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Earlier today, Adam was listening to the 70s station of his satellite radio and came across an awful Sly and The Family Stone song. He also rants about the series Family Affair, and recalls when it was cool to make fun of white people on TV. Alison then opens the news with stories of Al Davis’ death, Paul McCartney’s wedding, and a woman suing the makers of the film Drive.

After a round of the Hypothetical Road Trip game, Larry Miller steps out and Duff McKagan steps in. Adam talks with Duff about his sobriety, and whether or not the times were truly different for rock stars a decade ago as opposed to now. Adam also asks him about a potential reunion tour, and Duff talks about his quest to write a book telling the Guns N’ Roses story and his battle with addiction. As the show wraps up, Alison talks about Kanye West and Al Sharpton joining the movement to occupy Wall Street, and discusses the attempts to stop teens from using tanning beds.


Pick up a copy of ‘It’s So Easy: And Other Lies’, available on Amazon. You can also follow Duff @DuffMcKagan

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-11-2011


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-11-2011


    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-11-2011

      I went to Gravatar to try and download a picture in my Avatar but couldn’t log in and finally gave up, with that being said; not my post above…

  2. Terry

    Hypothetical Road Trip Game has to be one of the most annoyingly unfunny parts of the show.

    • Justin

      Gee, I never thought of it like that.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-11-2011

      Adam and Larry should do pharmaceutical black names instead.

      • JessMan

        DAG yo!

    • juanhernandez

      Thank you!

    • Troy


  3. Moe

    This is the first time I’ve been disappointed with Adam.
    How can he shit on Sly Stone?!
    Was damn funny though the way Adam sang “Family Affair” in his black guy voice.lol

    • lookout

      Again, I listen to this podcast everyday. Adam’s riffing on “Family Affair” and his Homer Simpson-esque ending each time had me in tears. Still funny.

  4. Mole

    as much as i enjoy larry, i agree. less hypo-road trips please.

  5. Sluggh

    Adam doesn’t understand the genius of Sly Stone’s joyous, punchy, almost-skeletal arrangements. Groundbreaking and timeless.

  6. Wally

    Let me guess… The guy in the center of the first “Family Affair” picture is Mr. French? Geez, Adam would give you shit about that if he ever read the comments…But at least if you need a picture of “The Jeffersons”, you already have it ready to go…

  7. T Money
    T Money10-11-2011

    Should be a good ep!

  8. Flatulator

    Good interview, as was Steven Adler. Now we need Slash and Izzy.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-11-2011

      from one fluffer to another, one mention on the show and your ass lathering is getting rather lathery(sp?)

  9. Jarviswabi

    I don’t know, the Hypothetical Road Trip still makes me laugh. Yeah, it’s predictable and one-note, but Larry’s just damn funny and I like having that 5 minutes every week where I know what’s coming.

  10. The Offender
    The Offender10-11-2011

    Sad times in the news today.

  11. Dario

    kind of a weird rant about Occupy Wall St.

    Pay your taxes? Most of the people there DID pay their taxes, and paid into 401k plans and IRAs, and because of the hotshot high shooters in finance, their retirement is deferred 10 years cause they lost half their money.

    To add insult, our taxes were used to bail them out, and because of them, houses are worth half whta they were, people are upside down on them, banks are unwilling to refinance, and the crap in Europe, which was likely at least partly set off by the housing bubble in the US is going to drag us down into another recession.

    Yeah, just STFU and get back to work. Great analysis.

    • nilmot

      I’m pretty sure Starbucks baristas don’t have 401ks.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-11-2011

        But they do get free coffee.

    • Dario's brain
      Dario's brain10-11-2011

      Please excuse what my hands typed, I was not consulted. The reason housing values are down is because of the housing bubble, during which people tried to capitalize on it by buying houses that were way overpriced in hopes of flipping them. Then they got crushed. The reason for the bubble is democrat politicians, who threatened banks and Fannie/Freddie with *protests* and lawsuits if they didn’t make their mortgage process easier. Thus, money was freed up, mortgages were handed out like candy, too many people in the marketplace drove prices up, banks sold the crap mortgages to protect themselves, morons bought the mortgages, eventuall the piper wanted to be paid, voila.
      So now braindead nitwits are crapping public parks demanding to be taken care of. Someone needs to hand out SARS blankets or something.

