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The show opens with Adam and Dr. Drew discussing why people think they have
such great chemistry. The guys then watch a parody video about Canoga Park, and Adam rants about lying producers and the world of motivational priorities. Adam also fills Dr. Drew in on his dad’s podcast, and the guys wrap the show talking about how the media and government treat people with psychological disorders.


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Canoga Park

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jesse

    Wow! Thanks, guys!

    • Joe Van Dam
      Joe Van Dam07-31-2012

      A scientific, logical approach to politics? Whooooooa careful there Adam, that’s dangerous talk in this country!

  2. DonnySac

    I love the “don’t feed the bears” argument – it’s brilliant.

  3. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield07-29-2012

    I’m insanely jealous of Dr. Drew simply because Alison is so in love with him.

    • Mark J
      Mark J07-29-2012

      I’m her new best friend so i can tell you it’s just a phase

    • drb123

      Amen brother

  4. mj

    Here,s a link for Adam

  5. Name *
    Name *07-29-2012

    These bonuses is such a nice treat

  6. Fingerprinted

    You do good work my friend. I listen to Limbaugh every now and then, a little Hannity, but Beck is just a little melodramatic for my taste.

    You make it fun. Rant on my brother.

    • liberalsRstupid

      The problem being Adam isn’t nearly as smart as any you mentioned by large factor. Adam lives deep inside the Liberal Bubble in Hollyweird California. Though he fully recognizes many of the unintended consequences of these Liberal do-gooders in our daily lives he is completely incapable of articulating whom the perpetrators are because of the backlash from his Hollyweird constituency.

      Trying to make the argument make the argument “They are Nuts”, but “they are Good Nuts” sums up Adams reasoning ability very nicely.

      Were pulling for you Adam but at least for our sake (the listener) don’t keep having conversations on issues and subjects in which youre completely ignorant.

      • Jared

        Yeah, you’re a lot smarter than Adam, obviously. That’s why your discussion of these issues is so thought provoking and telling.

        Or did you just come and hint about how Adam doesn’t really understand what’s going on and you’ve got everything figured out, but instead of telling us what’s wrong with what Adam said, specifically, you’re just going to hint about how much smarter you are. Nice. Thanks for the comment and adding absolutely nothing to the conversation.

        • cheflarz

          You’re Gay

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-30-2012

        This is a comedy show. Adam’s rants are based on comedy. Right or wrong, who cares, as long as he brings the funny.

        • RoyalDryness

          That’s a lot of people’s problem lately when Adam gets political. It’s just not funny.

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman08-03-2012

        you’re an idiot.

    MASONIC PRINCE07-29-2012

    Please tell Dave “Damn He Shouldn’t Talk So Much” to never interrupt Alyson’s one liners. One more request, new segment, “ALYSON’S LINE OF THE DAY”.

    MASONIC PRINCE07-29-2012

    Ask Dr. Drew how much money would it take to get him to promote marijuana? I heard $270,000 is his big PHARM price.

    • Craig

      Dr. Drew, last I heard him speak on the subject, doen’t have a very positive opinion of marijuana.
      Doctors generally don’t promote drugs. They recommend to their patients prescriptions which are legally available.

  9. Kris Kringle
    Kris Kringle07-29-2012

    Dr. Drew really puts the bone in bonus. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Never mind.

  10. Chris

    I’d like to think Adam would be ashamed of his association with Glen Beck if he was aware of all the absolute craziness and deliberate misinformation Beck has been spewing for the last 5 years. He seems to be blissfully unaware of Beck’s and O’Reilly’s, and Breitbart’s and Fox News’ past history but is quick to bash the “liberal media” and throw people like Bill Maher and Sean Penn under the bus at every opportunity. Anyone at Ace Broadcasting have the guts to put together a Glenn Beck highlight reel and show it to Adam or are you guys going to let Adam continue to look dumb?

    • ian

      i love how when you disagree with the obviously liberal media, they, and i mean you chris, like to label you as dumb or stupid…

    • Jared

      I don’t know what kind of ‘association’ you think exists? Glenn Beck, a rich, successful talking head complimented Adam. Oh no. You’re acting like Adam is one of Glenn Beck’s henchmen. Is your goal in life to never be complimented by those people with whom you disagree? Will that be a measure of your success? ugh…

      I think Glenn Beck is a moron, but why do you think Adam should be upset that this moron complimented him? Really? Why would he waste energy on something so obviously a waste of energy?

