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As the show opens up, Dr. Drew reflects on his kids returning from their first year of college, and recalls when they were just little kids. The guys chat about free-range hippie schools and how time changes as you grow older. Dr. Drew also remembers a travel story from Philadelphia when he got horribly sick, and the guys discuss the desire to be an adult when you’re still a kid.

Next up, the guys jump to the phone lines and talk with a caller whose fiancé has two vaginas. Later they recall the early days of KROQ when it was the only radio station playing bizarre new music. The guys agree that the origin story would make a great movie. As the show wraps up, Adam and Dr. Drew talk to callers about non-drug related highs, and how to be intimate with traumatized rape victims.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Winemaker Steve
    Winemaker Steve05-19-2012

    Always love it when Dr Drew is on. On the notion of time passing quicker as we get older: Psychologist Csikszentmihalyi coined the term “flow” to describe the state of work when we are hitting on all 8 cyl. it is the state we acheive once we have mastered a task. As we get older, we are more practiced at all we do and in the state of flow, our perception of time changes. While we are in the task, we don’t notice time passing so at the end of it we wonder where the time has gone.

  2. stnuntrnd

    Adam mentioned a “Tell-a-Friend” page that’s on the website.
    How accessed?

    • fanbla72

      Why accessed?

  3. Horus

    MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the previous bonus episode. An actual conversation with Drew as opposed to Adam obsessing on obscure automotive trivia. I would gladly pay money for this kind of episode, but feel like we should have been paid for enduring the first one.

  4. Mark DeCourcy
    Mark DeCourcy05-19-2012

    Thanks for the bonus episode Adam and Drew. Having an extra podcast for my Saturday morning workout is like presents under the tree on Christmas morning.



    ahh the old kroq days. the most famous story that I remember is the goo goo dolls and the song “name”

  6. Jerma

    ???? Dr. Drew!! Love the bonus eps with him.

  7. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood05-19-2012

    Whether or not Adam has Aspergers will soon be resolved


  8. sloozen1

    Why is there no SHARE button on these episodes??????????? Tell a friend????? I would send them the damn thing if I could!!!!!!! I love you Dr. Drew. By the way the first the first Cars album was 1978 so Drew was right….

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson05-22-2012

      Great idea! A share on Facebook or link to Twitter or MySpace (people still use that?) or things of that nature.

  9. Dom Catapano
    Dom Catapano05-19-2012

    Aceman!!! Get it on!!! Thanks for the bonus episode!! Much appreciated.. I tell everyone to listen and can’t wait for the Carolines shows in a few weeks! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Kirsten

    Always love to hear from Dr. Drew! More please!

    However, the advice given to the guy dating a rape victim was, I feel, completely off. It was basically said, “get your jollies and don’t think about anything else other than ‘don’t get her pregnant.'” That is completely, selfish, irresponsible behavior because, by using the lady to your selfish ends, you are continuing the victim cycle. Since she was raped, she’s been acting out sexually, reliving her assault. That is something the guy should not get involved in AT ALL. If he’s any sort of decent person, he’ll end the romantic relationship and, if he wants to, be a friend and help her get the intensive counseling she needs. Because while he may end up old, married, and completely healthy, she will continue to be a self-destructive mess without help and without someone to stand up and stop the victim cycle.

    • Hegro

      You are utterly clueless. No academic research supports your pathetic ideas and claims.

      • Kirsten

        So, I take it you don’t believe in personal accountability. I’d like to see the academic research backing your rebuttal.

        Or, more likely, you are a troll.

        • corporations8mybaby

          Clearly a troll. You make a great point Kirsten. One of the “Man-Centric” memes these days by guys like Leykis is “Get laid by hot chicks… you’re not their therapist… it’s not your problem or business why they are so easy to get into bed… just take advantage of it.” As if spending your time talking with, seducing and even trying to sexually please woman after woman with wounded psyches doesn’t take a toll on the man too.

  11. Jensen

    Hey! I’m in that photo of the Hippie School! I learned to read at an advanced level there… seriously, when I joined the public school system I was reading at an 12th grade level at the beginning of fourth grade. That school was really a liberal arts school and we did a lot…but the best part was me and Adam throwing dirt clods at little kids. It was just awesome. Here’s another photo from the school: http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash2/22050_1230677403805_1135227119_30624641_7524195_n.jpg

    • Hegro


      • corporations8mybaby

        Nice guitar ^

  12. Sean

    That was interesting early KROQ stuff. Do that movie, or a documentary. Thanks for the bonus episode!

  13. j

    thank you so much for giving me a bit of happy today with just you and drew. if i were a poet i could properly express with mere words how much you two helped me become who i am and whom i strive to be. listening to you two on loveline every night as a teen saved me.my sincerest desire is that you two could grasp the magnitude of the positive influence you’ve had on me and countless others, thank you thank you thank you. i wish you had been my parents.

  14. Kathy

    Loved the podcast!!! There is nothing better than Adam and Drew. Keep them coming.

  15. dave

    So, you have the incredible Ben Folds as a guest again? coming up…….. how about asking him some good questions this time? The guy is a rare, under-rated American gem!

    Ask him if he was influenced by Floyd Kramer, or Elton John, the Beatles, Joe Jackson? etc… ask him about being married 4 times – I mean holy crap! Ask him about living in Australia. Ask him about how do his young children deal with all the cursing in his lyrics. Or if you feel lazy as fuck, just shoot the shit…. but that would be boring.

    thanks – usually love the show. usually.

  16. Dominic

    i hate itunes but just for you ace i installed it and subscribed to all of ace broadcasting network pod casts that i listen to.

    thank you for this great special with you and Dr.Drew its always great when you two get together, always filled with great information and laughs.