    • Chad

      I always have to take Carolla with a grain of salt. He’s admittedly not a smart guy. He doesn’t try very hard to understand that probably a small percentage of the people protesting here are deadbeat morons who need to “work harder”. The ire is directed at these bankers because their financial decisions took their work and retirement away.

      I don’t understand why Adam doesn’t realize he did get a break. He didn’t JUST work for it. He is massively, massively,talented, he deserves his show and his fame, no question. But to act like no one else out there pays taxes like he does is asinine. I work really hard, I don’t complain, I pay taxes, but I can understand people being frustrated with the people that screwed them over.

      Either way, good show. Love Carolla, but his opinion on this kind of thing can be really ignorant.

  12. hmm

    I hate hypothetical road trip!

    I love Alison Rosen!!

  13. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC10-11-2011

    “Peace Love and Understanding” was written by Nick Lowe 1974

  14. Shindong

    If the Aceman really wants to hear some barely coherent Sly Stone he should listen to ‘Spaced Cowboy’ – Regards, Shindong

  15. JIm

    Sly Stone is greater than Adam Carolla!

  16. Whachutalkinbout

    Isn’t that ‘The Jeffersons’, not ‘Family Affair’?

  17. RJ

    The occupy wall street movement is laughable. The US tax payers have actually made money on the “big bank bailout”. The only bailout that has been unprofitable for the taxpayer has been the unionized operations of GM. Nobody is protesting in Detroit. The protesters don’t understand what they are protesting.

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day10-11-2011

      I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the Occupy Wall Street movement but I believe that making it only about the bank bailout (TARP) is an oversimplification.

      It has more to do with the distribution of wealth being more and more skewed to the top 1% of the population when the rest is having a harder time making ends meet.

      While the TARP did end up being cash neutral or even slightly profitable for the US government this time, I also think it tends to justify moral hazard, where the reward is enjoyed by few and the risks are born by all. No one knows if a new bailout would but just as successful.

      That being said, I do believe that many of the protesters are just there trying to be part of “something” without really knowing what that something is.

    • cow12

      you’re celebrating victory way too early. you’re only counting realized gains and ignoring the unrealized portion. the funds that have been paid back were paid back with a profit. 13bn profit on 137bn of investment, or about 9.5%. that’s great. by far the most important part that people are ignoring is the part that hasn’t been paid back, about 65bn. why haven’t they paid it back after 2+ years? could it be because they dont have it? what happens whey they have to mark all those underwater homes to market and take a 30% haircut? you’ve been paid 13bn and you have 65bn at risk.

      the occupy wall st people are professional protesters. not sure what their goal is. they should be occupying DC. not a single financial professional involved in the crisis has been prosecuted.

  18. Mr. Roboto
    Mr. Roboto10-11-2011

    John Hyatt is like Toyota Camry: works ok with no major complaints, but it’s weird hearing someone constantly praising it as the greatest thing on earth.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-11-2011

      Well said.

    • Harry

      Agreed. There’s a reason why Hiatt doesn’t have a number one song.

      • Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy
        Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy10-11-2011

        According to Ace, he just needs to work harder to hit #1.

  19. Landon

    why do you guys bitch so much about the hypo-road trip.. they do it like once a week.. and its a good bit.. you act like your forced to listen to it.. fast forward if its such a drag..
    still am not understanding people who complain about things that are free

    • juanhernandez

      Just because is free doesn’t mean it should be bad. It is a comedy podcast after all and the roadtrip game is not funny.

  20. big jim
    big jim10-11-2011

    Ooh, how can I get shamed by the government? $485 every 2 weeks and I don’t have to work…that just sounds like a dream…I’m swooning…

    • cow12

      feel free to send me $485 every two weeks if it’s such a small amount for you. what? doesn’t seem so small anymore?

