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In this special bonus episode, Adam and Dr. Drew present a commercial-free conversation as a thanks for your support. Adam fills Dr. Drew in on his friend Phillip the Juggler, and the guys talk about the brain’s powerful affect on the body. The guys also address Keek video questions about Sonny’s Pop Warner football career, TV medical dramas, and the most embarrassing products they’ve ever endorsed. As the show wraps up, the guys tell some gruesome food poisoning stories.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Cameron

    Two spoiled 4 year-olds in a podcast studio. What a great idea!

    • Javier

      Why bother even coming to this site if you don’t like Ace and Drew? How much do you have to hate yourself to spend your free time with people who annoy you? If you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch some Hannah Montana and then hit up the forums and say how much it sucks…

      • Javier

        I concur.

      • theMisterLister

        um.. Javiar, i think the two spoiled 4 year olds cameron was referring to were sonny and natalia, not drew and adam

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      I know you’re giving criticism because you like the show and want it to be better, but come on, this is a commercial free episode two highly paid entertainers did for us for free to say thank you. Ease up on the suggestions for one day. And yes, I know all podcasts are always free, but this was a bit different, bashing this is like picking apart a gift.

    • Matt from Indiana
      Matt from Indiana04-14-2012

      Cameron, you’re just a waste of my time.

      • mel


      • Max Bedroom
        Max Bedroom04-18-2012


    • Grace

      Are they there the whole time! o_o

    • Matt

      I have a better idea…you go away.

    • MPG

      What could possibly go wrong, right?

    • reno

      Don’t hate ace cause he has a great family. Your an idiot. Those kids are great.

      • You're


    • TardNectar

      I enjoy hearing his kids on the show.

  2. keepyourkidsoutofthestudio

    You are turning into one of those fucking parents that thinks everyone else should love your kids

    next time you plan on bringing your kids into the studio make sure to mention that when you are advertising the show ahead of time so I know next time not to bother listening

    I made it to about 3 minutes in and turned it off

    I can’t stand your fucking kids in the background making all of that fucking noise!

    keep your kids out of the fucking studio!

    • tardfacecockmaster

      he kicked them out 2 minutes after you turned it off tard

    • Jim

      Haha they left after like 3.5 minutes. Pussy.

    • Paul Perez
      Paul Perez04-14-2012


    • R

      Fuck You. Dick. You shouldn’t be surprised the kids were there. They taped this the other day when Drew was on the regular show, & the kids were obviously in the studio then.
      So fuck you for being stupid & a waste of my time.

    • Matt from Indiana
      Matt from Indiana04-14-2012

      Stop talking.

    • DrClown

      Adam sent them away after about 3 minutes, ya dope.

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis04-14-2012

      You are the perfect test audience. If a genius like you thinks the episode is no good, then it’s clearly a winner. Tell us who you’re voting for, in the next presidential election, so that we can prepare ourselves for his opponent. Go crack another Mtn Dew and let us know what happens on the next episode of Two and a Half Men.

      • tomandyourmom


    • Jeffrey Dahmer
      Jeffrey Dahmer04-14-2012

      you were molested as a child. adam’s children won’t be. get over it.

    • Lisa

      Wow…….that is really mean. He did send them out about 5 minutes into the podcast. He mentioned that Lynette was out of town when he tapped this…….that is just plain mean.

    • CarollaFan

      Donny, is that you?
      Wow, chill out.

    • William Cochran
      William Cochran04-14-2012

      It’s Adam’s show. He can put on his kids if wants, Dick. He’s had many funny anecdotes about those guys, and he gives away his podcast for free, so jam it. He’s not exactly Kathy Lee Gifford.

    • Balky

      Haha…If you made it to 4 minutes, you would have heard Adam get mad at the kids and kick them out himself.

    • Matt

      I don’t want to listen knowing that you’re listening so you go away too.

    • Tyler

      How did this get past the moderator? Hey fucktard, if you got four minutes in you would have heard Adam tell his kids to go watch TV and exit the studio. Quit being a complete and total pussy, realize your two cents mean exactly dick to Adam, then go on your merry way. Pretentious fucking douchebag.

    • Ben

      Too bad you turned it off, he kicked them out about 4 min. in.

    • Jenn

      Why so much vitriol? I love Adam thereby I love Adam’s kids by extension. Plus, they’re freaking adorable!

    • McLovin

      I agree, but overreact much? You must have left after 3 minutes, because they kicked the kids out at 4 minutes.

