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At the top of the show, Adam talks briefly about a real estate deal he was working on. The guys then speak to a caller who is upset after catching her boyfriend watching porn while she was still in the house. Adam also plays a couple pedophile rock songs for Dr. Drew, and they chat with other callers about lack of sex after marriage, marrying into a different religion, and dating a meth addict. Along the way, Adam rants about his cheap step-dad and reminisces about growing up in the Carolla house. As the show wraps up, the guys talk to a caller who wants to know about the guys’ first marijuana experiences.


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  1. Tom

    Even the Dr. Drew episodes have to start with right wing douchebaggery rants now? really?

    • TonyMonterey

      Great comment, this show would be much better if he got his rant’s pre-approved by internet trolls!

      I’m betting all the people that think talking about private enterprise and busting ass to own your own stuff is right wing-ism are under 20 year old Occupoo’er AKA Parents Basement Socialists (PBS).

      • ALC

        Or…maybe people are just tired of repetitive political rants on a comedy show.

        • Dubster

          As opposed to the non-political repetitive rants?

          • reb

            that’s one distinction

        • MEDAFAP

          You’re clearly deserving of a refund… you should write a strongly-worded email… His email address is GFY@adamcarolla.com. Good luck!

    • Jens Pulver
      Jens Pulver09-03-2012

      I’m with you Tom. Enough already.

    • Bobby

      Go suck a nanny state socialist tard tit. Adam could not be more right when he mocks comments that insinuate that us poor little individual Americans would be helpless without our “betters” in government. All such remarks should infuriate every American that has the slightest grasp of the founding principles of this nation. By the way, those Founders would be 100% square in Adam’s corner. You substantially cut taxes & redundant bloated bureaucratic regulation (U.S. annual regulatory cost alone exceeds India’s entire annual GDP), in other words, federal government, get your damn unconstitutional foot off of the throat of the free American people, whom you temporarily REPRESENT & SERVE, and then…. the most powerful, dynamic, creative entrepreneurial force on this earth will again be unleashed and our economy will roar back. The fact that this is the first administration in American history that is top to bottom truly hostile to the private sector, is just one of the many many reasons they will be soundly defeated in November.

      • tboner

        Do you mean the most powerful, dynamic, creative entrepreneurial force on this earth like Bernie madoff, Arther Andersen, Ken Lay, Mike Milken and Tom Delay? When you eliminate regulation, powerful leaders create rules that encourage corruption that leads to the monopolies the founding fathers fought to avoid.
        These aforementioned people weren’t satisfied by the money they made with the laws that were in place in their favor. They needed to grab more. They all broke the law in a republican administration.
        With the laws that are in place now, anyuone who desires less gov’t is a simpleton.

        • Mason Jar
          Mason Jar09-04-2012

          amen, tboner.

        • Mark

          All the people you mention were either in government or had tight connections to those in high levels of government. The problem is that those in charge rig the rules to keep the power and money for themselves. The ONLY way to fight this is with less government, not more. Less government means less ways for connected people to stack the deck against everyone else. History tells us that government will ALWAYS be co-opted and corrupted by those that are rich and those that are in charge.

        • liberalsRstupid

          Funny, you skipped Nazi Piglozi, Harry Reid, Chris Dudd, Bawny Fwank, Dollar Bill Jefferson and Barack Hussein Obama…. No Partisanship on your part… LOL

          The difference is that the the Conservatives throw their criminals in Jail. Democrats promote theirs to the highest offices.

          If the Govt held itself to the same standards as Business all Govt officials would be in Prison.

          A Constitutionally bound federal Govt is good enough for me. What we have now isn;t bound by anything…

          Anyone that thinks we arent headed for a Civil War or Revolution is delusional or a simpleton like you….

        • qtrx1n

          you must be a redneck from the woods, we all know republicans always fuck things up……and are we headed for a revolution????? o civil war?? really?? you are the simpleton with a feeble simple mind lol do us all a favor and off yourself…

      • Vinny

        Bobby is my hero! Adam is smarter, funnier & more well intentioned than anyone who has ever spoken into a microphone and anyone who disagrees with those facts really just needs to do the sane people of earth a huge favor & step in front of a freight train.

        • Lisa

          Or here’s a novel thought…..if you don’t like it, don’t fucking listen to it!!

      • uh huh
        uh huh09-04-2012

        and how is India doing? Ever see what the average citizen lives like? No thanks.

