

    • Steve

      Goddamn that guy stops the show dead every time he opens his mouth.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol09-26-2012

      GET IT ON!

  2. HR

    When did Adam start dressing like a grown ass man?

    • Reyna

      Must be podcasting another “hot” female.

      • Matt

        Truth, this episode was recorded the same day Dana Workman was in studio a week or so ago. How do I know this? I follow David Wild on twitter.

  3. Travis

    great interview….riveting. wish the show could run longer with great guests like Yoakam.

  4. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed09-16-2012

    I don’t want to live in a world where David Wild is a semi-celebrity

  5. Gottagetiton

    Pure Awesomeness!!!.. Finally a guest who has more to say than Adam.. An hour doesn’t do Mr. Yoakam justice.. Not sure why Adam cut the show off so short as most of his other shows are longer..

    Anyway, need to bring Dwight Yoakam back to let him finish some more of his stories and play for us..

    • Dirkl37

      I feel the same as Gottagetiton. MORE YOAKAM!

  6. Jake

    Did I miss the Warren Sapp episode?

    • .

      Nope. I was looking forward to that as well, but it never happened.

    • jo ke
      jo ke09-17-2012

      I said the same thing.

    • Secretary General of the UN(employed)
      Secretary General of the UN(employed)09-19-2012

      You could always re-listen to the episode with Ira Glass: as Adam has pointed out, they’re more-or-less the same person.

  7. DonnySac

    Greatest podcast ever!

  8. DLV

    I’ll set the over-under on David Wild calling Dwight Yoakam “one of the greatest artists of the last 20 years” at 22 1/2 seconds and I only give him that long because he’ll have to kiss Adam’s ass first, then name drop another more famous musician to explain how he knows Dwight Yoakam.
    If the crew at ACS really thinks that David Wild is bringing something to the table, then please, oh please just give this lump of non-sense his own show so that those who want to avoid him can and those who want to listen, can.
    Or, if someone’s willing to take the grenade, maybe someone here can actually sit through this David Wild appearance and note the times when he appears and then leaves, that way we can edit him out and salvage something out of this.



    • Steeeeve

      Wow this was bad. First show in the last two years I didn’t make all the way through.. its not the “Dwight Yoakam” Show…

      • Travis

        Bit too deep for ya Steeeeeeeeeeeeeve?… Yeah we need more from Adam, maybe his droning on about eating peanuts in the first class cabin….very bad show indeed. sheeeesh.

    • RobK

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • Fred

      David is only on the show to validate Adam’s claim that the 80’s sucked musicwise. David is an even bigger music snob than Adam. Music is subjective, like whatever you like. Don’t lecture me about how much more awesome your music taste is. At one point, Adam was making fun of one of Rolling Stones “best of” lists. Yet, now we have to listen to one of that magazine’s biggest douche bags. Go figure

    • Justin Sauer
      Justin Sauer09-27-2012

      I couldn’t have said it better!

  9. Connard

    Wow, the Aceman is the dapper one for a change. As one of the musical greats, Dwight didn’t disappoint as a guest.

  10. Larry_love

    Great Show love Dwight. Next time Andy Kindler is on instead of putting your arm around him and trying to save him; Adam, just shove him off the stage instead.

  11. Sluggh

    Along with Jeff Beck, the greatest live guitarist in the world, according to David Wild.

    Oh, wait. I’m thinking of Keith Urban. All these shit kickers seem the same after awhile.

    • Geordie Gabba Mafia
      Geordie Gabba Mafia09-17-2012

      unlike the rappers…they all stand out,each as unique as can be,huh turd?

      • All Balls
        All Balls09-18-2012

        Geordie, this wasn’t a diss of country music, it was a diss of David Wild calling every single person he comes into contact with the greatest musician in the history of the world. What does rap music have to do with that?

    • David Beemer
      David Beemer09-20-2012

      Dwight Yoakam at one point was talking about the unspoken contract between audience and performer that dated back to the Greeks. Do you really think Keith Urban would have the slightest idea of what the hell he was talking about? If he did, it would only prove that you don’t know much about shit kickers.

  12. R

    It’s annoying when the guest doesn’t realize he’s supposed to be intimidated by Adam.

