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At the top of the show, Adam and Dr. Drew listen back on an old Loveline clip where Adam asked one of the junior producers to discuss what she learned from them. The guys then jump to the phones and start talking with a guy about the dangers of withdrawal from alcoholism. Other callers include a man dating a woman from a very traditional Mexican family, a guy trying to move on from his alcoholic wife, and parents whose kid won’t let them clean his junk. Along the way, Adam rants about his last vacation, and discusses why he uses talcum powder. As the show wraps up, the guys take a very serious call about child molestation, and Dr. Drew reminds us to never disregard a mother’s instinct.


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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/ Voice Over: Mike Dawson
Audio/Post-Production: Chris Laxamana
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-05-2012

    Say what you want about Jim Carolla, but he has some strong genes. There’s a lot of resemblance in both grandkids.

    You can replace “strong genes” with “curse” depending on your perspective.

  2. Back sack& Ass crack
    Back sack& Ass crack08-05-2012

    These one on one episodes are the BEST!

  3. Sluggh

    This rare Sunday show is much appreciated.

    • andrew

      yes they certainly are. especially for the old loveline fans, but i bet alison hates it that she isnt around for the dr drew appearances.

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      Yes, I love these Dr Drew 1 on 1’s, can never get enough Adam and Drew. Great episode as always, but the 2nd half definitely failed the fork test.

      • Steve

        think we could add bald bryan in here.

  4. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III08-05-2012

    Nice recovery after the Biohazzard (Attika Whatever) fools.

  5. Hwy 101
    Hwy 10108-05-2012

    Please join me in my new movement: Outsource Mitt to Iran.

    • mittens

      I will 2nd that !

      Let’s make it mitt the twit’s sons and pa to Afghanistan and relieve some true warriors.

      mittens is his real name, lovey

    • stnuntrnd

      You now qualify as one of the two rider choices on the next Hypothetical Road Trip.

    • Hwy 201
      Hwy 20108-06-2012

      Please join me in my new movement: Let Barack build his own business without a government job.

    • Keenwhiz

      jerk whats the meaning of that Can’t you be civil?

  6. JonnyK

    Doesn’t get better than Adam and Drew one-on-one.

  7. SmarterThanYou

    On todays show, Adam complains about things he doesnt understand (like all conservatives) and whines about how he works so hard doing 1 1/2 hour podcasts 5x a week and then the government comes in and takes all his money even though he is a multi-millionaire.

    Sound familiar? Thats because thats all Adam ever talks about. That and how black men are terrible fathers because Adam is a racist who hates black people.

    • Brett

      Why do we see you here everyday? Get a life, loser. Go troll somewhere else. Wow.

    • Josh

      You’re so smart so clearly you must be a millionaire which would make you happy to pay tons in taxes. Speaking of that…get the hell off the MB and work more so you can pay more taxes.

    • Jfroh

      adam just does more “bootstrapping” then all of us combined

    • Sig

      You should take a look in the mirror in regards to what one complains about and does with their time.

    • Ledgewood


    • DonnySac

      Can’t think of anything new to post?

    • Dzjhon

      Wow you’re a grade A retard! 🙂

    • DumberThanYou

      On today’s post, SmarterThanYou complains about things he/she doesn’t understand (logic and reason, like all liberals) and whines about a guy that works hard, tours the country constantly to perform to paying customers, and has the right to resent that the government comes in and takes all his money and leaves him about half of what he earns, which because of his hard work still makes him a millionaire.

      Sound familiar? That’s because SmarterThanYou is a moron consumed by bitter greed and envy and worships at the feet of government. He/she is also a racist who thinks stereotypical black culture with parental abandonment is not able to be judged, because liberals expect less from colored people. The worst racism of all.

      • ian

        very nice!

      • Huck

        I like this dude

    • liberalsRstupid

      People that *think* they are smart usually arent. Smarterthanyou proves it every day.

  8. Dave

    What’s with the Geiger counter at the beginning of the intro now? Just skip to the Bosstones and let’s GET IT ON!

  9. andrew

    i find a good way to tell a friend (for those with android or iphones) is to have that adam carolla show icon on your homescreen on your phone, and then whenever you check your phone for whatever, you see it and it reminds you and you can show them the icon and say ‘hey you ever heard this dude from the manshow and loveline’s podcast’ but what i think works better is if you say ‘have you heard this racist, womanizing rich white guys podcast, it will piss you off so bad’ – people run toward the things they think theyll hate.

  10. TS

    The woman who called about her kid having been molested sounds like a great victim for that sort of thing; her immediate response shocked into passivity, and I fear that she’ll spend her time wringing her hands instead of actually getting her kid legitimate help. I would guess Adam and Drew picked up on this also, because Drew in particular made it clear that she should spend less time worrying and take action.

  11. sloozen1

    Chief Running Bear interrupts too often. — Adam gives great advice on toughening up. He’s perfect for the video addicted, whiners who still live with their parents. — Adam why did you torture yourself by getting married? Do you know how much happier you could have been?? — Dr. Drew and Adam are so fun to listen to….. Cheers

  12. Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden08-05-2012

    Drew and Adam are my life savors; sweet with a hole in the middle!

    Thanks for the bonus episode.

    I promise — if this ever happens — to name my first child “dradam”.

  13. Poochie's Aunt
    Poochie's Aunt08-05-2012

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed an improvement in Adam…not quite as angry, and he is as funny and original as he was a few years ago. Maybe he is back in therapy, or perhaps Drew shot him with a rhino dart full of antidepressants? Hope it lasts, the Adam of old is THE best.

