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As the show opens up, Adam talks with Dr. Drew about leaving his keys in the fridge. The guys also chat about youth sports and self-esteem, and speak with a caller suffering from anxiety attacks after taking the Bar Exam. Later, the guys talk about Lance Armstrong, and Adam goes on a rant about why the French hate us. Also on the phones, the guys chat with people dealing with Hepatitis C, erection problems, and mental health issues. The show wraps up with a big rant about the affect of negative imagery in America.


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  1. matt s
    matt s08-26-2012

    didn’t they talk about self esteem and sports a month or two ago? can adam get through one episode without repeating something he already talked about at length?

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein08-26-2012

      He always talks about what’s on his mind. That’s his deal.

  2. Hugh

    Awesome! Love the show with Drew

  3. Halo909

    Dr Drew looks good. Adam needs to either put more makeup on or take his makeup off. I’m not sure which.

  4. Aaron G
    Aaron G08-26-2012

    Carolla is such a douchebag. So let me get this straight: there’s a French conspiracy against Armstrong because the French hate America. Is that it? I’m an American (from Irvine, no less) and I’ve been in Paris since last year and I’ve NEVER met a French person who hated me because I’m American. Quite the opposite. French girls love American guys and French guys love American girls and French youth in general are enamored with American pop culture. This is complete right-wing persecution paranoia from Carolla: “whaa, the world hates us and we’re just the greatest country ever.”

    Oh, and you want to talk history? What country POURED money into the American Revolution? Spain? No. Germany? No. Italy? No. It was fucking France. France nearly bankrupt itself helping the revolutionaries fight the British so, IN REALITY, without France AMERICA might not have ever been. But we’ll just ignore that fact, right? Is Carolla and every other right-wing douchebag chickenhawk pussy going to get on their knees and kiss French ass over that? No? Why not?

    And WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT with Americans who think that France was the ONLY country occupied by the Nazis!? What fucking bizarro world does Carolla live in? And I LOL at anyone who thinks 1940s America was outraged over uber-racist Nazi Germany. Riiiiiiiight. We got involved because of Pearl Harbor.

    Whaaaaaaaaaa, you’re shitting on my point!!!!!!! I can’t read!

    Fucking douchebag.

    • Steeew

      Just make sure to keep listening, and click through the Amazon link!

    • Apollo Oh No
      Apollo Oh No08-26-2012

      Why don’t you cry about it, Fuckface?

    • andrew

      Its funny thats what I thought he was going to be talking about when he started saying ‘a country thats like a friend who you leant money too, and so on.’ I thought he was going to be talking about the american revolution and how the french helped us out and then how we didnt get involed until we were attacked at pearl harbor.. he did seem to forget about the french backing us during the american revolution didnt he. And the opposite is true as well as far as americans not liking the french too much. ‘freedom fries’ anyone?

      Still love me some Ace though.

    • Big T
      Big T08-27-2012


      Regardless of Carolla’s history knowledge, it is pretty much well known the French really dislike Lance Armstrong for winning 7 of thier races and they have been after him for years.

    • daddy_monkey

      France poured money into the American Revolution because they are rivals with Britain, not because they liked us so much. This was just a way to undercut Britain’s power without going to war directly with them. Remember that this was only 12 years after Britain handed France an ass-whipping in the French and Indian War. And we weren’t shamed by their help because we fought and would have fought even without their help.

      Now I never heard anyone including Adam say that France was the only country taken over by Germany. But they were taken over. Their policy of appeasement didn’t go well because you can’t appease somebody who wants everything. When we beat back the Germans and gave them their country back that they didn’t fight for, that was shaming to them.

      I understand that the youth culture in France likes Americans now, but I don’t think they like America and its policies. And it’s the older generations who were shamed or were raised by people who were shamed and were raised in an environment that held contempt for America. It’s not just a myth that Americans were disliked by the French. It may be changing but it wasn’t a myth.

      Now what this might have to do with Lance Armstrong, I don’t know. I do know that he put two facts together and although it may be wrong it’s not much of a jump to connect one with the other.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running08-28-2012

        Yeah, I love how people think nations help other nations just for the fuck of it. The French “helped” us during the Revolution like the British “helped” the Iroquois during the War of 1812: they wanted them to make trouble for us and didn’t care if every Iroquois had to die doing it.