  21. matty54

    Sweet, can’t wait to hear this episode with Duff

  22. Midwest

    I love the HRT!

  23. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-11-2011

    I enjoy the comments section more than the show.

  24. hood

    No, those were the cops on Sanford and Son.

  25. Drew

    Larry Miller <

  26. Harry

    Is everyday going to be “let’s listen to another shitty song” day? That said, love the show, and as I was driving and listening to the hypothetical road trip and Nissan Versa adds, I was following a Nissan Versa. What a boxy little car. Get it on.

  27. T Money
    T Money10-11-2011

    ‘We need some of our burgers in your shit’ – Alison

  28. kerr

    I’ve had that fucking State of Shock song stuck in my head for a couple days thanks to it being featured in the last 3 episodes :O god damnit…I had never heard that song before in my life and now I’m ruined. I can’t unring that bell lol

  29. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino10-11-2011

    Queef-swept?! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-11-2011

    Ace! Ace! you gotta grow up in the hood with those kinda grooves to feel it babe…that shit makes me feel all warm and cozy inside…like I want to catch a buzz, fuck and just have a good time.

  31. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper10-11-2011

    Sly Stone on that song sounds exactly like DAG did yesterday.

  32. RT

    HA, DAG was so bad he ruined this show too.

  33. robert

    jane valez mitchell looks like the doll from trilogy of terror. all those goddamn teeth

  34. Josh

    Yes! Love Duff…should get Slash on the show.

  35. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis10-11-2011

    Here’s something for Adam to recommend to future generations of illiterates: http://open.salon.com/blog/steven_axelrod/2011/10/10/the_phantom_tollbooth_at_50

  36. NoLife

    Waaaah! This show isn’t exactly what I want it to be. Come on AC, make this show exactly what I want it to be.

  37. Big T
    Big T10-11-2011

    Bald Bryan’s smugness is really hard to take and lately Alison is as self-absorbed as Bonaduce. WTF? If I didn’t know any better I’d think that Carolla doesn’t give two shits about the direction of this podcast. Love the Aceman as always but this show is turning into amateur shit.

    • NoLife

      Waaaah! Agreed.

    • lookout

      I have always stood up for BB, but I don’t understand his situation. I am sorry he has/had cancer, and I am happy he had a successful benefit a couple years back – but his comment about hiring someone to mow his lawn? Things must be really rough for you, and your BMW-driving wife.

  38. Chuck E
    Chuck E10-11-2011

    Hypothetical Road Trip is the worst. I know it’s an excuse to get Larry Miller on the show. The sad part is that Larry Miller is actually funny aside from HRT.

    They should just do Totally Topical TIVO Trivia instead. Way more amusing…


      I enjoy HRT, but I wouldn’t mind it if they would put “Totally Topical Tivo” and “Blah Blah Blog” in the rotation more frequently.

    • NoLife

      Waaaah! Excelsior!

  39. nard

    Family Affair is a stand out cut from the 1971 album There’s a Riot Goin On. Its a universally agreed upon funk masterpiece. What Adam said was one of the most musically ignorant/implicitly rascist things i’ve heard in a while. Its a shame because african-americans are responsible for most, if not all, of the great american pop/rock in the second half of the twenty century.
    Adam should have mockingly read several lines of Hamlet, declared Shakespeare a hack, and then finished by praising the prose of jk rowling

  40. nard

    There’s a Riot Goin On – 1971

    287# album all time on rateyourmusic – no pro critics, just music lovers who typically listen to the music they talk about and rate.

    99# Rollling Stone list of 500 greatest albums of all time

    Renowned music writer and journalist Robert Christgau wrote of the album’s significance in a May 2007 article for Rolling Stone, stating “1969’s Stand! revealed the magnificence of which this band would all too briefly be capable… Sly Stone had ‘Made It’. But its temptations and contradictions ate him up. The result was the prophetic 1971 There’s a Riot Goin’ On, recorded in anarchic, druggy torpor over a year, or was it two, Stone didn’t know the difference. Its taped-over murk presaging Exile on Main St., its drum-machine beats throwing knuckleballs at Miles and JB, it was darker than the Velvet Underground and Nico and funkier than shit, yet somehow it produced two smash hits, including the stark, deep “Family Affair”.