    • Syqnys

      I for one like when Adam’s kids are in the studio. It’s funny to hear how Adam interacts with them and they always say some funny off the wall shit…

    • Chadalupe Hernandez
      Chadalupe Hernandez04-16-2012

      Hey “keepyourkidsoutofthestudio”, you are a dumbass. First, the kids were only on the show for like 8 minutes, and second, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  3. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats04-14-2012

    Sincerely, good luck with the hope that football will help. No guarantee there. Hopefully he will get the right coach. Truth is sports has nothing do with getting the right people into your life, no more than any other random encounter.

    I played organized sports(Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field ..and many non-organized sports) from K thru college. Unfortunately, the bad coaches outnumbered the good ones. Obviously, it didn’t stop me but I could’ve done with fewer assholes.

  4. PlunderMind

    I think Sonny will be in this situation (shown in the vid) in a few years….But it will be more like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Cameron beats the shit out of the Ferrari….


  5. McLovin

    Adam’s pissed they got the weight of the car wrong. I’m pissed that Adam & Drew don’t realize that the weight of the car is irrelevant to whether it will jump the bridge!!!

    • Listener

      Weight (via mass) isn’t irrelevant– it’s one of the factors. If the other factors are fixed because they can only back up the car so far before hitting the gas, and because the engine is only so powerful, then it’s certainly worth considering before trying to jump the bridge.

      Also, does anyone know anyone who has ever “jumped” something in a car?

    • Tyler

      Are you serious? Weight is one of the biggest factors other than speed dumbass. What kind of physics-free world do you live in?

    • Skeeter

      Weight is irrelevant to velocity and how far an object can be moved? really? (thanks public education system) I guess McLovin thinks we could launch a pinewood Derby car and a Locomotive train engine across a river and they would both go the same distance because of the speed they started at?(not to mention aerodynamics)

    • Tyler T
      Tyler T04-19-2012

      McLovin is correct about the weight of the car being irrelavent to the problem that the guy in the movie is trying to solve. The weight is only relevent in terms of whether or not you can get up to the required speed. Once you take off, the weight of the car has absolutly no bearing on how far you will travel. All that matters is the angle from which you take off and the velocity with which you take off. If you know those 2 things you can calculate pretty easily how far you will travel.

      • Tyler T
        Tyler T04-19-2012

        Aerodynamics also play a role.

  6. donewithidiots

    Lmao, “Hey, my dads Dr. Drew. Start suckin.”

  7. Ivan

    Adam and Drew getting back together is a perfect plan. Make it happen!

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      Yes! Adam and Drew bring out the best in each other. Loveline was my favorite radio show of all time, solely because of their dynamic. This is awesome news!

  8. Jerma

    NOTHING is better than Dr Drew and Adam together. Loved this!

  9. Rachel

    Love Dr. Drew! I got my husband into Loveline, trying to get him into this podcast now. I’m so happy you two will be working together again, I can’t wait!

  10. Scott Maltonic
    Scott Maltonic04-14-2012

    Adam, it’s sooooo great to hear a show with you and Drew together again. I’ve been saying for years how great the shows were on Loveline when you two were together on the broadcasts. I was running this morning, listening to this particular episode, and hearing the people calling in and parroting the same exact things I’ve been saying for years now, “God it would be so great if they would do some shows together again”! Hopefully you can find the time to collaborate on a couple shows here and there! Keep up the awesome work! Take care buddy!

  11. Hood

    What’s worse is all they had to do was get off their asses and open the driver’s door on that Taurus. The weight would be on a metal tag riveted to the door or the pillar.

  12. Poochie's Aunt
    Poochie's Aunt04-14-2012

    Thank fuck Mike took those kids out of the studio.
    Molly is welcome back anytime.

  13. Daniel

    I wonder it means for Dr. Bruce if Adam and Drew start doing a regular thing

  14. Jeff

    Thanks for the bonus episode!

  15. CCgetiton

    Love the fact that both of them were together.. but what a weak episode overall. Short and boring. Thank God, theyre working on another project together, cause this ” bonus ” episode, for the fans, did not do justice.

  16. Marc

    Comedian/Actor Adam Carolla Wins the 2012 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

    • Lisa

      Great news! Can’t wait to hear him talk about this!

  17. Yancy

    Really, We are going to hate on the twins? They are some of the best material. They are welcome to the podcast anytime. To the ones bitching, as sonny would say, “It’s a waste of my time.”

  18. Ed

    Gun drilled cams are a thing; look it up (HA).