        It’s also worth noting that WWII is only “the good war” because we happened to be allied with the Soviets, and this brought most of our lefties on board. If the Soviets had declined to fight the Nazis we’d be having a very different conversation. On the other hand, we might not have lost so many secrets to all those Soviet agents at Los Alamos.

        Maybe Aaron thinks that since nations are buddies we should have just handed those secrets over.

      • moviejunkie

        I agree with you my man. Also, didn’t all the people in France that supported America in the war get the guillotine? Starting the France we have today of appeasers (to Germany) and anti-Americans? I believe the France we have now, those Adam mentioned, started to get that Anti-American mentality when they executed their aristocracy in the late 1700’s.

    • Arnold Layne
      Arnold Layne08-27-2012

      I do not believe you can lump in French Canadians with European French. Most French Canadians have a definite chip on their shoulder when it comes to any English speaking people, Canadian or American. Adam should make that distinction. Also, do not lump French Canadians in with the rest of Canada. They hate us and for some reason we are tolerant with them. We continue to give them more money every year than any other province and they continue to tell us they want to separate from us. I don’t think this has to do with WW2 at all. I think they are insecure. Oh well, great shows anyways.

      • moviejunkie

        Reminds me of when I worked at a call center and we had a bunch of Africans take French Canadian calls, and many would demand to speak to another “French Canadian” (which we didn’t not have) because they had a problem with the African French speakers. Lame.

    • Caveman73

      While I agree with you on all of the historic related part of your post I don’t agree with you on Adam being a douche bag. He went on a rant and while entertaining as they are thy are not all was heavily laced with facts.

      So you went to France and everyone was cool to you? Big fucking whoop! I have traveled the world and never ran into one person that directly fucked with me for being American. Hell when I lived in Hawaii and heard from shipmates of mine about how the locals have the white people or the Navy, I never saw or had to deal with anything of the sort. I do know that our country isn’t the only one that has issue with France. Many others call them out for being elitist, snooty, grade A assholes…. For fuck sake they are famous for it.

      So do us all a favor and simmer down Francis…. That or stop listening if you get your french laced panties in that much of a bunch over an Adam Carolla rant.

      • Caveman73

        *they (thy)

        **hate (have)

    • Nate

      Adam Carolla is a comedian, not a politician. Take what comedians say as comedy not at heart. If his rants don’t make you laugh, then find another form of comedy. As long as you find laughter somewhere, you won’t be dead on the inside.

    • Paul k
      Paul k08-28-2012

      Whilst it is true that France eventually came to America’s aid it took a lot of time and diplomacy from John Adams. The French were initially so reluctant to throw money behind America that Adams, realizing the desperate plight of his country, even though he had been so far away for such a long time and communications were slow, made his way to Amsterdam. Unlike in France, here he felt welcomed. Adams had an affinity with these people as they gave refuge to his ancestors (the pilgrims) who fled religious persecution. So, it was from the people of Netherlands, who supported Adams, that he was able to secure a very timely loan. He also signed the treaty of commerce with the Dutch Republic and the Dutch formally recognized America as an independent nation. Ultimately, any assistance from the French came only to serve their own self interests in the region, and indeed was meant not to elevate America to any lofty status, but only to help enough to keep America indebted to the French. Hardly noble motives.

      In any case, Carolla is a comedian whose main motive is to entertain and have a laugh.
      By the way I’m not from Irvine or the USA. I’m from Australia.

    • GOD

      “I’ve been in Paris since last year and I’ve NEVER met a French person who hated me because I’m American.”
      No… they hate you because you’re an asshole.

  5. justin cary
    justin cary08-26-2012

    Great show

  6. Cody

    It was the US Anti Doping Agency that took down Lance Armstrong and not the French (although they were trying to get him also).

    • Travis Moore
      Travis Moore08-27-2012

      Exactly what I was going to post. Adam was clearly clueless about this issue, thus the French hate Americans tangent, which wasn’t at all relevant in this case.

  7. matt

    Wish you could have Drew on at least once a week. Love you guys….no homo.

  8. sloozen1

    Great show…Wouldn’t it help if crazy men where given testostorone reducing drugs to ease their drive to plan crazy events? I too agree that violent billboards should not exist. You would think LA would be the last place for those things. We even have some in the crappy little town I live…

  9. DavevsDave

    Adam & Dr. Drew taking calls is so great. No one does it better. I still hope one day that adam will return to loveline to co-host on a semi-regular basis. I know it probably won’t ever happen, but damn – what an amazing show they had.

