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At the top of the show, Adam talks with Dr. Drew about the success of the podcast network, and also Dr. Drew’s experience on the television series Rehab. Adam then recalls his recent flight experience with multiple dogs on the plane, and the guys jump to the phones. They talk with a woman who’s dealing with random pain throughout her body, then someone trying who’s trying to figure out how to tell his girlfriend she has a smelly vagina. Later they speak with callers about porn addiction, the effects of ecstasy, and how to raise twins when your wife is away. As the show wraps up, the guys speak to a caller about overcoming his social anxieties.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol10-02-2012

      GET IT ON!

  1. SeattlePete

    This was so refreshing. As an old school Love Line listener, this was such a fantastic treat. I love Adam ans Drew together in general, but the callers tonight added the missing ingredient. I still think these two men have the best chemistry in the business and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they fall back in sync. This bonus episode was a great way to forget a anxiety filled work day. Thanks for the show, guys.

    • Steven

      Hear, hear.

      Well said.

      • REB

        Yes; they are as good as any pair on radio, ever.

  2. Mary

    Excellent show! Thanks!

  3. Billy K
    Billy K09-30-2012

    Here’s an iPhone ringtone from today’s episode (During the seizure dog segment @0:17:15):


    I added a few seconds of silence, so it doesn’t annoyingly loop too quickly.

    Just drag and drop into iTunes!

  4. Derrick Parker
    Derrick Parker09-30-2012

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m craving me some Carolla Podcast but I know I have to wait for Monday. Then I see it, a bonus show with Dr. Drew. You see, this is why you are so successful. Lots of content. I’m going to go buy something on Amazon, tell a friend and then get the basic cable commentary (Show Girls) on itunes.

    Just another Pirate-Head

  5. Average Joe
    Average Joe09-30-2012

    Sunday’s with Adam and Drew is like going to church. Adam asks us to spread the good word of his show. Mangria is the blood of Carolla. All their books are like the Bible scriptures. Drew is God and Carolla is Jesus except “HE” didn’t gouge the elderly. If you can think of any other similarities between the show and church I like to hear em.

  6. jj

    Love these Dr Drew Bonus episodes. Get it on!

    • tony

      I do not…….it’s all bogus BS and a lot of psycho-babble !!!!

      • ChicagoCarrollaFan

        Then why did you listen, you may need some psychoanalysis on why you need to go on forums and make silly comments.

  7. SamuelJH

    Thank you Dr Drew, Adam Carolla, supporting cast and crew.

  8. ADAM#2FAN

    YEAH! Lovin these Dr. Drew bonus episodes. Thank you guys!!!!

    Almost as good as when Brody Stevens hosted. Have him on!!!!

    • DukeLacrosse

      NO! NO! NOT EVEN CLOSE! Please DO NOT bring back Brody stevens, that guy was beyond bad…

  9. Mark Douglas
    Mark Douglas09-30-2012


    Great episode as always!

    1. When is Dr. Drew’s podcast going to launch? I’ve been listening to Loveline since 1990 (have a Poorman t-shirt to prove it).

    2. Shout-out to Bald Bryan from myself and Rick White of Greensboro Ln/Pi-Kapp fame.Glad to see you are doing well.

    3. Keep up the good work gents. Listen to the podcast every day, use the Amazon link all the time, and have read Drew’s and Adam’s books, though Derm Residency has slowed this down a bit. Gotta get me some ‘gria.

    Get It On,

  10. illy

    Loved the show!

    I have to be honest, I was disappointed by last weeks bonus show. They took no calls and got sidetracked on rehashing old stories and Adam’s right wing jags.

    This was a classic. Love when these two get together and take calls. Thanks!

    • Keenwhiz

      You libs can never just keep your snarky remarks to yourself, there are other opinions .

      • illy

        Huh? Look who’s talking!

      • ChicagoCarrollaFan

        I’d love to lock the libs and righties in a room so they could take out each other, the world would be such a better place.