  19. Mike P
    Mike P04-14-2012

    21 Jump Street a terrible movie? Get the fuck out of here Dr Drew.

    Also I agree, little kids making noise for like 2 minutes and then being scurried off is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard and completely ruined the rest of the 35 or so minutes of podcast. I HATE CHILDREN.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E04-15-2012

      I hate children too, but I think it’s adorable when his son refers to him as “father”. I’d rather the kids appeared every once and again than some ass kisser whose claim to “fame” is making cassettes of old Loveline episodes. Who’s also constantly attached to the ass of everyone in Adam’s life, because he probably wants to wear his skin for Halloween. Or at least make an attractive lampshade.

  20. clausha

    Thanks for the comm free show – loved it! Not sure why so many of your commenters are douches — ? Weird.

  21. Kristina W.
    Kristina W.04-14-2012

    Thanks for the bonus episode and congrats to Adam on the win in Long Beach!

  22. chris

    what a bunch of whiners….any regular listeners know the kids aren’t a prob…when they weren’t being funny, you sent them out of the room….so what’s with the beefing in previous comments? Oh well. You know you’ve got good fans and tons of ’em Adam (and Dr. Drew) so too bad a few a-wipes have to muck up the comments. What would Sonny say about the whiners?….they’re “wasting” his “time” of course!

  23. PJ

    I literally never listened to or saw loveline. Podcasts with Dr Drew are still my favorite. Theyre both so insightful and reasonable; not the typical fear mongering talking heads. However, Adam is the voice of the everyman and Drew speaks as the ubermench. Total respect all around.

  24. Paige Piatek
    Paige Piatek04-15-2012

    I love how dr. drew and Adam are back together. This episode is great, better that usual without Brian and Alyson. The kids leave the studio by the way about 15 min in

  25. Mike McCabe
    Mike McCabe04-15-2012

    The Podcast should be a bit more mysterious for your kids bro. Way too much of them in the studio. They should NEVER be in there. Just like they should never be in cars that cost a quarter million dollars. What the fuck are you doing Adam??? Fucking monster creation in full effect On purpose?

    • mark empey
      mark empey04-17-2012

      Break the Prozacs in half DudeBro!

  26. Horus

    turned off after Adam kept interrupting Drew about the comparative weights of cars. WHO THE FUCK CARES?

    • Mallrattnroll

      UGH, I hate when he gets super focused on the DUMBEST things. He can’t let things go. It’s annoying.

  27. charlie

    adam and dr drew hell yeah!

  28. mason jar
    mason jar04-15-2012

    Love Dr. Drew!!!

    The Adam/Drew chemistry will go down as the best combination of intelligent and humorous personalities I’ve ever had the fortune to listen to. For YEARS!

  29. mason jar
    mason jar04-15-2012

    And I attribute both qualities to both men, just to be clear.

  30. Fieldengineer

    Love Adam’s little glimpses into how advertisers compensate for endorsements.

    Mountain Dew called Adam for an endorsement – Dr. Drew quickly asked Adam 50K-80K for five minutes “work”? Adam corrected – 8 minutes. Both chuckled at the absurdity of the payoff.

    “Laughing all the way to the bank” is a great term for popular celebrities. The Kardashians, the Drews, the Carollas all generate money from their “name / brand” and is how they make a living.

    Love the podcast for these little gems.

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  31. Josh

    There is something that creeps me out when children are on a podcast or discussed. Calling your son a puss or a buttplug to the thousands of people that listen, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

  32. Achtung: Adult Babies!
    Achtung: Adult Babies!04-15-2012

    The only annoying children in this whole scenario are the Grad-A D-Bags bitching about Adam bringing in his kids for a few minutes. Even if you ‘hate kids’, what’s going on in your day that 3.5mins of self-induced antagonism brings you to ranting? Daddy issues?

    For the paltry investment of a mere 5 ManGrates and a few Amazon click throughs, ACE and Company consistently deliver some of the best entertainment value around.

  33. Stacey E
    Stacey E04-15-2012

    I don’t know if it’s a problem for anyone else, but the Chris Jericho episode is not downloadable. I even went to an alternate website to try getting it there, and it wasn’t operational there, either. It downloads in about one-eighth the normal time, and then won’t open. I can live without it, but it might be nice to be able to hear it.

  34. Kathy

    I for one love hearing the kids it is nice to feel a little a part of Adam’s real life. Thanks Adam for all the podcasts get me through the day!!!