  13. Doug

    Yoakam interview was the most entertaining hour of audio ever, btw.
    Great stories, incredibly lively and insightrul mind, funny as Hell.

  14. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  15. IBrokeMyUvula

    David Wild either smokes the greatest pot that money can buy or his eyelids are collapsing!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

      His eyelids are fat too.

  16. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield09-17-2012

    I haven’t listened to the show yet, but props to whomever knew what Hulk Hogan looked like as a teenager. I would have thought that myself, and Hulk Hogan would be the only ones who knew.

  17. mike

    Adam, are you feeling well? Not sure if you noticed, but you are dressed business casual. I’ll be praying for you.

  18. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol09-17-2012

    GET IT ON !

  19. TIMOTH

    Dwight is so awesome. Great interview!

  20. kopema

    Man, Johnny Cash’s family sang some really morbid songs.

  21. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-17-2012

    Sooooooooo boring. No Alison and no Bryan to cut through the boredom. Just unending stories, Adam’s terrible singing and name dropping. Next story! Next! I think Adam says his drawn out wow 43 times in this episode. Can’t tell if he’s as bored as the listeners or honestly impressed with all the name drops. Wow. Palomino. Woooooow.

    • VDM

      You’d better get over to Sunglasses Hut quick, because you’re TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL, DUDE.

    • booboo

      Wow- Dwight couldn’t speak more than four or five………………words at a time without…………..stopping to think about…………the next word that he was …………….going to say and then….. … MF’n ANNOYING as hell……

    • Justice

      Agree. This show lacked Allison’s energy. It was a yawner.

  22. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin09-17-2012

    Wow! Dwight actually got to say quite a bit. Never heard Adam talk so little. The guests usually don’t get much mic time!

  23. nAAter

    Wouyld be a great podcast if it wasn’t three guys who like to interupt each other and share the ability of not finishing a sentence.
    Worse than Stern.

  24. Ryan

    PLEASE!! Enough with David Wild, it’s getting out of hand. He’s like the horrible athlete that gets to play in the pick-up game because he’s the only one that brought a ball (the ball being whatever musician he brings in).

    And we know you’re Jewish, it’s not some fucking badge of courage and no one gives a shit. You may be talented with the pen but you keep going back to the well on these podcasts with your naming dropping and constant reminders of your faith.

    Enough I say!

  25. Ryno

    Yoakam rambles endlessly…. sometimes it’s hard to piece together his thoughts.

  26. Gregory L.
    Gregory L.09-17-2012

    Oh my god!!! is that Adams head?!!! Where is the hat?! who is that man standing next to Mr. Yoakam? I know it cant be Adam because Adam has an Offermen permanantly attached to his head!!……..Hey bald Brian, you have got to get a shot of the inside of that hat and post it for us. It has to look like a sweat stained science experiment by now .
    Greg L.

  27. Tom Quaglino
    Tom Quaglino09-17-2012

    Dwights a good guest. With a rich history that Adam barely scratched.

    Adam does a better job interviewing when he’s one on one. Too many stories ran off the tracks.
    It doesn’t have to always be funny to be great.

    Still the best and always be. Adam for president.

  28. Mike Mac
    Mike Mac09-17-2012

    Holy moly. I guess I forgot how hot the young Linda Ronstadt was. Watching Johnny look at her like Rosie O’Donnel looks at a buffet line was priceless. Is there any bigger example of a chick that was that hot when she was young who totally wasted that talent? Didn’t she date Governor Moonbeam too? What a waste.

    • Richie

      If 20-year-old Linda Ronstadt was around now, she would crush any of these young singer girls around these days. (I’m old I guess, can’t think of any examples – Demi Lovato? Carly Rae Jepsen?)

      Linda Ronstadt was so hot, and she had such an amazing voice.

      I don’t know if she wasted her talent though. I believe (though could be wrong) that she was one of the highest-earning rock stars of the 70s.

    • ShekRepublic

      Where is the link to Linda Ronsdadt without underwear on a backlit stage? Don’t leave me hangin’ like that! She was damn hot and what a voice. No autotune, no backup dancers, no crazy makeup, just talent.

