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Adam and Dr. Drew try to figure out their post-Emmy plans since they are both attending tonight. Adam rants about terrible news reporters, and complains about the education level among African-Americans. The guys then listen to a clip from a recent Prager performance about coping with pain in marriage. Dr. Drew follows up by announcing a new podcast on the Carolla Digital network, and then the guys have a chat about Quincy Jones’ music. As the show wraps up, the guys take calls from a disturbed teenager, someone with low self-esteem, and a young man who was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.


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  1. Travis

    Boy the fine Doctor is a great salesperson for the very toxic ‘Mangria’….hilarious.

    • David

      Irony – incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is, or a situation or result showing such incongruity. We all realize that alcohol is poison, hence the irony of Dr. Drew both drinking and by his actions endorsing Mangria. Life is awash in incongruity and often it’s just funny.

      • Sean

        Er…I don’t think it’s that ironic. I’ve listened to hundreds, maybe thousands, of old Loveline episodes and I don’t think Drew has ever argued that people shouldn’t drink at all, just that they shouldn’t drink to excess/abuse it.

        • Nik Weinstein
          Nik Weinstein09-25-2012

          He has said one time that “One glass of wine is bad for you.” and went on to say that “one glass of red wine is worse for your brain than it is for your heart.” These are quotes from Dr Drew. Can’t cite when exactly – I’m just good at memorizing quotes. Cheers.

  2. matt

    love these bonus shows with Dr. Drew! Thanks Aceman!

  3. jeremy

    I am so glad that Dr. Drew IS BACK! Can’t wait to hear his new show on the ACE network. Thank you ACE and Drew! Let’s get it on Drew.

  4. Von

    Time for Dr. Drew to get his own song now!

    P.S. Hope Larry gets back soon.

  5. Johnathan

    Excited about the new podcast. Dr. Drew in the hizzie!

  6. qtrx1n

    what the fuck is a mangria exactly???????????????????

    • Venice Beach Bum
      Venice Beach Bum09-23-2012

      Man sangria.

    • 3rd Mijo
      3rd Mijo09-23-2012

      Tequila, rum, raw eggs, PBR, chocolate, table wine, Old Heidelbrau, clamato, potpourri vodka, old crow, whipped cream, blended pizza, clam juice, RC Cola with a dash of goat milk.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-24-2012

      WTF? Have you listened to the podcast yet? It’s the first thing he talks about today.

    • DR sbruce goose
      DR sbruce goose09-24-2012

      Vodka,wine, lemon juice and a touch of jizz…….

  7. Rrrrr

    Thank you Adam, for the bonus podcast!

  8. craig

    Who would let Jesse Ventura bypass the airport security?
    The pilots have to go through security.

  9. 5 12' almost 6...
    5 12' almost 6...09-23-2012

    So Dennis Prager is a complete moron then? His point may be the dumbest I’ve heard him make so far(and he makes a lot) I love how he makes it sound like any first marriage that is successful is only, because of luck. Long successful marriages are not successful, because of just chance. They are successful , because the two people in the relationship learn to work together to get through their hardships rather than just give up and get divorced. The idiot made it sound that every marriage that hasn’t ended in divorce didn’t have any struggles, or hardships. Completely moronic… Then for him to say it’s better to get advice from somebody that’s failed at the subject you need advice on multiple times rather than somebody that’ s succeeded at from the start is just insane. So using that logic Ace should I get my carpentry advice from the guys who’s house has fallen over 3 times, but is currently standing, or the guy who’s house has been standing for 20 years? Prager is not smart Ace Man, the sooner you realize this the better.

    • heapoftears

      Aceman will cling to his political rants/act until it drives of all of his liberal friends away. Then he can cash in on that lucrative job waiting for him at fox news. It is a solid plan and does not require him to even try at the funny. Plus, he can start a call show where he takes calls from the soundest minds in our country.

      • SigFrued

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m an independent, and I’ve been listening less and less. No so much b/c of Adam’s political bias, but more so because Adam is just not funny when he’s political. He just gets mad and whinny, and it’s BORING to listen to. Adam is funniest when he has other comics to push him and challenge him, which hasn’t happened since the last Doug Benson show. I’m considering giving up my listening support altogether as I no longer get any enjoyment out of it.

        • Andrew Clay Silverstein
          Andrew Clay Silverstein10-06-2012

          Political Bias? The mainstream media blasts us 24/7 with left wing bias 24/7. At least Adam uses humor when he rattles on with his politics. As a listener its refreshing to hear Adam speak the political truth with wit and humor.