      • Juneness

        Couldn’t agree more. But really now! How political are these rants that seem to be pissing a few of you off just a little to much for how political they can really be said to be, especially in comparrison to the level to which it could be taken, and to offten is, with too many other shows like this. Have you that low of a tolerance that it only took that much of a degree of politicalness to make you complain about it? Get over it already! I bet you wouldn’t have a problem with it if it got political with a leaning, say, more like yours. You could certainly find that on enough shows, and then some. Besides, what’s wrong with getting a little of an opposing view to your own sometimes at least anyway? I would understand more if anything more frequently ever were to get more political than it ever really does, along with how funny the show usually always so exeedingly is. I know how easy it is for it to get old fast when it comes to involving politics in anything; but must we be such political pussies? Or, can you hang enough to, just maybe, take the opportunity to, just maybe, sharpen your own views on the stone of that which is the opposing? Ever think of that, or are yours of the quality and substance that doesn’t ever really get any sharper than the day you first had them, like a cheep glade; so then what would be the point? But even if so, in the real world, thinking of rants in the first place, and just how over the top politically they can be far to much, just how much are we really talking about here with Adam? Do you get out enough?
        Back to my reply to the comment, as I said, I hear what you’re sayin. I just wonder if you are right about November. Even with as bad as this “president” is, to the point of that being the most outstanding of what could ever be said to be his achievments. Before this guy, it was bad enough with Bush and how ever many before; but
        we’re at a new levil of lowness in the job he is doing and has ever done as president. And yet, to think there could even be a chance he’s reelected, not that the other choice is really better, or that much different (for that matter) between demopublican and republicrat that have so much uncommon for parties that are suppose to be on such opposite sides of the isle from each other. Still keeping him in ofice seems so assenein, could this country be that stupid to vote him in again? Has it ever really mattered how we vote nationally anyway? I’m suspicious; and with so much evidence of voter fraud and national elections being fixed, I am not convinced that it really does. Just look at who we supposedly elected the last few decades. Was that really do to us and how we voted? You have got to be kidding! All I could say is: good luck. We’re going to need it.

    • reality

      Not every celebrity is a left wing nutcase.

    • jj

      Yep, I agree with you 100% Tom. Enough already with the right-wing politics.

    • Right Wing Nut
      Right Wing Nut09-03-2012

      I love it, keep it up Ace Man!

    • Chris

      As a right wing freak (ie, have a real world perspective), I am glad Ace man has the balls to say something.

      Obama’s comment was the most asinine, un-American thing I’ve ever heard – from anyone let alone the President. Can not believe he would even think to leave that impression.

      But – the beauty of all of this free market craziness – you turn off the podcast and don’t support the sponsors, Adam doesn’t make money and you don’t have to go through the mental gymnastics of listening to him anymore.

    • no

      God Adam’s right-wing idiocy is tiresome.

      • liberalsRstupid

        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder programmed into you by a Unionized apparatchik known as Public Education/Indoctrination…

        You can start helping yourself by reaching between your legs and pulling head outta arse…

    • bhuffma4

      Its not a right wing rant, its a rant pointing out how retarded Obama’s comment was. Youre just lucky the government bought you a computer so you could comment on this podcast.

    • Wyatt

      He’s not left or right wing, he’s just against GENERAL douchebaggery… What the hell do you expect listening?

    • George

      On YOUR comedy podcast, you can keep the politics out of it. or you can either stop listening to this one, or shut your cake hole

    • liberalsRstupid

      Liberalism is a dangerous Mental Disorder. Thanks for the proof… Liberalism is like a 2 years old running with scissors. Its dangerous to them and all of the other people around them.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol09-05-2012

      Yes they do.

    • Ted

      Maybe it’s because smart, hard working people who actually make money and create jobs like Dr. Drew and Adam get upset when undeserving citizens and non-citizens take their money, while taking credit for their accomplishments.

    • RealisticOptimist

      I agree with Adams hard work putting him where he is. I also believe we live in such an advanced society that someone with his talents has the ability to thrive. Otherwise, he’d still be in construction, probably still doing ok for himself, but nowhere near what he’s got. He had an OPPORTUNITY and seized it. There is a reason people immigrate to this country from all over the world.

      People love to say its about less govt, more govt, but it’s all about GOOD govt and good leadership. Anyone who’s worked for a company with a good boss vs a crappy boss knows the difference. If you work at a bad company, you can’t reach your potential. If you work at a good company you can. 2 different “good” companies can take 2 totally different management approaches.

    • Thomas

      Better to listen to right wing rants, then left wing pussy rants

  2. JT

    Thanks so much for these bonus shows, AceMan!!! LOVE the 1-on-1 interviews, LOVE YoU & Drew.

  3. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood09-02-2012

    government did all the basic research behind computers, unix and the internet. You didnt build that adam.

    Plus Obama was talking about infrastructure, the U.S. has the lowest per capita spending on infrastructure of all industrialized countries. Please bring on Alec Baldwin, Ken Burns or even Jay Leno and try to condescend to them like you do you audience.