  29. David

    F hole…good name for A’s V.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

      Yeah it is!

    • RobK

      It’s a little ‘on the nose’, don’t you think?

  30. Jason Belmonti
    Jason Belmonti09-17-2012


  31. Joe Don Baker
    Joe Don Baker09-17-2012

    Yikes. Could you possibly sub-reference one more time for the Jerry Lee Lewis story? It does finally come around in the last five minutes of the show. But, man, you do have to listen to a lot of tangents to get there.

    A good show. Definitely not the funniest, but it was interesting to learn more about the Los Angelos music scene of the late 70s and early 80s through the eyes of a country singer.

  32. Danger Donkey
    Danger Donkey09-17-2012

    WHOA!! Dwight Yokam AND David Wild?!?! I can’t wait to not download this….

  33. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-17-2012

    All the ground covered in this episode and we NEVER did find out how the biscuit company is doing…GODDAMMIT!!

  34. Mark in Austin
    Mark in Austin09-17-2012

    WTF is Dwight smokin’? He’s a ramblin’ mess.

    • BW

      Too many thoughts running through his mind at the same time.

  35. bhp9mm

    Love the 1 on 1 shows. Dwight Yoakam is far more interesting than I ever thought.

  36. Roger

    As always, a sweet show. Thank You.

  37. Chris

    Anyone else find Dwight’s stories incoherent? Where’s the “Great Story” drop?

  38. jpg

    Thanks! I love Dwight. Classic singer/songwriter. He’s got many many great songs.

  39. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal09-17-2012

    Looking sharp Ace Man!!!!

  40. Steve

    Can we PLEASE get a Larry Miller update? Thank you in advance.

    • Moonie

      Simply listen to the re-broadcast of any of his podcasts and there is a message from Larry at the beginning which will give you everything you need.

  41. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone09-17-2012

    Great interview. Best in a long time. Dwight is a great interview, has tons of stories and can keep up and even over ride Adam to get his stories out.

  42. john

    Great Show! You should always start the show with the guest talking. Finally we got a guest that can hang with Adam, with regards to tangents and digressions and car talk

  43. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin09-17-2012

    Ace barely got to plug the sponsors. Shut down by Dwight Yoakam, of all people!

  44. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.09-17-2012

    Dwight Yoakam? AWESOME! Great guest!

  45. DFGRulz

    I was bored to tears. Where’s Rosen? Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t give a shit about country music?

    • Lpoolguy

      DFGRutz – you’re not alone. I don’t know why everyone loved Yoakam so much, but this episode was so freaking boring…three guys interrupting each other with esoteric music references and running on tangent upon tangent to the point where I had no clue what was going on. What’s going on with the show – and Adam? The beat seems to be off lately.

  46. goatfucker

    maybe the worst storyteller in the history of this podcast…i zoned out.

  47. Jason

    Finally! Somebody that talks more than Ace!!

  48. hood

    The Best Concert I ever went to was at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Blvd in 2008. Dierks Bentley with Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Paramore, Mike Macready from Pearl Jam, and the Great Dwight Yoakam. Thanks for the good time.

  49. noko

    This episode sucks. I like stev-o and dr. drew. And bring back Jack in the Box! That was a cool podcast.

  50. DBo

    Great episode, Ace!

  51. anon

    holy christ on a crutch get rid of David Wild… enough already. nothing more pathetic than a groveling man in his 50s. If I heard my dad kneel at the altar of another man like this lisping idiot does I’d lose every ounce of respect for him. And imagine being forced to sit in a meeting with that blow hard Dwight Yoakam after hour 4 of his diatribe about the time he first heard Kenny Rogers on a transistor radio? shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppp

  52. Herr Sauerteig
    Herr Sauerteig09-17-2012

    I listen to Adam Carolla for comedy and social commentary–not music. I stopped listening within 30 minutes. Between David Wild as resideny succophant and boring stories about Neil Diamond, John Denver and Jerry Lee Lewis, I lost interest.

  53. Wang Wrangler
    Wang Wrangler09-17-2012

    Definitely not funny

  54. Joe Drelicharz
    Joe Drelicharz09-17-2012

    This is the Dwight Yoakam Show with guests Adam Carolla and David Wild. “At ease, Sailor” had me snorting!!!