  10. Scott

    Tell me about that grandpa Carolla

  11. Kerry

    Adam- you get irritated too easily-someone needs to give it to you straight, You sound like a dick when you complain of being interrupted by Dr. Drew after talking 90% of the time. You’re a genius but man do you lack empathy! or trust?

  12. Pete

    It is the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that is punishing Armstrong, not the French.

    • MikeR

      I know. I think if Bryan or Alison were present they might have challenged Adam. And was Dr. Drew agreeing with all that or was his self-esteem just too low to challenge Adam?

  13. SS

    “The time we beat the Americans and drove them out of Canada” is a TV ad that was running in Canada in commemoration of the War of 1812 – a war which saw the US invade British North America and Lower Canada (later to become Canada). The war didn’t really see a winner – but, the US was driven from Canada. The ad doesn’t have anything to do with France or WWII.

  14. Sig

    Adam Carolla, literally a millionaire. Drinks Miller Lite.

    • Apollo Oh No
      Apollo Oh No08-26-2012

      This is a great point Sig brings up. Carolla is a man of impeccable taste, that much is obvious (i.e. the Lambos, period correct home improvement/renovation). However, I too have pondered the curious choice of Miller Lite. Even in my brokest, darkest hours (calling Chevron to increase the limit on my Chevron/Texaco gas card so I could buy tobacco and beer at a mini mart when I was in college) I didn’t stoop to Miller Lite.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-27-2012

        What a couple of beer snobs.

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian08-27-2012

      I’m glad someone called that one out. I dont get it. Righ guys always drink schwill beer. Budweiser, miller, coors… In the day and age of fine delicious craft beers this makes absolutely no sense. He should just stick to his red wine at this point.

  15. dolantrack

    Those are keys? to what,a Sherman tank?

    • DonnySac

      They’re almost as big as a can of Coke! Looks like the Porsche badge.

    • HuukedOnFonix

      Uh, looks like a Porsche key to me…..

  16. Dr. Drew the Supplicator
    Dr. Drew the Supplicator08-26-2012

    When did Dr. Drew become such an enabling, supplicating pussy? Coaches can’t “Put” insult kids, Ok, I get it, don’t break the kid. But an 18 year old kid too lazy to job now needs to be catered to, on the basis that he has mental issues? FUCK his mental issues, throw the kid out on the street. Make him earn his next meal. There’s too much of this sad sap, supplication going on and Dr Drew is an agent for useless advice.

    Tell the guy with E.D. that it’s okay to watch porn? Tell Mr. Hepatitis C. it’s ok to keep pumping in those toxic, Hep C drugs despite the side effects? For fucks sake, folks I hope nobody here took any advice from these guys.

    • DonnySac

      Don’t be a hater player.

    • Gregers

      Supplicate. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  17. TS

    It’s nice when you can immediately tell the crazy comment writers by their rambling and accusatory (and hyper-anonymous) screen names. They rarely disappoint.

  18. Rick G
    Rick G08-26-2012

    Good for you Dr. Drew, for not associating with child abusers.

  19. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana08-26-2012

    I admire their socialist utopia, even though they talk funny and seem more intelligent than we are. But there’s more to life than pastry.

  20. DonnySac

    Pro cycling owes everything to Armstrong – without him it would have stayed a niche sport no one paid any attention to, which it is quickly becoming again.

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Without Armstrong we wouldn’t have all the douche bag cyclist wearing their silly looking spandex suits riding two wide hogging the road.

  21. Jeff

    Why do these Sunday “bonus” shows always have Dr. Drew ? Sure he and Adam worked together
    on Loveline for years, but Drew Pinsky is one of the most boring guests to ever do the Carolla podcast!

    It seems that whenever Adam can’t get a decent guest, he turns to his old friend Drew.

    • DGn

      I disagree, I love the Drew shows.

  22. chris18814

    Nice Aceman, a SENNA reference

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      That was a one hell of a great movie.

  23. TrueStory

    What the hell, that is an idiotic rant, people in their 70s + in France are stopping lance armstrong because they haters, herp derp.