    • daddy_monkey

      “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” -President Barack Obama

      • Bill

        That is what he said. And NO, government did Not build that road. People paid taxes from the commerce they produced, and government used that money to pay cronies to build that road and said cronies enrich themselves by charging too much.

        The Internet is a stupid example too, when first conceived it was only a method for researchers to communicate to each other in a disaster. Anything past that whether it’s PayPal or Netflix or whatever the government had nothing to do with except to tax it.

        To be brutally honest it’s probably porn that built the Internet.

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle09-04-2012

          Trekkie Monster said it best…”The internet is for porn!”

        • idiotMan

          So true.

      • DrClown

        This is what you call quote mining.

      • RoyalDryness

        Listen to the whole clip jackass! He was referring to roads, bridges, schools, etc. which no business owner built, WE as a nation built that.

    • Trejas

      Unix was developed at Bell Labs. Owned by Ma Bell. Most definitely a private enterprise.


    • Aking

      Yeah, roads, Internet built by Americans with American tax dollars cause we told the government to do it. Govnment for the people by the people. Obama and you make it sound like that with out his great leadership we would have nothing. With out us government is nothing. If you don’t think that way you are one step closer to losing your freedom.

    • liberalsRstupid

      You couldnt be more wrong. DARPA funded the research the eventually led to the internet as we know it. DARPA only cared about separating military computers from nuclear attack. To assume the modern internet wouldnt have been invented without this funding is obscene to men like Doug Englebart. Only an idiot liberal with a political agenda can associate the modern internet with this basic DARPA funded network. Back to your Al Goracles adventures in fairyland comic strip, now, ok…

  4. Mal

    Dr drew, hilarious during the rape songs commentary
    Holy shit!

    • Tim

      I agree that was fantastic on all fronts. “So when we’re in Baltimore we’ll do a little rapin’?” Good stuff Ace Man

  5. hJ

    Always great to open a new podcast to be greeted by uneducated American political drivel. Rather than the road example, you could have just as easily used the Internet. You know, because they kinda had a hand in creating that too. But that might have brought you perilously close to “Keep your government hands off my Medicare.”

    • daddy_monkey

      The internet may have been invented by government research but it took private business to develop it and expand it into what it is today. Otherwise it would have remained a small government program and probably would have been scrapped. It would never have become the internet you know today.

      • Woochunk

        Probably would have been scrapped? Uhhhh… Seriously?

      • bdub

        That’s exactly the point! No one person built a business by themselves. It takes coordination and investment between different interests. Its sad that Obama’s comments were taken out of context because ignorant tards like Adam can’t accept the fact that they aren’t super human innovators on their own. Where would Adams current podcast success be without the help of the internet and therefore the investment from government and other private business interests?

        • liberalsRstupid

          It’s called “Capitalism”. It is the millions and millions of transactions made by individuals freely between themselves. It is not perfect but it is the best system known to man as it is fundamental to human nature itself. Anything that interferes in this natural behavior is destructive of Capitalism and thus Anti-American and anti-nature.

          Which Party openly says it wants more Govt and high taxes? Which party says it wants smaller Govt and less taxes?

          That said the GOP is just a progressive “light” party and is part of the problem. INstead of going off the cliff at 120mph we will go off at 45mph. Either way the cliff is already in our rear view mirror.

  6. TS

    Dr. Drew’s disgust with the songs is hilarious.

  7. carollafan2020

    as big as a fan i am, never dismiss the role government played regardless of the time that has passed.


    • reality

      We should make a distinction between “government” and “military” programs. Internet was NOT built for podcasting and porn.

  8. DrunktankDan

    Jesus, 10 minutes in and the socio economic stuff kicks in.. They had to start regulating this shit because the last time they didn’t it caused the ’08 crash. Sorry you’re caught up in it aceman but I think we can all agree that preventing the MASSIVE FUCKING ECONOMIC CRASH of 08 from happening again is a worthy goal, right? I understand your point though. It’s annoying, but how much money did you lose from the housing market implosion? Worth payin an extra five percent down to prevent again, right? Maybe?
    And obviously it’s significantly more nuanced than all of that. But Ace seems to be missing that part of it too.

  9. Michael

    Got enough pubes for the both of us, Hah! Too f’ing funny. This is the classic banter I miss from Loveline. Dr. Drew, you bring the best out of Adam. You two should be making babies.

    • Mike A.
      Mike A.09-04-2012

      Couldn’t agree more…I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull my car over!!!

      • Just Ed
        Just Ed09-05-2012

        All this bullshit political sniping back and forth ignores the truly brilliant nugget in this podcast. The “enough pubes for both of us” line is one of the funniest things Carolla has ever said.