  14. Ken

    Lynette’s Champagne story is CLASSIC.

    Adam and Lynette should have an agreement prior to going down to order in front of food servers about how everyone is going to eat.

    Me and my wife have the same argument – and it always comes down to “lighten up – we are just spending three times the amount of money for the same meal”.

    I am with Adam about waste or not taking advantage of comps.

    keep up the good work.

  15. Eric

    Halfway through, like it so far…but there are some points where it feels self-indulgent. Yes, yes, it’s his podcast and he can do whatever he wants, but if Adam and Drew are on I feel like I want to hear them take callers and talk about their issues, not just go over old war stories that we’ve heard 1000 times. They did 15 min on their shitty intern people – we’ve heard it before! Why not do more calls, since that’s what Drew’s there for?

    • RobK

      No, you’ve got it wrong. Drew is there so people will call in seeking professional help and then ADAM CAN ANSWER THEM.

  16. matt

    Drew asking Adam if he ‘still has the same amount of hair on his ass’ was priceless
    great bonus episode!

  17. John

    I guess in Adam’s world being rich means you have to get respect from anyone and having your ass kissed is a necessity. Remember that Adam is an uneducated carpenter who struck it rich. His opinions reflect that.

    • liberalsRstupid

      After watching armies of hyper-educated MORONS in the media and in politics for the past 40 years I can assure you smart people arent nearly as smart as they think they are. Ask them… The real problem is the vast majority of College grads arent very smart but *think* they are because they were handed a degree with a secret handshake…

    • ross

      YES! I was thinking the exact same thing. Adam was saying some shit about how young people don’t respect people who are rich and could fire your ass. I have no problem with showing respect towards your boss, that’s obvious. But the idea that you should have more respect for someone just because they’re rich is preposterous! You have to earn respect, which is different than earning $, dipshit.

  18. Phil Wenneck
    Phil Wenneck08-05-2012

    Adam generally makes good points about taxes however one point he always, always fails to mention is our progressive tax system. As a married couple filing jointly, he is taxed at the EXACT same rate as everyone else for each tier:

    the first $58,000 he earns are taxed only at 15%

    $58,001 to $140,850 taxed at 28%

    $140,851 to $241,650 taxed at 31%

    If a married couple earns $241,651, only that $1 is taxed at the higher “pay their fair share” rate. The highest rate is currently 33% and Obama wants to roll it back to 36% like it was under Clinton, but again this only applies to dollars above and beyond the highest tier.

    • Tax Truth
      Tax Truth08-06-2012

      Unless of course he earns preferential dividends or has capital gains which are taxed at 15% but get counted first, thereby bumping all earned income into higher brackets. If you earn, they will turn your fair share into their fair share….

      Don’t forget state tax, ad valorem taxes, sales tax, property taxes and taxes built into things like gasoline and alcohol. I will bet he pays more than 50% if a true calculation were done.

    • Ken

      Good Point.

      All US Senators are millionaires.

      All US Senators make the majority of their “income” by dividends. Dividends are not counted as “income” but are taxed at a straight 15% per Bush era tax law that they voted for themselves.

      This is why the US Senators want the Bush tax cut made permanent. It is a self serving pay raise and monetary boost to their portfolio’s.


      • justin

        US Sentators are not the only people that invest and EARN dividends.

        People invest money that has already been taxed. It is their choice to do so. Don’t forget there is the chance the value of their investments can go down too.

        How much more do you want to tax people?

        WAKE UP KEN.

  19. Hugh

    Lovin it.

  20. Dzjhon

    Love this neo-loveline. Was so awesome to hear Chief Thunderbear again.

  21. John in PDX
    John in PDX08-06-2012

    Adams starting to look pretty rough. And he LOVES that shirt.

  22. Rrrrr

    These are the Best!

  23. Alex

    After listening to an old podcast with Leo Laporte where you described how Drew betrayed you when you guys were negotiated a new contract for LOVE LINE, I can’t believe you still friend with the guy!

  24. JessMan


  25. David

    Thank you for the bonus episode. I love it when Drew is on the show.

  26. Alcoholic

    Nice to hear that the ace man beat the 12 pack a day curse, gives me some hope.

  27. Ali Z
    Ali Z08-06-2012

    I, too, have hyperhydrosis and it SUCKS. Thanks for the info, Adam, that you’ve had the nerve deadening procedure and, though it works for a while, it returned. I’ve debated if I want to go that route but no longer – I’ll just keep tissues in my pockets and dry my hands as best I can before I shake hands.

  28. Ace

    Thanks so much for the bonus Dr. Drew episodes! Please keep ’em coming.

  29. eric c.
    eric c.08-06-2012

    the chick with the orgasm problem- seems like it’s both the medication and the guy shes with.

  30. Greg

    To the guy who called in about withdrawal. I was just like you. I drank a 12 pack a day and got fired. I was suicidal and couldn’t stop drinking. I went to AA, and there are other ways to get sober, but I needed help. I’ve been sober over two years, I got my old job back, and I’ve never been happier. Hope you find help man. There are millions of people like us, it can get better, it’s just tough as all hell at first.

    • RobK

      Good on ya, Greg.

  31. liberalsRstupid

    Dr Drew is an IDIOT. After 8 solid years of comedians attacking anything Bush did or say I don’t recall Dr Dumass saying any of that was threatening to the Potus… But if a comdiene dares crack a joke about (the joke that is) oBama then it’s a threat… My fn god youre a dumb effing libtard Drew…

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