  24. Oscar

    Adam really just spent the whole sesh bitching. I like him more when he’s with Alison and Brian.. he’s humorous then…

  25. Yog-Sothoth

    Can someone please shut Adam the fuck up next time he starts talking about video games? Knowing nothing at all about a subject has never stopped Adam from forming a strong opinion on it in the past, but this time it’s just embarrassing. Somehow he is simultaneously the terrified soccer mom who thinks video games lead to satanic cults, and the bitten drunken dad who thinks everything that isn’t football or nascar is gay.
    So video games are only for losers who never leave the house and can’t get laid, but sitting around watching sports all day and drinking beer is incredibly classy and productive? Spending a few hours shooting monsters in the face with a shotgun makes you an immature homo, but spending the same amount of time watching men in tights hug each other to the ground is the manliest thing in the world?
    Either Adam is going for the “cranky old geezers who are confused and angered by technology” demographic (which is not a smart move because I doubt many of them know what a computer is), or he’s just being an intolerant douche. Either way, someone please make him stop, it’s hard to listen to.

    • David

      I like sports and video games. DOUBLE GAY MAKE ME STRAIGHT AGAIN!

    • Matt

      Couldn’t agree more. The reason games aren’t like Ms. Pac-Man anymore is because we have the technology to make games look and play better than they used to. That’s like saying “why don’t all movies look like the original Godzilla,” but movies have expanded beyond some asshole in a lizard suit, stomping on cardboard buildings.

      And not everyone who plays video games is some “homo” who lives in their Mom’s basement and can’t get laid. I have a place with my girlfriend. I work a good, 40 hour a week job. I pay taxes, I’m an upstanding citizen, and I don’t leech off the government. There are far more egregious things to bitch about than me and my hobby, one that I’ve had since I was a little kid.

      Really, I don’t even blame Adam for his opinion. It’s probably a generational thing, cause I hear it all the time from people his age. They didn’t have video games, or they had shitty ones, so it never once crossed their mind. So, he can hate them all he wants, but it’s unfair to blanket an entire group of people, especially in the vitriolic manner he does.

      • daddy_monkey

        Agreed. I believe he was too old for video games by the time he was able to afford a system. His parents surely would never have bought him one and he didn’t have much money in his early adulthood. By the time he could afford a system they had passed him by. People that grew up with video games know the appeal of them. These companies don’t make billions of dollars just from basement dwelling mama’s boys.

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle08-28-2012

          …like yourself.

        • ChicagoCarrollaFan

          You need to get out of your basement and meet some women.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-28-2012

      “So video games are only for losers who never leave the house and can’t get laid, but sitting around watching sports all day and drinking beer is incredibly classy and productive?”


      That needed to be said. Unfortunately, it’s much more sinister than that: spectator sports begets genuine fanaticism. What happened at Penn State happened because football became a religion-replacement, and the same is true of the national leagues.

      Say what you want about those of us who are gamers. At least we don’t support thugs and pederasts uber alles like those manly men who worship ball-chasers.

    • The Dack
      The Dack09-14-2012

      Seriously. I’m sorry that I don’t go out and get drunk and try to fuck anything that moves, I must be an awful human being for not doing so.

  26. AP

    Lance was disqualified by USADA (US Anti Doping Agency), not the French.
    The 500 drug tests he took in the past did not detect the designer drugs he was taking.
    His teammates (not the FRENCH!!) are willing to testify against him.

    • Tom K
      Tom K08-29-2012

      AP-nice to see someone mention the USADA are the ones penalizing Armstrong, not the French. I can see Adam missing the details but Drew disappointed me when he said he met Armstrong once and he was a nice guy. What does that have to do with Armstrong doping? The main point is Armstrong bases his image as pure as the driven snow while he was just the best cheater.

  27. aidsy

    BOO HOO nerd culture is counter to my right wing ex-jock lifestyle! Time for Grandpa Carolla to move to Florida (or leisure world).

  28. Rrrrr

    Love these shows with Dr. DREW

  29. Michael

    Uh…. Adam, Drew, the French love Lance Armstrong, it is the USADA (the US Anti-Doping Agency) that has endlessly harassing Lance for years (namely USADA head Travis Tygart ). Tygart has had a hard on for busting Armstrong as the USADA has been “shammed” by their inability to find credible evidence to bust him. The only evidence presented by the USADA appears to be suspect witness testimony from riders whom themselves were busted for doping. I don’t even think the USADA has any jurisdiction over international races (such as the International Cycling Union), so it is difficult to understand how Tygart can make claims that he will give Armstrong a lifetime ban and strip all of his international titles.

    • alsohatesthefrenchsurrendermonkeys

      Thank You Micheal, you saved me from having to type this.