    Pitchforkmedia which is a bunch of lame hipsters even named it the 4th best album of the 70’s
    Seriously just go read the wiki entry for the album. Lots of (white) people i know don’t get black music, but damn is pathetically ignorant to disparage something just because you can’t hear what’s going on.

  41. Dorkfish

    I’d take Amanda knox. Kasey would just want to score some meth every 5 miles and in the end steal your car to pawn it for a score.

  42. nard

    fyi – Christgau would give the album an A+ and name it the 20th best album of the 70’s.
    5/5 stars on allmusic
    5/5 stars rolling stone for the reissue
    from Stylus –
    “By 1971 and the rightfully legendary There’s a Riot Goin’ On, the Family Stone had practically disintegrated. Sly recorded the album mostly alone, holed up in his mansion with a bag full of drugs and a head full of paranoia, supposedly inviting a string of women to record backing vocals as a pick-up line and recording over his own tapes so much in the process that the end result was a murky, insular mess both sonically and emotionally. The remastering thankfully doesn’t lose that confused, muddy atmosphere, but it does reveal just enough detail to make Riot more enjoyable than it ever has been on CD before.

    If enjoyable is even the right word for this oft-shrouded set of grooves that are blighted by agoraphobia, social unease, racial tensions, and floundering personal relations. Indeed the paranoia is made explicit by the schizophrenic album credits, which claim “all songs written, arranged, and produced by Sylvester Stewart and Sly Stone,” suggesting that Sly had lost sight of who he was at a fundamental level. Even so, There’s a Riot Goin’ On, non-existent title track and all, remains the pinnacle of Sly’s career.”

  43. nard 2
    nard 210-11-2011

    fyi – Christgau would give the album an A+ and name it the 20th best album of the 70’s.
    5/5 stars on allmusic
    5/5 stars rolling stone for the reissue
    from Stylus –
    By 1971 and the rightfully legendary There’s a Riot Goin’ On, the Family Stone had practically disintegrated. Sly recorded the album mostly alone, holed up in his mansion with a bag full of drugs and a head full of paranoia, supposedly inviting a string of women to record backing vocals as a pick-up line and recording over his own tapes so much in the process that the end result was a murky, insular mess both sonically and emotionally. The remastering thankfully doesn’t lose that confused, muddy atmosphere, but it does reveal just enough detail to make Riot more enjoyable than it ever has been on CD before.

    If enjoyable is even the right word for this oft-shrouded set of grooves that are blighted by agoraphobia, social unease, racial tensions, and floundering personal relations. Indeed the paranoia is made explicit by the schizophrenic album credits, which claim “all songs written, arranged, and produced by Sylvester Stewart and Sly Stone,” suggesting that Sly had lost sight of who he was at a fundamental level. Even so, There’s a Riot Goin’ On, non-existent title track and all, remains the pinnacle of Sly’s career.

  44. nard 2
    nard 210-11-2011

    from uncut mag –

    As much as he wanted to believe, Sly saw that the promises of the ‘60s were nothing but lies. He raged against the dying of the light not by eviscerating his amps à la Black Sabbath or Funkadelic, but by sitting alone in his room with nothing but his demons and a drum machine for company. The result is, quite simply, the greatest album ever made. There’s A Riot Goin’ On begins with the lyric, “Feels so good inside myself, don’t wanna move”, and then Sly spends the rest of the album telling you why, set to skeletal grooves too beat to fight their way through the narcotic haze. It’s pessimistic, bitter and hard to take, to be sure, but the album is still suffused with Sly’s genius and energy, just that it’s now nervous and sardonic. The remastered version sounds great, except it seems to eliminate several layers of fog, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your commitment to the artistic vision