        All you retards getting all worked up over Carolla spewing his wah should realize he is nothing but a dancing monkey, giving his all to hold onto our ADD addled attention for a few minutes, so he can sell a few more Mangrates, so he can buy another old Datsun.

        If your opinion differs from his, who gives a shit? If you agree with him, same difference. Either listen to the podcast or don’t, But please STFU and let me enjoy his pedophile humor, as only Carolla can weave it.

  10. JustBob81

    2 minutes in and I’m out. In the future maybe you could let us know the time code we can jump to when the hackneyed political carping will stop.

    • Piss


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-04-2012


  11. What The?
    What The?09-03-2012

    The only entity to do anything of merit completely by them self was God. Now, since none of us believe in that fairytale, I gotta point out the facts. Adam… without Jimmy, Dr. Drew, Mike Lynch, B. Brian, Terrysa S., Alisson R., Ray O., The Weez, Mike F., and of course the good people at Mazda for making a shitty pickup truck, You would just have a palm full of your own dick and a framing hammer in the right.
    You can be as indignant as you want Ace, you’re full of shit on this point. I can’t complain though, I never listened to you to learn factual information or informed opinion. Just the funny.

    • Adam CM
      Adam CM09-03-2012

      Amen, I want to tell a friend for the funny, but the rants are getting embarrassing.

    • dolantrack

      Hey What the?-This is adam’s pirate ship.He is the captain.He can and will say whatever and whenever he wants.If you don’t like it start your own fucking podcast.You have his permission to jump off the ship anytime. He has always mixed cracking wise with his views. And if you actually believe that bacteria is your great-great grandfather, you have a lot more faith than us believers. Chaos didn’t design shit.

      • reb

        There are actually other options in response to not liking it beyond “start your own podcast.”

  12. dan

    Glad adam and drew are both well read enough to realize that Obama’s you didnt build it quote was taken out of context and not at all what he said.

    • Sab

      THANK YOU!!! That is the point that nobody seems to know or care about. But then again, what should we expect from the most ill informed populace in the western world. I hope you crazy conservatives get EXACTLY what you want. Thank christ I don’t live in this fucking country anymore.

  13. freddy

    the internet, completely produced out of government research

    • liberalsRstupid

      Going through life an ignorant Libtard must be really comforting… The internet was coming regardless of DARPAs research. The research generated from my tax dollars was given to Universities and men like Doug Englebart who took this basic network technology and created the internet as we know it. To suggest that without this kickstart the internet wouldnt exist is absurd and not based upon reality.

  14. SamuelJH

    I see said the blind man. Thank you.

  15. All hail the govt
    All hail the govt09-03-2012

    Thank you for putting the ‘you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen’ Hussein quote out there for everyone to understand who doesn’t happen to follow politics. How embarrassing we elected the king of amatuers. Well done Ace

    • RoyalDryness

      Yeah, it’s awesome when people use an out of context clip that doesn’t mean at all what they claim to justify uninformed opinions.

  16. Adam

    Just a comment on the first ten minutes of the show. I know that Adam doesn’t read these at all, and isn’t all that interested in evidence to the contrary of one of his opinions, but I’m pretty sure that his podcast wouldn’t be quite so successful without THE INTERNET, whose invention and development were funded by the federal government…


    Also, some context for all the lame Al Gore jokes we’ve had to put up with for the past 15 years. He never claimed to have invented the internet, just the bill that funded its development…

    “Senator Albert Gore, Jr. began to craft the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991 (commonly referred to as “The Gore Bill”) after hearing the 1988 report toward a National Research Network submitted to Congress by a group chaired by Leonard Kleinrock, professor of computer science at UCLA. The bill was passed on 9 December 1991 and led to the National Information Infrastructure (NII) which Al Gore called the “information superhighway”. ARPANET was the subject of two IEEE Milestones, both dedicated in 2009″

  17. Jim C
    Jim C09-03-2012

    “You haven’t had your period yet…….but I’m still gonna fuck you in the ass.” hahahahahahahah!

    Amazing episode.

  18. Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden09-03-2012

    This was such a great episode — thanks Adam and Drew!

    Loved the improvised review of the songs of the 70s; I never realized how creepy the lyrics were until you discussed.

    Adam and Drew —– #1

  19. ohhhjohnny

    Good pod except for the dumb take on politics. Adam making fun of Obama for the ‘You didn’t build that’ is like someone making fun of Adam for saying “Women aren’t funny.’ The way the President said it was wrong but the larger point was that America has always thrived when the public and private sector are working together, with more emphasis on the private sector.