  11. Douchebagel

    I’m lovin’ these bonus episodes with Dr. Drew! Keep em comin’ Aceman.

    • tony

      Your name befits you !! These episodes with Mr. Drew is nothing but a lot of psycho-babble !! Grow up.

      • GOD

        fucking trolls.

  12. Keenwhiz

    Ace, get some cameras that will be awesome.

    • Jim


  13. toorude89

    Thanks Ace!

  14. Ribbit


  15. Paul

    find what you like, do it, and you WILL be happy

  16. shane day
    shane day09-30-2012

    awesome show !!!1

  17. Caveman73

    Great show guys… Old Skool Love Line….. It was like a flash back.

  18. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks09-30-2012

    That Dr. Drew is a man of passion…

  19. matt s
    matt s09-30-2012

    why don’t they do this every time on the bonus episode?

  20. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH10-01-2012

    All I need to get me through
    is Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew.

  21. Diarrhea Dreams
    Diarrhea Dreams10-01-2012

    Another great podcast! Always love the Dr. Drew/ACE man episodes.

    I work in the restoration business and I deal with customers all the time that complain about mold similar to the woman’s call you took in this episode. You guys nailed it straight on the head! Felt good to hear someone else tell it like it is. Oddly enough whenever I’ve dealt with this issue, it’s almost always 100% of the time single old nutty women..hmm.

    Get it on!

  22. Heather

    Love, love, love Drew and Adam together! You two are the best when you are together, it is like you bring out the best in each other.

    The mold caller? Holy cow! That could have been my dad, not mold but same “type” of phantom illness person.

  23. The Gynaecologist
    The Gynaecologist10-01-2012

    (A doctor)…lookin’ down the business end of a Vageen

    will often run some tests
    …for a dead racoon.

  24. JessMan

    yes come to maryland!

  25. DR sbruce goose
    DR sbruce goose10-01-2012

    That show Unsolved mysteries with robert stack had an episode about seizure dogs the weird thing about it is certain dogs can sense the seizure coming before they happen and warn the person.just like in rare cases some dogs would bite and smell in one spot of their owners skin only to find out later they have cancer in that spot and their dogs smelled it ……WOWW

  26. DR sbruce goose
    DR sbruce goose10-01-2012

    I recommend Dr Jennifer Melfi for therapy………….

  27. Ccgrendel

    Seizure alert dogs- these dogs are real and can assist (save lives of) diabetics and epileptics. I will use Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs) as an example. They can detect low blood sugar before onset of seizure or coma so that insulin or glucose can be taken. All DADs are trained to notify the handler first. Some DADs will then retrieve medication for the handler, while others will alert other humans to intervene via vocalization, pawing, nosing or triggering a panic button. The dogs are there to help or get help before conditions become life-threatening. There are costs associated with in-flight medical issues and diverting a flight for a life-threatening condition would be very costly (not to mention the social embarrassment) so the dogs are there to prevent this scenario.

    Surprise, surprise. The dogs Adam encountered were NOT real assistance dogs. Real assistance dogs are expected to be model citizens, tending only to the needs of their handler and not reacting to outside influences. Although it is possible to train a pet to detect low blood sugar or onset of seizure it is also very easy to purchase the dog a jacket touting the dog to be an assistant when it is not. This is the route I would go if I wanted to travel with my dog. Who’s going to confront me? No one, because once again we do not have enough standards in place.

    There are plenty of organizations that train real assistance animals and have standards; it is the airlines failing to set or enforce standards. People are getting their dogs onto planes under the vague title of “medical assistance dog”. Medical assistance dogs run the gambit from certified DADs/SADs to a dog that your doctor friend wrote you a permission slip for even though the dog is aggressive and not potty trained. Airlines could require documentation or set standards on these animals but often they do not for fear of lawsuits.

    People with allergies or asthma have a legitimate case against these dogs. Whose condition is more life-threatening? The asthmatic or the anxious flyer? The diabetic or the asthmatic? My guess is if one were to protest the other one would be moved ( “accomodated” ) to another flight.