      Uh…. Adam, Drew, the French love Lance Armstrong, it is the USADA (the US Anti-Doping Agency) that has endlessly harassing Lance for years (namely USADA head Travis Tygart ). Tygart has had a hard on for busting Armstrong as the USADA has been “shammed” by their inability to find credible evidence to bust him. The only evidence presented by the USADA appears to be suspect witness testimony from riders whom themselves were busted for doping. I don’t even think the USADA has any jurisdiction over international races (such as the International Cycling Union), so it is difficult to understand how Tygart can make claims that he will give Armstrong a lifetime ban and strip all of his international titles.

  30. Brent

    Adam, you are wrong about Montreal/Quebec and the ad you saw on TV. 2012 is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 between the British/Canada and the US. The ad you saw was a Government of Canada ad to commemorate the anniversary.

  31. chris

    last time I checked the French helped us a LOT in the american revolutionary war. So we do owe them a bit for that one.

  32. Brett

    Christ, the ACE broadcast has degenerated to the repeat of the same harange over and over again. Feels like a lecture from a dad that talks about how bad society is now as opposed to how it was good before because we are too soft on kids. If we only yelled at our kids and made them play football everything would be better. I’m older than ACE and I feel liking saying – “OK old man we’ve heard it before now dance monkey or I’m taking my ears elsewhere”…. where’s the funny????

  33. It's just a waste of my time!
    It's just a waste of my time!08-27-2012

    Love the show Ace, and maybe the French are out to get Lance Armstrong, but who knows. But I think you’re being too hard on the French regarding WW2. Like another guy posted, they were one of many countries conquered by the nazis, who had the most powerful military at the time. Mad props to Britain for doing all they could to resist the nazis, but they had the benefit of being an island and couldn’t be easily invaded.

  34. jabez

    WTF Aceman? Things are ‘too dark’, and that’s the reason for shootings etc? OK, settle down grandpa, get your slippers, and calm yourself. Treat yourself to an ovaltine and maybe a nice nilla wafer to gum on.

    C’mon aceman! Grab a helmet and get in the game! It’s one thing to have an opinion, but you are way off base. The kid under discussion needs medication and professional help, not a ‘nicer batman’. Jeez-us.

  35. ArrestedDeveloper

    Adam talking about the Red Dead Redemption is hilarious. His couple months ago was really a couple years ago, it came out in early 2010.

  36. Uncle Jerry
    Uncle Jerry08-27-2012

    Yeah Adam.. . the United States Drug Enforcement Agency is run by the French. You really need to learn to shut the fuck up about things you have no clue. Try reading a few things first before going on a rant.

    Oh, and Doctor Drew.. Did you suck off Lance when you met him or did he just drop his one nut in your mouth for a wash? Yeah he sneaked passed every test he took but there was 10 witnesses who said they saw him doping, using hormones, cornerstone, etc..

  37. Rocket

    Calling French Canadians the French is like calling Americans English. Its ridiculous. Adam only knows History based on tv, like the History channel, which can be horribly inaccurate, biased and one sided. On top of that he blames France for going after Lance when its the US doping agency. Read a fucking newspaper. Please stick to comedy and steer clear of explaining history.

  38. talkaboutwhat?

    On the topic of the “dark edgy games”, I think it is a number of factors that keep these rolling out one after the other.

    It’s no secret that the people that are the biggest fans of video games, movies, and comics are usually nerds that aren’t getting laid. Because of this, they have a chip on their shoulder. This leads to two things: 1) they don’t want to be seen playing a cute pizza that eats fruit, they want to think they’re playing something “badass” that makes them cool and edgy. 2) people that are already sociopaths seek an outlet for doing fucked up things to people, so they are attracted to these types of games for that reason. Then, because one or two of these types of games/movies/etc. exist, every game company starts thinking “hey, this is what everyone wants!” and before you know it, that’s all that is coming out.

    All of that said, I firmly believe that video games do NOT encourage violent tendencies that weren’t previously there. I can play violent video games and my only reaction is “oh, that explosion was cool”, there’s no attachment to real death or destruction. Personally, I think the overly-dark stuff is lame and psuedo-cool and actually makes the games dorkier than something like Mario. This is why I like games like Grand Theft Auto that have a humor about them and acknowledge the absurdity of the violence and reassure you it’s all just a game for fun to goof around with after a long day.