  17. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-20-2012

    Thanks for throwing us a bone Adam.

  18. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-20-2012

    Help us out a little which one is you?

    • DonnySac

      I would say he’s the guy with the ball cap smiling behind the third guy from the left in the front row.

  19. Mitchell from Berkeley
    Mitchell from Berkeley05-20-2012

    Who else among us could hear the smug preening going on!

  20. dingo

    Judge: The accused, Adam Carolla, stands accused of bad musical taste. Prosecutor you may proceed.

    Prosecutor: Thank you Your Honor. I present Exhibit A: A recent podcast where Adam reveals his complete lack of understanding of Jack White, The White Stripes, his later bands, their stripped down asthetic, uphostelry and the like. Let alone an understanding of the brillance of Mr. White’s song writing, including an “on the road” song off their sophmore albulm De Stijl, “I’m Bound To Pack It Up” that rivals Ramble On, Moonlight Mile and Going Mobile for best road song. I would like to add Allison Rosen as an accessory to the crime, for her unwillingness to voice a dissenting opinion – tho she should know better having been in a band. Your honor, I believe this is sufficent evidence. There is there no need to show the tape of David Wild lavishing praise on Heart’s solo projects on Behind the Music to further my point that Adam and his friend have horrid musical taste.

  21. zero1media

    Instead of Dr. Spaz coming in a few times a week, Adam should bring in Dr. Drew on a weekly basis and do a “Loveline” episode, as well as Dameshek and Strasser on separate days. Ace has a good opportunity to make a podcast that resembles a radio show, but even better and more original.

  22. L

    A podcast without Alison truly is a bonus. Thanks, Ace Broadcasting!

  23. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson05-21-2012

    Is there any way to get to classic Loveline episodes? Outside of YouTube I mean.

    Dr. Drew is awesome!

    • Randy

      Hey man try lovelinetapes.com its got over a thousand old episodes.

  24. Aaron

    If there’s a better pairing than Dr. Drew and the Ace man, I don’t know what it is. It’s like comfort food, it just feels right and makes everything better.

  25. Clausha

    Thanks for the FREE episode! Enjoyed it during a long drive 🙂

  26. Jamey Campbell
    Jamey Campbell05-21-2012

    You guys gotta get on this full time, you are leaving money and entertainment on the table for each week you put it off. Love it!!

  27. kathy

    Missed you the last couple weeks! i like to save up and have a “Carollathon” for a couple days at work!

  28. Davey

    I can remember more than once almost having to pull over when I would listen to loveline because I would get into a laughing fit and tear up so mucg It was hard to see, todays bonus show reminded me of those times, thanks you guys, that felt good

  29. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee05-21-2012

    JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army), The Circle Jerks.

  30. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward05-21-2012

    Dr. Drew asking, “Does she menstruate out of the tiny vagina?” is the absolute funniest thing I’ve ever heard him say.

  31. IGottaGO!GottaGetAway!

    Doctor Drew in Da Hizzy!

  32. matt

    Great episode

  33. Mike

    I’m glad Adam brought his crazy “genetics is everything” idea to his educated buddy to try it out. If Adam says that a bunch of 5 year-olds he saw at a party “already are who they are going to be” because of genetics, what about the environment they absorb from 0-5?

    I’m tired of hearing Adam rant about how Mexican babies come out with a genetic attraction to sombreros and tortillas. Okay, he doesn’t say that, but that’s the logical conclusion when he says something like, “If we keep letting Mexicans into LA, they’ll turn it into Mexico,” ignoring the differences in environment between a life in a poor Mexican town and a life in America, and ignoring the filter that means only the go-getters come across the border to work here and the unambitious stay home.

    Environment is huge for kids and Adam knows it based on how he treats his kids, but he doesn’t process that information with his other theory that allows him to be judgemental based on appearance and race. I think the truth is it’s BOTH genetics and environment that shape people, with the majority influence coming from environment, because environment imprints culture on you which has a huge effect on your personality.

    • boojabad

      sure thing.

    • corporations8mybaby

      Brilliantly stated By Mike. ^^

  34. joegagan

    i know dr drew has years of clinical experience to back up his claims. i believe the basic brain research regarding dopamine interaction/alteration is correct, even though he uses it to an extreme in an attempt to illustrate his biased points.

    key error in his beliefs, IMO:

    if addiction is so brain altering and devastating ( which he claims incessantly), how can something as comparably innocuous as interaction with another person be as effective as he says it is? he even gives away his skepticism when he quickly/meekly adds ” it takes a long time” when referring to this.

    drew exhibits the same dogmatic and myopic tendencies that adam’s mom does.

  35. Dave

    Sounded more like an hour long therapy session for the Aceman.

    • boojabad

      and is there anything wrong with that?!

  36. Blimey

    Good call by Adam on saying that Dr. Drew is all about nurture. Of course Drew can’t be honest and admit this. It was always annoying on Loveline that Drew couldn’t admit how important biology is to behavior. If Dr. Drew had been raised by any of those trashy people that called Loveline, he would still be the exact same person today (an idiot doctor).

  37. Heather

    Love, love, love Ace and Dr. Drew together!

  38. fanbla72

    the song is not by Black Flag, but Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalized”, from their ’83 self-titled debut.

    “all i wanted was a pepsi, just a pepsi..”

    awesome track.

    i always find it odd that Carolla knows even a little about that early 80’s Cali Punk, Hardcore, New Wave.

    • An Onny
      An Onny05-31-2012

      You can’t help knowing about it when you’ve grown up listening to KROQ in 70s-80s L.A.

  39. Jake

    Love it when Dr. Drew is on! He’s a great guest and adds a lot to the podcast, we need more Dr. Drew!

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