  55. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick09-17-2012

    Keep David Wild!

    • Herr Sauerteig
      Herr Sauerteig09-17-2012


  56. CK

    David Wild is such a slapdick. I wish he would shut the F up.

  57. BillBraski

    I missed Alison and Bald today.

    • JP

      You must be lonely on that island all by yourself. Need more transformer’s drops from the “film-expert” who knows nothing about movies? Listen to morning radio, bald bryan types are all over the dial…

  58. K-Man Pilkers
    K-Man Pilkers09-17-2012

    It was weird to listen to a show without Bald and Alison. It really makes you realize how much they bring to the show. I missed the drops!

  59. Sunnyside

    The quickest way to get David Wild to stop dropping names is replace the word names with pounds,

  60. MikeRizzLe

    Kinda boring.

  61. Brett

    ACE: “I was just being a dick.”
    Dwight: “Well you’re good at it”

    Nice – Dwight hangs with ACE and in fact dominates him quite nicely!

  62. Tom Tompson
    Tom Tompson09-17-2012

    Good Show, Dwight and Adam are good at keeping on the conversation. I hope he comes back soon!

  63. guy

    Hit it BALD!

  64. chantall

    Every time Dwight talked I kept hearing Bryan’s drop “What in God’s holy name are you blabbering about?!”

  65. Terri

    I enjoy David Wild. Not sure why a lot of you don’t but maybe it’s a generational thing. If he spoke more of current artists perhaps it would be more interesting to some of the other show’s fans. Loved Dwight..he is a strong guest and it was just great to hear something from a guest.

  66. Denise

    I am so happy Adam had Dwight on. I absolutely love Dwight. I have been a fan since the early 80’s. One of the best live performers ever.

  67. charlie

    It is not a generational thing. So many bag on David Wild because he is a dullard. He thinks he is funny and is not. I used to always give a podcast a chance, now if wild is in it I skip

  68. kuman30

    I just realized I played that whole episode at work… but never actually listened to anything anyone said the whole time… Grats on making the most boring podcast I’ve ever sat all the way through.

  69. sloozen1

    Talk over each other more. That’s good stuff…

  70. Nastyville

    Dwight is Great. Great stories and insight. Great Artist. Grrrrrreat.

  71. drb123

    You let Bryan and Alison have the night off, why not let David Wild do the same

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

      This episode was recorded in August.

  72. fell...a...she..oh?

    david wild was pissed that adam and the crew were ribbing him the last couple of appearances so he brings dwight in to out talk adam, and at 59:40 in adam shuts him down.

  73. Tyrone

    Great episode…great discussion! I never would have guessed that Dwight Yoakam was so high energy.

  74. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen09-17-2012

    Wow! This is the most time that Adam has NOT been talking!

  75. Good1AceMan

    I think Adam and Dwignt make a compelling case for gay marriage!

  76. Drewlinska

    Wow, for about the last month the show has been getting worse and worse.

  77. Balky

    If Bryan was there, he would have just kept hitting the “Great Story” drop. So much unentertaining stuff here. I am a HUGE fan of the podcast — this one was tough to take.

  78. Scott G
    Scott G09-17-2012

    Never heard of Dwight until this show and as it turns out, i fucking hate him. Stories made no sense at all and i was bored as shit. I had no clue who the people he was talking about half the time nor did I care. Turns out I tune in to listen to Adam, not some old bag of dicks that i don’t really care about with stories that seem endless with no point. I cant recap one story, all I can remember to describe the show is “Jerry Lee Lewis”.

  79. Tom

    Yoakam was the best guest the show has had in quite awhile, mainly because when Adam interrupts him Dwight interrupts him back to finish his stories, so we don’t have to listen to Adam tell the same story about him and Ray for the 18,000th time. Also, I’d like to point out that he went an entire podcast without a stupid political rant.

    More guests like this, please. Screw Dennis Prager, I’d buy a ticket to hear Ace and Dwight go back and forth all night.

    People can bag on Wild all they want, but he’s bringing in good guests that Adam’s bookers apparently can’t get on their own.

    • Zapoli

      You are correct.