    Even for the Carolla Show and the podcasting empire, the government did actually have a role. It’s called creating the Internet, which did make it possible. That shouldn’t take away from what Adam has done, how hard he’s worked or how great it is that he’s in this position but if we move forward with a mindset which says that only the private sector can move us forward (with absolutely no public investment or role), then we’re going to be boned.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Capitalism works, crony capitalism doenst. Capitalism is the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Crony capitalism is the current system and will never work… Govt is the problem…

    • liberalsRstupid

      Its not zero sum game moron… Very few people are saying they want no Govt. Our Fed Govt currently lives outside of our Constitutions clearly laid out in its enumerated powers. So much so that the rhetoric is becoming deafening as we head towards Civil War. The coming economic collapse is obvious to anyone that looks and this will set off something I hesitate to mention its so scary.

      Politicians have used 2 clauses to gain more control than the Constitution ever intended. The Commerce Claus and the General Welfare Claus is why this War will be fought. Both Parties agree on this.

      The right wants control of your bedroom.
      The left wants control of every thing else and wants someone else to pay for it.
      The Tea Party wants Constitutionally bound economically sound Govt.

  20. King Ludd
    King Ludd09-03-2012

    Adam goes off again about how the government didn’t help build his podcast empire at all. His argument is, of course, severely undercut by the reality of putting out a show on the Internet, which was developed through government (military) research. The entire foundation of his ability to podcast in the first place was put in place by the government. Add to that the phone and power lines that his municipal government provides, and it turns out the Aceman is entirely dependent on the government for the infrastructure they provide. When Adam gets off the grid, gets some solar panels and windmills, and distributes the podcast without the internet, then he can claim his independence from the normal people he seems to despise. Ayn Rand would be proud of his self-over-community philosophy.

    • TonyMonterey

      So you are saying Adam Carolla pays less taxes than you do?

      • hJ

        A straw man in 12 words or less. Congratulations.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Move to Russia then you stinking COmmy freak… And take the rest of YOUR community with you. America is founded upon “INDIVIDUALISM”… You make me sick…

  21. steve

    yet another telling of the bad house he lived in and creepy 1970’s songs. how many times are we going to go over that material?

    i’m a big fan, but some new life needs to be injected into this podcast very quickly.

  22. Adam CM
    Adam CM09-03-2012

    It looks like its been covered, but I’m really losing respect for Adam with the absurdly uninformed anti-government propaganda he has been taking to spewing with increasing frequency. The irony in his insistence that our government has had no role in his success is palpable, as his “podcasting empire” that he built from scratch is entirely reliant upon the existence of the internet, which was the product of US government research and infrastructure development. He’s free to talk about whatever he wants, and I guess us “liberal retards” are free to stop listening, but we did start listening for a reason. The man is a genius at riffing if he has some news to jag about without falling back into the right wing rut, please more comedy and less “get the fuck off my lawn, keep your hands off my shit and stay out of my first class latrine”. Agree with it or not, its not funny, and I thought thats all that Adam cared about, is it funny or not?

    • Right Wing Nut
      Right Wing Nut09-03-2012

      OK Go away then

      • ChicagoCarrollaFan

        Do have both nuts or only your right nut?

    • liberalsRstupid

      Liberalism is a dangerous Mental Disorder. You wouldnt let a 2 year old run around with a loaded gun would you? Thats Modern Progressivism/Liberalism, 2 years old with guns and we are all targets….

  23. Scott

    I got enough pubes for the both of us….HAHA!

  24. Dan

    Well thanks all for letting me know about ace’s little right wing rant. I have not listened to this podcast in months because I got tired of listining to uneducated righty drivel. Saw Drew and thought oh man I gotta check this one out. Now I’ll pass. Ace I used to not care about your politics when you could still talk about them and be funny about it. But lately your not even doing that. I’ll go listen to Alisons and the Film Vault insead.

  25. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh09-03-2012

    Thank you for the frequent Dr. Drew episodes. Adam & Drew are just a great team.

  26. Adam CM
    Adam CM09-03-2012

    Start at 15 min in, damn good pod after the rant…

  27. DAG Nasty
    DAG Nasty09-03-2012

    To be fair to Gary Puckett (and the Union Gap), all of the songs you played were actually written by his producer, Jerry Fuller. He also wrote “Travelin’ Man” for Ricky Nelson” earlier in his career.

  28. Marc

    I think it’s cute that Ace thinks he’s in the 1% Rich category. After hearing the same thing on the main
    show, the house show and the special shows, He’s making different money for doing the same Routine.
    Over and Over.

  29. Andy

    Great show…excellent retort to the Obama Lefty nonsense.

  30. Brett

    Adam, I agree parents in the 70s thought they were enlightened hippies, which translated into bad parents. It’s a generational thing, that and combined with the ridiculously high divorce rates back then. On the plus side kids had more freedom and I am amazed how many near death experiences I had while growing up. Don’t be too hard on them. Forgive Adam, forgive.