      • KingTerp

        It’s not that Beck complimented him, it’s that Carolla has made comments to the effect of “I don’t see why everyone says there is something wrong with Glenn Beck – the guy talks about responsibility and taking care of your family…” on multiple podcasts. He ignores all the other inflammatory stuff Beck has said.

    • RonK

      1. The media is corporate, and in 2012, that ain’t liberal. It’s also not conservative, in that it doesn’t promote fiscal conservatism.
      2. Corporate media asks Adam about Beck because Beck is an EXTREMIST- Chris is right, a highlight reel is due.
      3. This highlights the need for Adam to avoid subjects he’s hopelessly ignorant of.

    • Craig

      Adam obviously doesn’t care what all of Glen Becks opinions are. He’s friends with Bill Maher whom he said he’d disagree with 2/3’s of the time.

      Adam Carolla wouldn’t be entertaining if he lived on the PC reservation that’s so sacred to you.

  11. Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden07-29-2012

    Adam — your shows and rants and talks and interviews are one the great enjoyments in life; thank you so much for all that you do!

    Thanks for the bonus episode!

    Take care, have a great week!

  12. Allan

    Great Episode just based on Adam screaming about the Hotel being across the street.

  13. Donkler


  14. Denver Dean
    Denver Dean07-29-2012

    Great episode. Lots of fresh new stories from the Aceman!

  15. EveryWeek

    Please have drew on more than once a month, maybe more like once a week, or rotate him with dameshek…PLEASE

  16. Job

    All three episode pictures on the homepage have Adam in the same plaid shirt. Changing clothes…it’s just a waste of my time.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore07-29-2012

      They recorded all the episodes in a four hour period. Do you want Adam to change outfits like a diva? If you’re into this show for a fashion parade from Adam you might want to check out something in the LGBT section of iTunes.

  17. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks07-29-2012

    Love these Dr. Drew bonus episodes!

    Makes Mondays at the office better when I have 2 episodes waiting for me.

    What a passionate man, that Dr. Drew…

  18. Jimbo

    Some people should mail button up shirts for him. That shirt seems to be the only on he has laying around the studio.

    • stnuntrnd

      shirts do not lay

  19. Ed Wathen
    Ed Wathen07-29-2012

    I simply love it when you guys get together! the reason i think you guys are so good is because its fast mixed with common sense! *SNiiiffffffffffffff* hand ta god.
    spanky ham!

  20. rudy eugene
    rudy eugene07-29-2012

    Dr Drew Pinsky should stick to sucking big pharma cock for money, Colorado shooter James Holmes WAS seeing a psychiatrist:


    really, carolla, your dad’s podcast cost that much to record and host that you had to pull the plug on it? shameful .

    • Matt

      The internet just wouldn’t be the same if trolls weren’t such a big part of every damn site.

    • Jared

      Not early enough/not enough therapy/medication?

      Also, I completely agree about Adam cutting his dad’s show being a dick move, but it’s pretty obvious to me that they don’t like each other very much. I think what Adam is saying is that his dad doesn’t care about him either, his dad is a dick too. He’s trying to get some empathy or some kind of reciprocation from his dad for what he’s doing for him and his dad is being a dick about it. I mean, if you have a good relationship with your dad, you like him, and of course you pay for him to have a radio show on your network, unquestionably. At the same time, you expect your dad to be more conscientious about what you’re doing for him.

      Anyway, I feel like you’re not listening to what Adam is saying. His dad is ungrateful and that’s apparently not going to change. Honestly, I think the move is healthy in that it might wake his dad up a little, but I doubt it.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-30-2012

      He asked his dad to do one little plug on his show to ask for donations. He wouldn’t do it, so Adam pulled the plug. Not a dick move by Adam, it was a dick move by Jim.

    • Craig

      I suppose if you can’t pin responsibility on the Tea Party you can try blaming “Big Pharma” or whatever.

  21. Matthew

    thanks 🙂 !

  22. Juan juarez
    Juan juarez07-29-2012

    extra episode. What what! and its a drew matic… these fools know whats up

  23. Just Me
    Just Me07-29-2012

    Love these one-on-one pods

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-30-2012


  24. liberalsRstupid

    Republicans want control of your Bedroom.
    Democrats want control of everything else….