  45. nard 4
    nard 410-11-2011

    Taken along with the quick mudslide from Woodstock to Altamont, the drug deaths of Janis, Jim and Jimi, and the piling bodies in Vietnam, Sly & The Family Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On is a telling indication that the utopian 1960s were really a bad trip. After four albums of uplift party plans on which Sly sang, “You can make it if you try,” his sing-alongs now went: “Look at you fooling you.” Sly and his rainbow-coalition band crumbled during these recordings, leaving him and a few of his drug buddies to lay tracks to a tape made thin from constant erasing and re-recording (the story going that Sly would lay groupies to tape, then lay the groupies, erasing their voices afterward). No one who was there quite remembers who played what, and to even further muddy the mud, it was wrapped up in a warped, alien American flag (what sort of stars are those?) and a messy photo collage of faces, bereft of credits.

    All of There’s a Riot ‘s pleasure centers and nerve endings are frayed from coke, dope, flesh, flash and, above all, disillusionment. Every single sound is weary, wasted, creaking, cracked and sleep-deprived, like a somnambulant zombie stumbling through the graveyard of ideals on the pavement of good intentions. The singles (“Family Affair”, “Running Away”) exude a façade of empty positivity, a bitter resignation to the darker forces bubbling underneath. Chicken-scratch guitars claw at caskets, human drummers meld with undead drum machines, and frightened voices fissure with the crisp horn lines, yet it all sounds incredible, prescient. Listen to the paradoxical 0:00 of the title track, to how hip-hop took that stripped drum sound and furthered Sly’s bleak music, to how Miles got his groovebox back, to how the wasted Brits– from Primal Scream to Julian Cope– copped their dope from the grooves. Listen close, because there’s no way in hell a major label will ever again let out this much horrible truth. –Andy Beta

  46. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-11-2011

    I have a hard time not beating off to Alisons voice. she is a hot chick. it sucks because when I imagine myself getting it on with her, and cuddling her afterwards I am at work……so its complicated. Is there a consensus of how many chicks want to nail Bald bryan? none? oh you said one?……none…..thats shocking

  47. Terror

    Duff Duff give me a sip of that beer.

  48. BIRDY

    On the latest episode of ‘The Film Vault” Bald Bryan said that He and Alison were going to be on a break from the show for about a month. does that mean we’re going to have some one-on-one episodes? or some kind of Hiatus??

  49. reevers

    That bit on Sly Stone made me laugh my ass off. Hilarious!

  50. Denise

    Traci Lord named herself after Katherine Hepburn’s character in The Philadelphia Story.

  51. nard 5
    nard 510-11-2011

    I am officially out of real problems. And I need get a life.

  52. Jessica

    I’m not jumping on the new “hate Allison” bandwagon, however, I can’t stand her sign off. It’s not funny and she sounds uncomfortable every time she says it.

    • juanhernandez

      Every time people complain about her sign off I laugh because she never changes it. Until now. I think this complaint’s going to get it done. Thanks jessica.

  53. nard 6
    nard 610-11-2011

    It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance . . . and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process. – Henry James

  54. nard 7
    nard 710-11-2011

    Honeycomb’s big… yeah yeah yeah!
    It’s not small… no no no!
    Honeycombs got… a big big bite!
    Big big taste in a big big bite! -Honeycomb Kid

  55. raf

    Fucking delusional, out of touch, ego-maniacal pig.

    You think you deserve millions for your ACTING while real working people are being exploited.

    And don’t act like you know shit about psychology just because you were on a zany sex show with a MEDICINE specialist.

    • far

      Talk about delusional, you write this as if he is going to read it. Waste of time.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-11-2011

      I work for a living, and I am not exploited. Nor are any of my coworkers.

      Where are all these exploited workers whose cause your championing? I think you might just be using conjecture and hyperbole to support whatever angry lefty point you’re trying to make.

      This is the wrong forum for this kind of post. A lot of people who post on here are unemployed but not because they are exploited.

  56. Albert

    How extremely convenient it must be to be very wealthy and also view everything as either black or white (Adam and Cain feel the same about people not as wealthy as them).