  31. Larry_Love

    Here is another Pedo song for ya Adam.

    “Vehicle” Ides of March

    Hey well, I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan
    Won’t you hop inside my car
    I got pictures, got candy, I’m a lovable man
    And I can take you to the nearest star

    I’m your vehicle, baby
    I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go
    I’m your vehicle, woman
    But now I’m sure you know

    That I love ya
    (Love ya)
    I need ya
    (Need ya)
    I want ya
    Got to have you child
    Great God in Heaven you know I love you


  32. mitch

    . extended political rant… Now that’s why I always tune into Drew and Adam…. :\

    • liberalsRstupid

      When you move out of mommies garage and get a job perhaps you will understand why politics is so important.

  33. Tyler

    Adam and Drew, you guys should just have your own show! Love the comments about the government. It’s not even “right wing” its just FUCKIN RIGHT!

  34. Ran

    Keep it up Adam. Some people can’t recognize the truth when they hear it.

  35. Justim

    Wow, who knew so many government loving liberals would listen to a podcast based on something they hate, freedom from big brother

  36. idiotMan

    To be clear the internet would have developed on the backs of its inventors either way — read up about their move to get companies to support the infrastructure. Bell Labs anyone? Just because someone used money obtained from the government does not mean it wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Further the government did not use the internet in any way that mimics the way it is currently monetized (and employing people). If anything the scientists were interested in the message passing, the government in defense.

    Secondly lots of these items are in themselves not good. For example the ‘roads’. The road system is again done for defense reasons (not indicating its a bad reason, but where the governments mind is at and what investment actually pays off — defense spending evidently?). Its great we can use them but what about urban sprawl and all of those environmental issues it causes? We have roads, fine, but what would have happened if the government never built them?

    I think America would still be great because America is more than roads.

  37. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar09-03-2012

    I know you’re not listening but It’s all about context, you blinder wearing right wing fucktards. Now Adam and Drew have taken the president’s speech out of context (just like the dickheads at Fox news) and are trying to run with it.

    If you are going to go on a rant…please have the decency of basing it in reality (in this case, the entirety of a speech). No one is served by spreading misinformation. YOU have to live in this country as well.

    I’d like to see some gigantic fines levied by the FCC in every case involving the misleading of the public….including an apology for LYING at the beginning and end of every broadcast for a month. Then we’ll see how much bullshit is spewed, be it television, web, radio, or newspaper. There is a fucking responsibility to the populace when given the platform to address the masses. Or at least there should be.

    Drew, I am thoroughly disappointed in your participation in this nonsensical rant. Adam is a known dipshit. I held higher esteem for you.

    Seriously, Adam, you are losing me as a supporter of the pirate ship.

    Click through Amazon??? EAT A DICK!

    • pantherlax

      HA! Are you talking about the context where he said he is ‘struck’ by people who think their success is because they’re smart and worked hard. What a fucking statist you are. Jesus Christ, I want the FCC to fine and jail retarded commenters with whom I disagree with on Adam Carolla’s website.

      I’m sure Adam will adopt communism to appease you and so as not lose the precious precious amazon money you generate from buying Che t-shirts shipped to your mother’s basement bulkhead. Douchebag.

  38. ian

    …we made love in my Chevy (Drew: “Oh God.”) van and that’s alright with me.” Hilarious.

  39. Matt

    Love the show and totally agree with the rant – maybe it’s an age thing (55 here). I have a great deal of respect for Adam, Dr Drew their can do attitude. I would suggest that perhaps that is what’s in short supply in this country and the “You didn’t build that” comment just rubs certain folks wrong. If you care to beleive that the govenment is giver of all thing good, well you’re a lost cause. BTW, this is not a “Right Wing Rant”, it’s common sense – something a good many posters seemed to miss.

    On a different point – Adam and Drew should do more song dissections – sitll laughing my ass off – what a great show!

    • Juneness

      Right on Matt! I’m with you. Maybe it is an age thing, or one’s maturity or lack thereof what ever the age. There’s a lot of sensible young people as well as no-since clueless old dumb fucks. That’s for sure.

  40. RoyalDryness

    Come on Adam, you have to know how loans and banks work. They actually do work on merit to some extent. The fact that you have never missed a payment and a long history of never defaulting on loans is one of the largest criteria in determining whether a bank will loan you money, the interest rate they will charge you, etc. They also take into account your debt burden, your income and how you make it, the plan for the property, the probable increase or decrease in the value of the property over time. Even with you stellar history those other things combine to make you a risk, not a high one but a risk nonetheless. The bank wants to ensure they don’t get hosed so they want a sizable down payment. That’s not a reflection on your history, it’s more likely a reflection of the present. Maybe your debt to income ratio, combined with the uncertainty of how you make money (if you get into a car accident that renders you unable to perform the bank isn’t going to be getting any more payments) worries the bank. Maybe the property you are purchasing and your plan for it is of higher risk or may be difficult for the bank to sell if you default(I know you never have but that doesn’t mean you can’t). The desire for a 30% down payment is more about the bank covering their ass then about you.