    Nsncy Pelosi, are you serious?

  25. K-Man Pilkers
    K-Man Pilkers07-29-2012

    Always good to hear these two together.

  26. RonK

    * Adam wants to have “the conversation” judging black families. After judging, what does he suggest we do? Access to health care for the “crazy” is not in keeping from his growing right wing audience, Early education cuts down on young single mothers, but it costs money that has to be spent on the poor, also not something Prager is going to let him explore.
    * Is all this right wing rage why the Pirate Ship is getting significantly less funny this year?

    • Craig

      His point of view doesn’t involve money. He blames it on a lack of parenting.

      The average Chinese family makes no more than 5000 a year and they don’t have nearly the crime, gang, and drug addiction problems that America does.

      • KingTerp

        Parenting is easier with only one kid. Yeah, the government should enforce a one-child policy here. It works for China, it must work here as well.

        And don’t bother quoting avg income – it means nothing unless you provide context. The avg income was $5000 at one time in the US also… and bread was a nickel .

  27. matt szczerba
    matt szczerba07-29-2012

    i know it’s a bonus episode, but why can’t they just do a loveline type show when they are together. i’m sure it’s what most people want.

  28. Wally

    1 minute after saying people hear and see what they want he says the media is liberal and “they” tried to pin the movie murders on the tea party. He now has enough yes men to say he’s terrific and he starts to believe the stupidity that rolls out of his mouth.

  29. Rrrrr

    Adam, Thank you for the Extra Podcast!

  30. Ken

    Good podcast.

    Adam’s RANT: On the news needing more investigation and verification before a story gets out (ie the Martin case, or the Gay College Suicide Story)

    The “news” is filled with programs (like Adams “news”) where the “news people” research with Google and TMZ. These programs then present a topic and the show personality’s comment with their opinions.

    The Internet has created this problem – because anyone can broadcast “news” without repercussions if they are factually wrong. They are not made to retract because the “news” is entertainment.

    I hope Adam can respect that his broadcast network is part of the media and begin to change his house before railing on the other’s in his neighborhood of broadcasters.

    Thank you for the show and comment section.

  31. Walter

    Has anyone commented on the fact that the CanogaPark song they played near the opening of the show was done to the tune of the Alf Theme Song? WTF?!

  32. midwest

    great show.

    that is all.

  33. Bill

    Thanks ace, always a good show. No need for false modesty, you have made great achievements due to your own hard work and vision.

    The thing that I really detest in the media is the herd mentality they have. A thinking person should have opinions that differ from the group. How many in e media have the exact same opinion on abortion or gun rights or gay marriage?

    To be honest I also detest that they make so much money while the same time having so little talent but that’s on me.

  34. Evil Architect
    Evil Architect07-30-2012

    Dr. Drew is a great guest; one of the best.

    More Drew.

    Miss Bald Bryan and Alison though.

  35. JP

    Adam complaining about the news not being thorough enough is like a vegan telling me that my bacon isn’t cooked correctly.

    Why would /you/ assume you understand the news when you don’t even read it?

  36. Brett

    Appreciate the bonus episode – wish it was less Adam rehashing his views on politics and more taking calls – a little more interesting and funny.

  37. RobK

    I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but Adam has somehow managed to surround himself with people who are seemingly afraid to call him on his bullshit. I would stop just short of calling them sycophants, but there certainly isn’t a naysayer in the bunch. Most surprising of all is Dr Drew.

    Drew is far more educated and intelligent, not to mention more famous and successful than Adam could ever hope to be. But when the two get together, if you didn’t know any better you’d think Drew was Adam’s assistant. He just blows so much smoke up Adam’s ass it’s unreal. It happens every time.

    I was especially surprised this time around when Drew just laughed along as Adam told what should be the embarrassing story of him denying his own father use his shiny new podcast studio to do the occasional show. “It’s costing me money”, Adam has said multiple times. Give me a break, Ace. You can be a petty little shit, you know? Shame on Drew for not calling you out. I understand when Allison holds her tongue – she’s a girl, younger, and an employee. But at the very least we should be able to count on the good doctor to give Adam a few doses of truth with each visit. Instead he goes on and on about how “brilliant” Adam is. Really?