  57. BurningSol

    Obviously Adam is watching too much tv main stream news because he has NO fucking idea what occupy is about. It’s isn’t about a percentage of people, that’s what the retarded brain washed media is spinning into. People with no money hating the rich. ITS NOT ABOUT THAT! it’s about banks destroying the housing market and consiquently the country by DESIGN. As well as these banks moving drugs and drug money all over the place on the plains they own, getting caught and having their hands slapped by the govt they have DEEP in their pockets. Our Govt is owned by these banks WE THE TAXPAYERS bailed out and are being fucked over by. Too much retarded main stream media (also paid off to keep their mouth shut by the banks) makes you ignorant and misled. there are no fucking jobs, Adam. If you look at the real unemployment, not the BS version the Govt gives you through their puppet media, it’s around 21%. Not 9 like they are bullshitting us about. I love this show, but politicly, Adam hardly knows what the fuck he is talking about. He is right about Occupy being co-opted by corporate shills, rich hypocrites and douche bags. For these ass holes it’s P.R. Fuck Kanye Sharpten AND Simmons! Oh and that lieing DOUCHE BAG, Michael Moore!

    • David

      just fyi U3 unemployment measurement is 9% (what is shown in media). U6 unemployment measurement, which is a more accurate and bigger picture measurement, is 14-15%. Not even close to 21%

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-11-2011

      Any way you folks can try to Occupy Afghanistan instead?

      • David

        Please don’t associate me with BurningSol.

  58. Rampant Devilseed
    Rampant Devilseed10-11-2011

    Bullshit, “Zip it, Cunt” is a brilliant star in an ocean of amber.

    And she is very talented. Going places, I’d say.

  59. JPM

    News on Adam’s fMRI brain scan idea-

    Brain scans used to detect paedophilia…


    “The differences in brain activity could pinpoint who was a paedophile and who was not at a rate of roughly 90 percent, according to the study.”

    “Brain response to an emotional stimulus is very fast and it happens most likely before conscious acknowledgement of a picture takes place, so I think it is unlikely that faking will be successful,”

    • Joe

      So that system will only falsely label 1 out of 10 people as a pedophile.

  60. mel

    PLEASE STOP WITH THE HYPOTHETICAL ROAD TRIP, It is painful to listen to Larry Miller flail and spout a stream of un-funniness.

  61. rambling man
    rambling man10-12-2011

    love Duffy Duck!

  62. Alan Capolla
    Alan Capolla10-12-2011

    I got a little excited when I thought Larry actually won for a change, was in the gym and got 3/4 chub, embarassing… for the guy I was spotting…

  63. Paul

    I’m done with Adam’s F*d out analogy about “five people rowing the boat and 95 people doing nothing but complaining”. Since when is comedy considered a necessity in our society. The thing that blowhards like Adam ignore is that they are getting rich by entertaining us….not building bridges or growing crops or any of the other necessary jobs.

    The thing that the protesters are pissed about is that billionaires are only concerned with making their next billion dollars. They don’t care about putting people to work. In fact, they like that unemployment is high because it makes those of us with jobs accept stagnant wages and lowering standards for benefits……where else are we going to go?!?

  64. D-Man

    Does this guy ever finish a story… grueling interview to listen to. Guns n’ Roses was good for the time. Let it rest in peace. It wasn’t the greatest thing to music and won’t ever be in the future. Axle won’t sign onto Guns n Roses reunion because he knows it’s over, can’t bare to have an empty seat in the house. Tired of hearing about old bands and their addictions… same old same old crap. You had your day and your fun now move aside and quit rehashing it. It’s no longer interesting… just like the music.

  65. Will T.
    Will T.10-12-2011

    “Sounds like a brainstorming session being recorded” Good on ya Alison!

  66. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-12-2011

    Adam – “Sly Stone beat the crap outta Tina Tuner”
    Bryan – “Him too? I thought that was Ike Turner”.
    Adam – “Uh…lets check Sly’s history because I’m sure there is something with him”.