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman09-25-2012

        ace needs guests who challenge him, not just back down and agree all the time. has he ever had jon stewart on? i’d love seeing him try to push that prager bs on stewart, then wither in the face of facts.
        this show is turning into the conservative version of keith olbermann.

        • Joe Van Dam
          Joe Van Dam09-26-2012

          If Adam had Stewart on he would just bend to Stewart’s will though, he does this for his guests.

        • runtacklecum

          he has had stewart on his podcast. look it up, it was really good.

      • Andrew Clay Silverstein
        Andrew Clay Silverstein10-06-2012

        yeah…maybe Rev Al Sharpton will call in.

    • illy

      Couldnt agree more!

      Prager is the worst. He himself has narcissistic personality disorder. How self serving was that arguement?! Furthermore, isnt he one of those do-it-yourselfers and everything in life is completly on you? Isnt he a conservative who preaches about self-responsibility (not luck)?! Being an orthodox jew, shouldnt he be all about the sanctity of marriage?

      This dude has led Carolla into the conservative bubble, believing rediculous self-serving arguements. Carolla has also gone real soft on religion.

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny09-23-2012

      I laughed at your name, that is all.

    • brian

      let’s leave the analogies to Adam

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North09-23-2012

      The only moron in the room is the one looking at you in the mirror. I love it when semi-literate retards rage away at Dennis and give Adam some nonsensical advice IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF HIS WEBSITE !!!

    • Joker


    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-24-2012

      And that’s exactly what Dr. Drew and Adam were talking about immediately after the clip. Did you even listen? Sure, it’s more nuanced than Prager made it sound, but he’s not entirely wrong, either.

    • Domenique

      Prager thinks he is controversial but is just an inane borefest…. just listen to his show!

  10. Mitt Romney look-alike
    Mitt Romney look-alike09-23-2012

    When did KRLA move down the dial to 870? I seem to remember it being somewhere around 1140. Well I guess that’s what I get for leaving LA 34 years ago.

  11. Ivan

    Adam I’m really sorry to hear about your dad’s health. He is in my prayers.

  12. Whatever

    Did I miss the part where the pirate ship took a huge detour to the Right, and declared it’s candidacy for office? I’ve always realized that Adam was slightly right-wing, but he always proclaimed (and acted) as though he was fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal. Lately, listening to the podcast seems more like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh than the Ace man I’m used to. The episode with Gina Grad had me cringing – his comments were so profoundly myopic and full of anger, I was stunned. Where did this come from? The rant only continued with Dr. Drew…

    I know it’s Adam’s pirate ship, but when he decided to reclassify it as a “right-wing, politics-based” ship, a little heads up would have been nice.

    • Dear Adam
      Dear Adam09-24-2012

      Seriously. I can’t take any more of this political shit.

  13. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal09-23-2012

    Hi Adam, I’d love to purchase and experience the all new and exciting Mangria. However, as a starving student at USC my resources are limited and $15 to ship seems a little unreasonable considering the fact that the bottle alone is already $15. The company should mitigate shipping costs to a better rate, in turn, this would expand your market to consumers like myself. Just a though, Fight on!

  14. Pootie Tang
    Pootie Tang09-23-2012

    Keep the Drew episodes coming! Carolla and Drew are like Jordan and Pippen, Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Jelly. They go great together.

  15. Doug

    I love it when Dr. Drew does the podcast. Great guest and he and Adam are awesome together, as always.

  16. Jason

    Ace Man and Dr. Drew in the hiziee… You guys are awesome man. What I like about Adam is that he speaks the truth no matter what! That damn bitch Modelin with her stupid comment about society not providing enough counselors for people that dont have fathers in their lives. What do they expect? It’s unbelievable how quickly people are blaming society for not stepping in when all their problems can be solved by adressing the real problem. Turn you heads fuckers and it will get worse. You are the problem Modelin!!!!! #Modelinistherealproblem

  17. Hugh

    Lovin the bonus eps!

    Thanks Ace

  18. Zen

    Dr. Drew on the Ace Network! Very exciting! I can’t wait!

  19. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  20. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH09-24-2012

    Welcome to the commercial free podcast… brought to you by MANGRIA. Yeah, baby. LOL

  21. Mike

    The increasing emphasis on entertainment politics in Carolla’s show is the best thing that could happen to Alison’s podcast and the others on the network. I finally have the time to give them a listen as find myself prematurely stopping Adam’s amidst these ill-informed, not-particularly-funny rants.