  41. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin09-04-2012

    Turns out Gary Puckett didn’t even write the the songs in question. Typical of that era I guess.

  42. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-04-2012

    Neil Diamond got into the action too…

    “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon (1967)”

    Love you so much
    Can’t count all the ways
    I’d die for you girl
    And all they can say is
    “He’s not your kind”

    They never get tired
    Of puttin’ me down
    And I never know
    When I come around
    What I’m gonna find
    Don’t let them make up your mind

    Don’t you know
    Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
    Please, come take my hand
    Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
    Soon you’ll need a man

    I’ve been misunderstood
    For all of my life
    But what they’re sayin’,
    Girl, just cuts like a knife
    “The boy’s no good”

    Well, I finally found
    What I’ve been looking for
    But if they get the chance,
    They’ll end it for sure
    Sure they would
    Baby, I’ve done all I could

    It’s up to you
    Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
    Please, come take my hand
    Girl, you’ll be a woman soon
    Soon you’ll need a man
    Soon you’ll need a man…..

  43. About done with this podcast
    About done with this podcast09-04-2012

    Adam started the show complaining about paying for air conditioning. Can someone please explain how Adam Carolla is producing his own energy, because paying your electric bill is not you building a business.

  44. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    ENOUGH of the freakn’ political crap I don’t care if it’s right or left, it is a big stinking pile of boredom.

  45. Scott

    Jerry fuller wrote those songs for gary pucket and union gap according to wikipedia.

  46. Jorge

    More comedy, less misguided republican-talking point banter.

  47. clunk

    Every time Drew is on, his mic clunks all over the place. What in the world is doing to him microphone?

  48. Racerdubya

    As I am told as a parent regarding my kids watching the trash on network TV… “you have the power to turn it off or not watch to it.”

    You are big boys and girls, make the call for yourselves and let the rest of us enjoy the ramblings of the Ace Man.

  49. Terri

    Really Adam….Chevy Van is an absolute lovely song.

  50. Gman

    A poorly worded statement by Obama and now the government wants all the credit? I doubt that Adam has read the actual speech; and when he does, he would do his usual “Oh! this is what he was meaning to say.” Someone out there helped you. We all know it wasn’t your family, friends or teachers Adam; these people gave you the drive to be successful. I imagine that at some point you would have accomplished a certain amount of success. But; without the “HELP” of a certain “Jimmy the Sports Guy” and the other people you surrounded yourself with, your career would have been much different. That’s the help to which Obama was referring.

  51. Jason

    Couldn’t even get 3 minutes into this episode. Hard to believe it, but this show has reached a new low.

  52. Doug

    Made it 12:41 in, this show is assaulting the expired equine lately.

    You’re rich, you had terrible parents. You try and act like you don’t care, but there’s some serious resentment going on.

  53. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore09-04-2012

    The early internet was *payed* for by the taxpayers but the actual legwork was done by academics and private sector companies. To say the government created the internet is like saying Francesco del Giocondo created the Mona Lisa because he payed Leonardo da Vinci.

  54. Brett

    It’s getting to the point where I don’t listen to the bonus episode any more because it is so tired … whether you agree with him or not … just the same thing over and over and over again. Dr. Drew is so kiss ass that he offers nothing. Take some calls or something so you don’t do the same played out shit again.

  55. Idiot Retard
    Idiot Retard09-04-2012

    I enjoyed “Statutory Rape Rock” Vol 2 today.

  56. jc

    I doesn’t surprise me that Adam is a conservative, but Drew surprises me. They both fail to understand Obama’s point.

    If small business moved in when govt became less involved, I would also be a libertarian. That CLEARLY is not what happens when govt gets out of the way.

    Haven’t we learned anything from these past 20 yrs?

  57. Joe

    Who created the Internet and made it affordable to make podcast and free for all that want to access it.

  58. Andy90

    Every time I hear Dr Drew agreeing with Adam’s retarded political talking points, it makes me wonder how someone so allegedly intelligent knows nothing about economics or even, apparently, history. Adam we can excuse because of his upbringing, but did Drew learn nothing outside of medicine?