    They should add me to the team as head of the newly created anti-ass-kiss department. Anyway, love your show.

    • Caliber Winfield
      Caliber Winfield08-02-2012

      Yes, ladies and gentlemen, gather around as “RobK” will tell us how the World works!

      Why, who could forget about that one time he…uh.

      Well, we all watched that show he did back…..er…

      I mean…at least he’s written a few books about…oh…

      Regardless! We need “RobK” to sit on a chair next to Adam [the chair will of course be higher than Adam’s] and when Adam makes a point “RobK” can hit a buzzer, and let us know the real deal.

      So, when Adam says “it costs me money”, then “RobK” can buzz in! He’ll say “Adam, you’re rich! This is bullshit! I have pointed out your bullshit” to which Adam will say “I know. I said that. As I’ve said a few times, it’s not the money, it’s the principal”. At which point “RobK”, sitting high atop his chair, will remind us about that time he…..uh. Well, remember when he called Adam out on his bullshit!

      People who’ve done as much as “RobK”, deserve to be heard!

      • RobK

        “What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?”

  38. Paul

    Dr. Drew needs to come by more often…and tell Dameshit to fuck off! he sucks!!

    • Steve


  39. drew fan
    drew fan07-31-2012

    wow, great bonus episode, got to hear Drew for all of 5 collective minutes. Why not re-title the episode Adam’s whine party for 95% of it?

  40. Andy90

    This was a ‘Bonus’ episode? A better description would have been ‘Penalty’.

  41. Alison's V
    Alison's V07-31-2012

    One of the best shows in a very long time!

  42. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface07-31-2012

    Anyone else bothered by Adam thinking that a roommate taping you have sex and streaming it on the internet is basically nothing?

  43. sloozen1

    You two need a prime time show. It could change America. You guys can make a change by talking about things nobody else will… Even though I don’t watch prime time BS a lot of bears and monkeys do…

  44. Doug Brown
    Doug Brown07-31-2012

    Whenever Drewsky comes on the show I love it. Reminds me of the old times. Adam and Drew are a great pairing. Drew really needs to drop the HLN gig and join Adam’s podcast. Together they would be unstoppable and in the podcast format, they would be unstoppable for many many years. Adam, Drew, Bald Bryan, Alison on news and a selection of good guests. That is pure comic gold – it’s the pod format for the future.

  45. holly o
    holly o07-31-2012

    i confess… i am a proud graduate of Canoga Park High School (i made it out alive) currently residing in the South Bay. I love Dr. Drew & Adam.

  46. Andrew Kester
    Andrew Kester08-01-2012

    Adam- Sorry to be an engineering nerd, but you are right about drag. Not to get too mathematical about it, but the DRAG FORCE is a square relation to the velocity. So a linear increase in velocity is not a linear relation to drag, easily seen by the formula for drag:


    But it gets much worse – Wiki’s example:
    Note that the power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of the velocity. A car cruising on a highway at 50 mph (80 km/h) may require only 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) to overcome air drag, but that same car at 100 mph (160 km/h) requires 80 hp (60 kW).

  47. DrJedly

    Thanks for plugging my tourism videos, Adam & Dr. Drew! Funny you mentioned Chatsworth. So happens I’m working on that area next, plus a few more neighborhoods. Any suggestions on jokes or spots you or the listeners want to see reamed? Watch the vid above, then leave suggestions. Thanks!

  48. Whitney

    I love this pair. 🙂

  49. Daniel Blazek
    Daniel Blazek08-03-2012

    Adam gets a plus for sharp wit, and a minus for defending cruelty. Saying there is nothing that can be done to improve our society is pretty lame and lazy. Gun rights? Not even a peep about the society that will funnel money toward the NRA and then demonize health care. Priorities please.

  50. Magister

    Thanks and I’d like to say that I LOVE hearing political commentary from your show.

  51. An Onny
    An Onny08-13-2012

    Love it when Drew’s on… but I do think lately they spend way too much time re-hashing past stories. Let’s have Drew talk about current stuff! Medical breakthroughs, celebrities he’s dealing with, etc.

  52. Easy on the Eyes
    Easy on the Eyes08-31-2012

    I love the Dr. Drew episodes! Their conversations are so natural and unrestrained.

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