  22. roger

    Great news. Time for Drew to join the pirate ship and stop putting up with network retards. The establishment must die!

    • Brett

      Ditto, pretty much always skip when Dr. Drew is on because for some reason that is when ACE turns into a boring political windbag. Some one needs to inform ACE that just because it is funny when complains doesn’t mean its funny every he complains.

  23. Ella B.
    Ella B.09-24-2012

    Can’t wait for Dr. Drew’s new podcast. More details, please!

  24. Mark

    No more Prager, I understand that you have a financial interest with Prager but enough with cramming this guy down our throats.

  25. bb

    These shows are always great, just a couple of dudes hanging out and telling stories… I know part of the point of these shows is to take callers but geez, they always bring the show to a grinding halt. Drew and Adam like to talk pop-psychology, why not do a study on people who call into radio shows and their lack of self awareness to the fact that they are totally boring and lame.

  26. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-24-2012

    “It’s called Mangria not Puss-gria.”

    Good stuff.

  27. jj

    Thanks for the bonus show! Drew and Adam together is always a winning combo.

  28. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian09-24-2012

    Love the bonus episodes with Drew!

  29. Nate


  30. Douchebagel

    Love it! Dr. Drew is great.

  31. Motley in SLOtown
    Motley in SLOtown09-24-2012

    Dr. Drew really puts the bone in bonus episode! Wait, that didn’t come out right. Sheesh… I try to be funny but end up like Bald Brian every time.

  32. jim

    More Prager is the way to go, nothing is better reading the comments on a show where right views are shared, the lefts hate to hear counter arguments and or fact lol. look at the comments a leftist is on lol

    • Yog-Sothoth

      So far, not once have I seen anyone endorse or in any way approve of more far right politics on this show without adding something along the lines of “because it pisses off those liberal queer commie jews!”
      Maybe you should at least try hiding your blatant bias before you criticize others for no other reason than also having a bias.
      For that matter, maybe you shouldn’t be criticizing people at all for simply not being thrilled about hearing the same predictable ignorant right wing arguments for the thousandth time.

  33. Alan

    “Treating everyone the same is what they do in China.” Adam is an uneducated semi-literate douchebag. Just ask the Dalai Llama if they treat everyone the same in China, or anyone who’s not a member of the communist party. It’s OK to have opinions, but at least make them accurate, could you do that Adam?

  34. Robert McAbee
    Robert McAbee09-24-2012

    I never thought a guest would make me want Dave Damaschek on, but Dr. Drew has accomplished this.

  35. jpg

    ACE, your beef with the reporter “of color” is WAY OFF! Your argument that urban schools are bad because of family is okay, but this reporter is talking about a TEACHER’S STRIKE, not about why kids aren’t graduating. She’s saying “don’t blame the teachers” for the poor grad rates, there are other factors. You are not arguing the point she was making, you are only hearing what you want to hear (as usual).

    • Damien

      I think his point is that she should be reporting facts…not giving analysis. The fact that she is making political statements in support or otherwise of the teacher’s strike is what Adam has a problem with. She should be a REPORTER, not give her opinion. The fact that she is making a point is what adam is mad about so I dont see how “he is not arguing the point she was making” Good job “only hearing what you want to hear”…

  36. Bobby

    Drew’s answer to everything, “Get help. Pay somebody like me some of your hard earned money to help you because everybody needs people like me. I have zero faith in your ability to regulate your own behavior without the help of a professional like me.”

  37. Dear Adam
    Dear Adam09-24-2012

    No more politics. I listen to this show to escape this shit. PLEASE!

  38. John

    The left is beyond criticism. As Prager likes to say, “being a liberal means never having to say your’re sorry.” Btw, several months ago I saw an interview between Bill Maher and Dr. Drew, and while Maher was citing the Travon Martin shooting as an indication of just egregiously racist America was, Dr. Drew couldn’t agree with Maher’s smug, self-satisfied condemnation fast enough.

    • Andy90

      I’m guessing you’re white and fat. And apparently in love with Dr Drew.

    • ross

      How the fuck can they call these “Bonus shows” when Adam just regurgitates the same fucking stories that Dr. Drew always pretends to not know, and the same same political shit he’s been talking about all week on the podcast. Getting fucking sick of this. ISN”T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE A COMEDY PODCAST????

  39. Elle

    you 2 are so cute together! 🙂

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