    And, of course, no mention of an apology for slandering the man’s name. Yes, the music sucked, but no need to defame him.

  67. Chris

    Man, i remember when i used to like this show…last one i’ll ever listen to…

    • Anthony


  68. Mike

    Half way through that Sly Stone Rant I deleted the podcast from my iphone.

  69. Smelly Elf
    Smelly Elf10-12-2011

    Get real Adam. You are NOT a “rich-hole”. You wish! You are a semi-funny comedian who sells fake lawyers and pc software on a 2 bit podcast. You need to come down off your high horse if you think you are one of the 5 that are rowing the boat. Your salary is some rich kid’s allowance.

    • Wow

      You’re right. Adam you sound like a huge douche at the end of this podcast.

      Also, your shit is getting old and routine.

      Lets break down Carolla’s podcast

      Get it on, Mandate get it on
      Short Rant
      Lame Guest

      This post is brought to you by eVoice, Go To MyPC, Amazon, Gazelle


  70. Stinky Finger
    Stinky Finger10-12-2011

    WTF! I was stoked to hear some G&R stories and some background on Duff. Instead I heard Adam talk about his thoughts on substance abuse and Scott Weiland. Also when you have a guest like Duff who gives a fuck about the news.

  71. Stinky Finger
    Stinky Finger10-12-2011

    Been hear since the beginning and I think I am now done with this podcast. Adam is highly misinformed, doesn’t bother to educate himself, has turned into a bitter old man, has a small vault of bits he constantly repeats and can’t interview for shit.

  72. ben s
    ben s10-12-2011

    Ok, so Adam does not read the message board, so who am I writing to?
    I am a big fan, but this was a weak interview of a potentially great guest.

    I have heard the hypothetical road trip game enough

    If Joe Rogan can have a real message board why can’t the Ace man?

  73. Steamer72

    Duff is awesome, Guns (in its original form) is easily one of the greatest rock bands to ever tour this earth–so shove it you nay sayers. As for a quality rant–especially on taxes–the Ace-man is correct. Try living in a heavily taxed country like Canada (where I am), then you’ll see the reality of it…you pack of GD parasites.

  74. Mike D in Mpls
    Mike D in Mpls10-13-2011

    Four Stars … of David! Hahahahaha … Is Allison getting funnier or is it just me?

  75. blackslack

    sly was great . adam i love ya , but
    your wrong .

  76. LickMyLaxative

    Adam’s schtick sounds tired and done. The quality’s been very hit-or-miss of late – maybe its the medical issues.

    Every now and then there’s a decent guest on (like DAG) who still can reach the listener despite Adam’s non-stop drivel.

    Too bad – Rosen’s really funny. Hope this jump starts her career.

  77. slimjim

    Lot’s a whiny asshole’s posting. Typical internet douchebag’s.

    The “Occupy ???” whatever movement is a bunch of out of work fuck nuts who would rather spend time camping in a park and taking shits in local pizzeria’s instead of scanning the want ads for a new gig. Stop blaming the rich.

    As for the Duff interview. I will agree that it wasn’t as cool as it could’ve been.

  78. Adam's a Dick
    Adam's a Dick10-13-2011

    Adam is a dick, I hope Brian’s cancer is contagious.

  79. Juan Versa
    Juan Versa10-13-2011

    “Queef windtunnel” man that’s classic Alison!

  80. fooledagain

    I keep forgetting what a fucking idiot Adam is, and then I come back for a podcast to hear some guest I think might be interesting and/or entertaining. Then I’m forced to listen to uber-douche talk about how he’s “rowing the boat” by telling dick jokes and ranting about the same tedious shit all the time, while other people are just complaining because they have a soul and pay attention to what’s happening in the world.

    No Adam, you’re just an over paid, semi-talented “entertainer” living in a society where people like that make a lot more money than the people who do important work, like teachers, farmers, fireman, etc.

    One can only hope that this asshole’s appeal wears off to the point that he’s forced to work for a living again, sell all his stupid toys, and we’re spared ever seeing his smug, cunt face again. Because, Jesus Christ, he doesn’t even try to be funny any more, unless you’re even stupider than he is.