  39. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson08-28-2012

    It’s not the French trying to take away Armstrong’s Tour titles. It’s the American anti doping agency. In fact UCI, which is the international cycling body, does not recognize USADA’s authority and refuse to strip him of his titles. So get your shit right Adam. Just for once OK? Because you look like a complete idiot sometimes.

  40. Evo

    Old Man Carolla on this one.

    Hard to rail on video games and zombies just because 20 years ago it was a cartoon circle.

    Music has similar things, if you look at death metal compared to 50s pop. Movies have had dark, fucked up movies for decades. The 70s and 80s were filled with violence ridden movies.

    After all Carolla’s favorite movies include Casino and Goodfellas, that at times glorify crime lifestyles, with people being brutally murdered, maimed, tortured.

    If he wants to know why James Bond went edgy, go watch the last couple Pierce Brosnan disasters. They were pieces of shit with invisible cars and were basically cartoons. Then watch Bourne, and see which is more entertaining.

  41. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson08-28-2012

    What I don’t get about the thing against Lance is – he has passed HOW many tests?

    Oh, and let us not forget one CRUCIAL thing – He had CANCER.

    And if you slept through your health classes, here is what cancer does – It all but takes your body out back and bends it over the milk crates. In fact it just might do that too.

    Lance HAD to take some kind of steroids to get his body back. Even “normal” people do. Big whoop.

    The question is, did he use them to TRAIN? Or just to get his body back from the brink?

    Also, the fact that he can’t sue USADA for this crap means USADA cares not for the actual law. They just want to punish him.

    And if you punish HIM, punish every other record holder. They ALL doped. A-Rod? The rest of the best-hitters in Baseball? Want to go further?

  42. Sloover

    I prefer laughing with Adam instead of at him, which is why I wish he’d stop talking about history.

  43. Ian Herran
    Ian Herran08-29-2012

    Can someone explain how banning someone for cheating is the same as discriminating against cancer patients? I have cancer, I do take steroids sometimes for nausea, but they aren’t anabolic, and when I’m recovering they aren’t going to give me designer drugs, I’m going have to build up by strength the old fashioned way. I don’t particularly care, everyone in cycling cheats, but cancer doesn’t give you an excuse to take illegal drugs (other than weed in some states). He said something about cancer changing the metabolism, am I going to be a great distance runner now, cause I really sucked at it before.

  44. qtrx1n

    hey stop fucking with Adam…….and i dont have a problem with the french but it is a fact that they hate us so why get all worked up about it. @UNCLE JERRY fuck you…….. and all you fucks the french only helped in the war cuz they are enemies of britain and it was a proxy war morons they were really fighting the british…..

  45. Steve

    benn listening for 2yrs and this is the first time Adam ever pissed me off,his comments on montreal(where I’m from) are way off,there’s no anti american sentiment here,the commercial that adam saw about the war of 1812 is more of a pro canada patriotic campaign and nothing against americans.I’m pretty sure every arab country hates the USA but any americans who think the whole world hates them suffer from some sort of superiority complex.
    Adam makes fun of canadians for the war of 1812 commerical but then he goes on to brag about what the USA did in WW1 and 2 and that we all exist because the USA allows it….

  46. qtrx1n

    mahala….. i hadnt heard adam say that in years with dr drew…….i love this show 🙂

  47. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Most Frenchmen live by the code made famous by one of their national hero’s JEAN GIRARD: Please don’t be worried by the fact that I have an erection right now, it has nothing to do with you.

  48. Mike

    Adam and Drew: I’d love to come on your podcast and assist you with a history lesson. French Canadians in Quebec have nothing to do with the French from France and their participation during WWII which you speak of.

    Also, during WWII, Canadians (including French Canadians) and Americans fought on the same side.

    Big difference – learn about it.

  49. C-bag

    Adam…Batman was always dark and gritty. That show from the 60’s is the one that went off track. Spider man movies arnt really dark and gritty….Its like you were watching a different movie.

  50. scott

    First time I can remember that I’ve really wished Adam would shut up. I mean it’s one thing to briefly comment on some thing you know nothing about, but he seemed pretty damn sure he knew what he was talking about when it came to that Montreal-France-US connection. Has the Aceman ever been so off on something? Yikes!

    Ace, stick to the funny. The political rants you no NOTHING about make you look like an idiot, and I think you probably lost a lot of respect from your several thousand Montreal and Quebec fans. btw, Montreal isn’t even “really” Quebec. There’s neighborhoods and suburbs that are almost 100% English.

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