  35. Jim F
    Jim F04-15-2012

    Why all the hatin’ on kids? Sonny was king of funny, it was for a few minutes, and the kid haters on this page sound like complete a-holes. Adam & Drew are awesome together, Drew going off on doctor shows was good.

    You know who my dad is? Dr Drew, start sucking… Carolla is the man 🙂

    • Rishi

      I agree. I never expected people to be so up in arms about them. I loved the kids in the background; Sonny mocking/repeating everything Adam said it was great haha. people really need to calm down

  36. Mikki

    You can’t take that someone has an opinion different than yours eh? How did that comment get past the moderator? Lol who cares. Everyone, chill. Typical republican reaction. . So Gross.

  37. wazeaway71

    Did Aceman get veneers? His front two teeth look different.

  38. Eileen

    Wasn’t that whole car jump thinkg from a movie where the kids in the car were a bunch of idiots?? I would’ve had NO idea how much a car weighed but when watching them argue over the whole thing I figured that they were probably wrong. It was a comedy, Adam!

  39. Alex

    I bet they did look up the weight of the car, but confused lbs with the kilos

  40. Ace

    Great to hear Dr. Drew, I’d love it if you guys did a regular show together. Just you two and the callers, like old times. And the kids were cute and funny in small doses. Thanks for the freebie episode!

  41. reno

    Any forum with “Mclovin” and “Jeffrey Dahmer” hello reaching all demographics.

  42. McLovin

    Tyler, thanks for calling a dumbass, but it is YOU who is the dumbass. Weight of the car only affects how quickly it can accelerate. The brainy-guy assumes they hit the bridge at 50mph. Then he makes it sound like the weight affects how far the car will fly. It is irrelevant because a 50mph car will fly the same distance no matter what it weighs. Whether the car weights 1000 lbs, or 3000 lbs, they will still be able to get it up to 50 mph on that long road.

    PLUS, he never mentions horsepower of the engine, so obviously he’s not concerned with acceleration, like Listener is. He’s only concerned with flight distance at 50mph, which isn’t affected by weight.

    “I said, GOOD DAY SIR!”

  43. Chet

    bless phil the juggler. no way should anyone’s journey end like that.

  44. Stephanie

    My dad was diagnosed with Early Onset Fronto-Temporal Dementia in 2005. It is a rapidly progressing disease that affects the young. He was diagnosed at the age of 58 and within months was unable to control his bathroom habits, living in a home, and barely able to walk. He definitely doesn’t not know who I am. Not many people are aware of these neurological disorders. Thank you for shedding some light. THANK YOU for talking about it, Adam. XOXOXO

  45. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies04-17-2012

    That picture with Adam and Phil the Juggler is disturbing. Not sure if it’s the black and white, Adam’s smile, or the juxtaposition between Adam and Phil but it looks like Adam did that to him or something.

  46. Jeff

    Great episode, I love the 1 on 1 interviews, Adam at his best with his guest without interruptions from Alison. More Dr Drew alone with Adam would be great.

  47. gregor

    I have an idea: remove the comment board entirely. 75% of people are troglodytes, and I’m sick and tired of them. As if their moronic opinions of the ‘quality’ of the episode makes any fucking difference? It’s worth FUCK ALL, and they can FUCK the FUCK OFF. Why give them a forum here? There are plenty of other lame bulletin boards for these spoiled dickfaces to massage their delusions of grandeur.

    Some shows will be better than others, which is FUCKING UNIVERSAL, you shit-for-brains obnoxious pretentious faggots.

    • theMisterLister

      troglodyte (plural troglodytes)

      A reclusive, reactionary or out-of-date person, especially if brutish.

      reminds me of that one famous podcast host, what’s his name again?

  48. gregor


    Not to say it wasn’t good! The folks on this show are a quadrillion times cooler and more insightful than anyone I encounter in my travels, and I’m sure that’s true for the mouth-breathers who post criticisms here. It’s fucking cool, and the tools who can’t recognize it shouldn’t be able to pollute this place. It’s too great.

    Besides, this is FREE. So quit ‘cher bitchin’ already. And eat shit while you’re at it. All of you pussies.

  49. Craig

    I didn’t know a nurse having sex with a patient in a hospital was illegal. I would expect they would be fired if caught, but there’s no reason to call the cops unless it’s illegal.

  50. guest

    You defied us to find a car with a curb weight below 2000 pounds. The Tato Nano’s curb weight is 600 kg (1,300 lb) to 635 kg (1,400 lb). It’s a $2000 plastic piece of shit.

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