    I dare you to approve this comment, pussies. I fucking dare you!

  81. fooledagain

    You people really have no clue what the occupation is about, or what’s really going on in this country, do you? No wonder we’re so fucked. Ignorance is fucking rampant.

    For those of you who read, I would recommend a book called The Post Catastrophe Economy by Eric Janszen. He’s no lefty. He comes from the business, high-tech, venture capital world, and he’s a libertarian. And, he happens to be wicked smart and he knows what he’s talking about, unlike most of you dipshits. He will detail what that last financial collapse is about, what the next one (coming soon!) will be about, and why we’re still fucked until we shrink the financial sector and their stranglehold on the government and policy. That is what this is about, fuck wits! Read the damn book!

    Sorry, I get worked up sometimes.

    P.S. Adam is stil a fucking idiot.

    And you bitches still won’t approve this comment, with all it’s thoughtful cogency. Oh well. Bitches.

  82. fooledagain

    Cudos, you approved a comment of mine, finally. Must be because I changed the email I used. Bra-fucking-vo!

    In summation:

    1) Adam is still an idiot.
    2) Making lots of money telling dick jokes does not mean the crap that comes out of your mouth means something, when you haven’t read a book that didn’t say “Chilton” on it since the forth grade.
    3) You’re not “rowing” shit, other than and ark full of dipshits over a waterfall.

    Thank you for your time.

    • kristin

      It is so funny to see how worked up people get on this message board. Why are you waisting so much energy on this? If you don’t like what he is saying than just turn it off…you even went as far as creating a new email address just to get a comment up. You seriously need something of meaning in your life…a job? a girl? Who knows…

  83. Larry

    this show was an abortion…I’m glad adam is “finding his laugh” again because he is not funny lately…he uses the same jokes on all of his shows…the car show, guest appearances on Leno and Kimmel, all his podcasts…same fucking jokes over and over again…and he must think we give a shit about his politics because we are constantly barraged with them and whether i agree or not I am listening to laugh, not get worked up over rich ass-holes that flaunt their money and lifestyle in our faces

  84. Larry

    and his rant about the occupy movement telling them to go get jobs…I challenge you carolla to go find a decent 12 to 15 dollar and hour job right now…they are few and far between…

  85. rambling man
    rambling man10-15-2011

    not enuff Duff! why all that bs before the interview? disappointing…

  86. Roger

    Why wasn’t this a one-on-one interview?

  87. KhorneliusPraxx

    Why do people that seem to hate Adam purposely come to this site and listen? I don’t have 90 Minutes to waste on something that I don’t like.

  88. J-Ro

    Billy ‘White Shoes’ Johnson

    Houston Oilers (1974-1980)
    Montreal Alouettes (CFL) (1981)
    Atlanta Falcons (1982-1987)
    Washington Redskins (1988)

  89. Riggz

    Come on Adam… once again: WE DON’T NEED BORING NEWS SEGMENTS ON A PODCAST! Right when things were getting interesting you shifted it back to Alison to wrap up the news???

    WTF!!! A guest like this deserves a one-on-one podcast. The news is up there with weather, time and traffic… not necessary on radio/podcast anymore. Plus Alison’s accent/speech impediment is almost intolerable!

  90. ochie

    totally agree, Duff deserved a one on one:

    Beginnings of GnR
    The gravy years when GnR was on top
    The beginnings of the downfall
    post GnR, Velvet Revolver, Solo etc.
    how did it feel to get to sing on a GnR song on Use Your Illusion

    Definitely a one on one

    As far as the Occupy movement, take a bath and prepare yourself for the future, rather than sit in a tent, smoke out and complain. do something.

    I’m an Adam fan so I take the good with the bad and a daily podcaster. Thanks for the free entertainment Adam. Where’s the Weez been?

  91. Jilbers

    Enough with Larry Miller! Sucks! Horrible! Unfunny! and skipped over every single time he is on your show. WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

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