  80. Kestrell

    Really enjoying David Wild. Not sure why people are complaining.

    • David Wild
      David Wild09-17-2012

      Thanks man. I enjoy myself. I may even drop my own name soon!

      • JP

        What’s the big whine about “name dropping?” Should guests mention people that know one else knows? Like their neighbors, cousins etc? I want to hear about famous people, kind of the whole point of having a guest. Jeez people are some jealous bee-atches!

  81. Chet

    dwight can’t handle his weed. Wild remains brutal. this site is designed terribly.

  82. Jonny

    more dave dameshek. less david wild. david wild is fucking awful and is bringing absolutely nothing to these episodes. adam even joked about not knowing why he was there – fans don’t know either. love the rest of the crew.

  83. loop

    Dwight good guest….understands Lennon..thats enough for me

  84. John Hails
    John Hails09-17-2012

    Dwight Yoakam was great! More Dwight less David.
    Oh and screw Dennis Prager as well.

  85. mfellows

    Love David Wild and the Dwight Yokum great show

  86. Neil L. Pearson
    Neil L. Pearson09-17-2012

    Great show Ace man! I loved Dwight Yoakam in both the Crank movies as “Dr. Miles”

    “Jesus H Chelios you’re alive” Dr. Miles

    A big fan of Alison Rosen, Bald Brian, Dawson, Matt “the porcelain punisher” Fondiler, Mike Lynch, and Ray Oldhoffer!

  87. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-18-2012

    That conversation was so hard to follow. Should have been awesome but it needed some focus. Makes me realize how annoying it is when someone doesn’t get to the point.

  88. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese09-18-2012

    I was going to skip this episode, between my lack of interest in Yoakam and the beginning where he sounds like he’s drunk. I’m happy I didn’t. It turned out to be very entertaining. Some good stories, funny little ones like the Hulk Hogan lookalike burning John Denver’s envelope, etc…Not a ton of comedy, though when Adam said “I’m just being a dick” and Dwight says, “Well, you’re good at it” I laughed out loud. Good job guys.

  89. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus09-18-2012


  90. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-18-2012

    The 51 on David Wild’s hat…waist size or height?

  91. jpg

    This was kind of a specialty show – I love Dwight so I loved the episode, but if you don’t know Dwight this was probably one jumbled mess or barely inteligible ramblings…

  92. Greg

    David has got to go. He brings nothing to the table and is annoying as hell. I don’t even listen to episodes that he is on.

  93. Mike P
    Mike P09-18-2012

    Love your show! Dwight was great on this episode – but please spare us of all this David Wild. He adds nothing to the quality of the show.

  94. robert_r

    Great episode. Could have listened to those guys for another hour

  95. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Great show with Yoakam, Adam would have very few music guests without Wild.

    To bad the the “Hate David Wild” fan club is so clueless.

  96. David Wildly Bad
    David Wildly Bad09-18-2012

    get rid of david wild. he stinks.

  97. Mr. Drizzle
    Mr. Drizzle09-18-2012

    First episode since the beginning I had to turn off half way through. It was a great run though, 3.5 years.

  98. marty

    Not sure why the hate for David? I thought Dwight was rambling way too much.

  99. Jesse

    I loved it. Thanks.

  100. frank

    Get rid of David wild. Hes annoying as fuck.

  101. Jim

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guest get as many words in as Dwight Yoakam

  102. Pl

    First time I have ever deleted a podcast before it was over. Three motor mouths talking at the same time unlistenable. Please show David Wild the door!!!!!

  103. Pl

    Also, David Wild is unbearable. Going to gave to unsubscribe from ITunes so I don’t get the shows with him. He is BEYOND obnoxious.

  104. Kevindk

    My favorite episode so far! Ace fan for 10 years, Dwight for 20+. These two together are the master “Tan Gents” if you took a shot at every tangent, you’d be wasted in the first 30 minutes. I told the wife to pick up “3 Pears” on her way home tonight. Going to crank up the system for an ‘old school’ listening party.

    • Secretary General of the UN(employed)
      Secretary General of the UN(employed)09-19-2012

      This is now one of my favs, also. Dwight Yoakam; one of the (very) few who can out-ramble the Aceman!
      Good times!