    The guidelines set by Assistance Dogs International for Medical Assistance Dogs are as follows (count how many violations Adams doggie friends had) and in my opinion these are the standards airlines should be using;

    Minimum Standards for Assistance Dogs in Public

    These are standards for all assistance dog programs that are members or provisional members with ADI. All programs are encouraged to work above the minimums.

    Dog is clean, well-groomed and does not have an offensive odor. (also cuts down on allergens).
    Dog does not urinate or defecate in inappropriate locations.
    Dog does not solicit attention, visit or annoy any member of the general public.
    Dog does not disrupt the normal course of business.
    Dog does not vocalize unnecessarily, i.e. barking, growling or whining.
    Dog shows no aggression towards people or other animals.
    Dog does not solicit or steal food or other items from the general public.
    Dog is specifically trained to perform 3 or more tasks to mitigate aspects of the client’s disability.
    Dog works calmly and quietly on harness, leash or other tether.
    Dog is able to perform its tasks in public.
    Dog must be able to lie quietly beside the handler without blocking aisles, doorways, etc.
    Dog is trained to urinate and defecate on command.
    Dog stays within 24? of its handler at all times unless the nature of a trained task requires it to be working at a greater distance.

    So here’s my conundrum: I have a diabetic mother who lives alone and would greatly benefit from a DAD. I also have an asthmatic brother. So who’s side do I take on an airplane? My mom’s. The boy built up immunity by being exposed to dogs throughout his childhood.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-02-2012

      You put a lot of work into something nobody will read.

    • What's Up Brogan
      What's Up Brogan10-07-2012

      I read that post!
      Found it informative and interesting. Did not know it was that easy to get a dog onto an airplane.

  28. StudioMan

    YES get a studio audience going! That sounds awesome. I’d love to know that every time I visit LA I can reliably make a live studio show. DO IT Aceman!

  29. SpaceCowboy

    Agreeing with CCGrendel. – it is difficult for everyone to know everything. AC puts forth opinions and his reactions to situations – that’s why he’s funny.

  30. ShaneOmac80

    i really liked this old..reminded me of the old days where they took calls this episode and not ranting about stuff the whole way. Need more Aceman and Drew more calls please!!

  31. Shane0mac

    i really loved this one. it reminded me of the old days. Made my day seem to go by faster, no ranting and more phone calls…YES Aceman and drew

  32. Yossarian

    This was shameful. I lost a lot of respect for Adam and Drew for the way they treated the mold woman. She was a fan, desperate for help, and Adam and Drew were BOTH rude, condescending, and ignorant. She obviously did NOT have an emotional issue. They wouldn’t let her get a word in edgewise and what she was able to say they ignored. She asked a couple times what the symptoms of mold sickness were and Adam cut off Drew. Hey Adam, YOU do not have a degree, you’re not a doctor!!

    And WTF was Drew thinking?! Mold allergies are thoroughly documented and CAN cause sinus infections. I’m allergic to 3 molds and have struggled with chronic sinus infections and skin irritation like she described. I was as eager for an answer as she was. Drew and Adam were jackasses. They fucking hung up on her!! I feel sorry for the woman (I doubt she and her husband will continue listening) and am embarrassed as a fan. 🙁

    I’d like to see her get a chance to call in and finish her statement, maybe talk to Dr. Bruce.

  33. Anna

    Also felt bad for the woman who called about mold (Oila?). I don’t know anything about mold allergies, but as she was talking about having mysterious systemic pain that was hard to describe, I immediately thought of a good friend of mine who was diagnosed with Lyme diseases. She too had many, many doctors dismiss her, and suggested she had psychological problems. She did not, the bacteria was causing wide spread pain and very strange, debilitating symptoms. Oila, if you happen to read this, watch the documentary Under Our Skin and find a doctor who specializes in Lyme. Might be worth checking out!

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