  105. Ray M
    Ray M09-19-2012

    JESUS I forgot how HOT Linda Ronstadt before she became fat and Mexican.

  106. Izzy

    Dwight was an amazing guest. It’s hilarious whenever anyone manages to talk over Adam. Have him back on soon! You should talk to him about his acting career. David Wild was the only one to get into it. (For all the Wild haters, he was the one running the interview, and asking Dwight pertinent questions. Adam clearly likes to let his partners take the reins once in a while.)

  107. DionRidesBikes

    Podcast ain’t the same without Bryllison (Bryan + Allison).

    • JP

      Yeah, it’s better, the adults can talk.

  108. Zeke

    I could do without Adam’s extended singing of songs that he does occasionally do on his shows (more so this time obviously). I get it is meant to be for chuckles but he goes on for too many bars. We get it, it is funny, cut it back and let’s hear the rest of the man’s story.

  109. Don

    Love David Wild, dig Dwight, but yeah, this was too little Adam, and he’s the reason we all listen. Also, no Alison makes it feel like something is ‘off’.

  110. Brent Keaster
    Brent Keaster09-19-2012

    Does anyone know where I can find the video of Charlie Rich burning John Denvers CMA award? I cant find it anywhere.

  111. JayR

    Book Yoakam’s next hour ASAP

  112. Big B
    Big B09-19-2012

    Getting late to the party but had to say this was one of the best shows I’ve ever heard on here. I see where some folks are complaining. Maybe it’s an age thing, not sure. But great show and one hell of a guest.

  113. Debbie

    OMG, is Dwight wearing Adam’s hat? Gross. Does he know Adam’s grooming regimen?

    (Love Wild, love Shek, shush haters, Adam knows what he’s doing.)

  114. Lou


  115. Chris

    You ever notice every song is David Wilds favorite song “of all time”… every time I need to hear his music pick its always “my favorite of all time”

  116. RJ

    Great show! In my opinion Dwight is a musical talent and actor. He also knows how to mix traditional country with cool. I did notice that (for some reason) Adam pulled back after the break and that’s when Dwight started to really drift around.
    As far as David goes, I felt this appearance was okay since he didn’t get a chance to jump in all that much. I’ll gladly tolerate the occasional line from him providing he’s able to bring in big name musical guests, but the “occasional line” criteria is key.

  117. Jason K
    Jason K09-20-2012

    Yoakum was horrible. Please, less David Wild. He stops the show in it’s tracks.

  118. Kevin

    David Wild is painful to listen to. He is Chris Farley when he was doing movie reviews…. You remember that time, you did the thing, that was AWESOME!!

    Except not funny

  119. Dylan

    This was one of the best episodes ever! LOVE David Wild his music knowledge is mindblowing. LOVE Dwight Yoakam what a funny and intelligent guy! Would love to see him back soon!

  120. Dahanso

    Not a country fan but I respect yoakam as a musician and dig his acting.I thought this interview was fucking great. Love u aceman. When I’m not ‘batin I’m listening to your show.

  121. Domenique

    xlnt interview, HUGE Dwight fan, acting, singing, writing, guitarist, thanks so much for this been waiting mega years for this… great job Adam!

  122. Yossarian

    Meh, this turned into white noise. Fast forward.

  123. Justin Sauer
    Justin Sauer09-27-2012

    Dwight was great, if he could ever finish a story. David Wild is horrible! He derailed almost every story on this podcast to talk about himself. Worst interruption, Dwight was talking about Jerry Lee Lewis closing a show and david wild interrupted the story and asked him that his kids wanted to know about Dwights acting career. WHAT !!! Totally had NOTHING to do with Dwight’s story. Dwight never concluded his story about Jerry Lee. I don’t know how anyone takes credence in any review by david wild. Every song by any performer according to david is “the best one ever!” Any performer he’s talking about is “Oh, they’re the greatest!” david wild is a DOUCHENOZZLE!!! the show would be so much better without constant interruptions to talk about himself or to name drop.

  124. Vince

    Where was Bald Bryan with the “Tangent!” drops when we need him?!? Did Dwight Yoakam ever finish a story?

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