  59. jabez

    Embarrassing to hear Ace still rambling on about Obama’s comments–not that he shouldn’t have an opinion, but Ace is talking about a CLIP that he saw containing the remark. So he didn’t hear the entire thing, but instead is firing off comments based on partial information. For such a pragmatic and down-to-earth smart guy, that is really sloppy.

  60. Israel

    Sorry Adam, but the government created something that is essential for your “pirate ship” to sail, the internet. Funny that you forgot to bring it up.
    On another matter, no body is saying that it is impossible to be successful coming from nothing in this country. The fact is that it is getting incrementally more difficult to do it, that is way your story resonates. Your story is so exceptional because we all know how hard it is.
    Oh yeah, don’t forget to click through amazon pips. You know, the internet…

  61. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-05-2012

    Rant on, Adam, rant on. Obama’s comment may have been taken out of context and was clearly misspoken but it’s still offensive and belittling to people who get out there and make something of themselves. A government that demeans and belittles our accomplishments is just as debilitating to our success as a parent who demeans and belittles their child. 

    The mentality that ONLY the government can provide infrastructure or success is demeaning and debilitating to the citizens. I’m all for helping people out, and motivating people to succeed but I draw the line at dependancy.  We are creating a society of people devoid of ambition; dependant and disabled from cradle to grave. We need to stop expecting from the government, and start setting expectations for ourselves. Adam says it all the time-you take care of you.

  62. Lisa

    He’ s not right wing. Or left wing for that matter. Do we have to be one or the other? We all have to fit into this box or that box? The reality is most people like a little from the left and a little from the right. I know I do, I don’t identify with either one because I don’t appreciate being pigeon-holed or having to label myself. It goes right along with the two party system. Flawed. His beliefs are his beliefs, not right wing or left wing. And if you don’t like what he has to say, stop listening. Duh.

  63. JPat

    Gary Puckett grew up in Yakima. Figures.

  64. Alan

    Is Adam actually trying to say that the government is determining what down payments people have to put down on real estate? Is it possible that Adam’s not as rich as he thinks he is and maybe is a bigger risk than the bank wants to take? The whole rant about preferential treatment is hysterical when he’s the one who complains all the time about people feeling too “entitled”. Adam is so busy calling people narcissists lately, I think he needs to crack open a psychology book and and read the chapter and he might realize he’s the narcissist. Oh, that’s right, he can’t read.

  65. dumperdilly

    taxes are socialism, so don’t pay those. the police and army that protect your ass are from socialization. public roads, your stupid ass public school you couldn’t get good grades in, socialism. We’re not communists, marxists, etc. This is America, we’re Americans. you don’t like the socialism USA has, move to a 3rd world country where you don’t have to worry about it. asshats

  66. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson09-06-2012

    Dr. Bruce clearly don’t know what a pedophile is. A 14 year old girl/boy would be of no interest to a pedo whatsoever.

  67. Heather

    Adam is at his best with Drew.

  68. Lymon DYKE
    Lymon DYKE09-06-2012

    does he just keep a bank of these drew shows in a holster
    this one seems a little dated

  69. StaceyfromAZ

    If everyone would consider themselves (and think for themselves) as “Independents”, instead of sticking to party lines, we may be able to make better judgments regarding all issues. Perhaps if we actually hear the issues, ideas, etc. instead of becoming defensive, we may make better decisions along the lines of common sense.

    I have never thought that Adam takes “a side”. He speaks of his various opinions! If you agree, fine. If not, listen for the interviews, or find someone else to entertain you….

  70. schizuki

    There’s about a million comedians out there who hammer liberal tropes out all day long. Perhaps you’d be happier listening to them.

    BTW, Adam’s not a right-winger. He’s a libertarian.

  71. Tacoma Vinnie
    Tacoma Vinnie09-08-2012

    I love Adam but he has such a limited understanding of politics and just comes off as ignorant when he attempts to comment on it. Dr. Drew just chimes in. It’s pathetic. And within minutes, he’ll contradict himself. Every time! Stick to comedy buddy. It’s what you know and what you’re good at.

  72. Tacoma Vinnie
    Tacoma Vinnie09-08-2012

    The speech that Obama made;
    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

    He said, “If you’ve got a business- you didn’t build that” Referring to the roads and bridges.
    I know getting invited onto Bill O’Reilly and Glen beck is good for your ratings but come on, be honest.

    BTW, I bet Adam didn’t pay even close to 20% in taxes last year. I bet he didn’t pay 10% so stop bitchen. He’s rich. He pays next to nothing int taxes. He should enjoy it.

  73. NapaWineGuy

    Cheers !

  74. Jonathan

    I agree with Adam’s ethic of hard work and not blaming others for your problems. But I don’t like the rage-filled political rants. They lack nuance and aren’t very insightful. It’s like tacking 20 min of Rush LImbaugh onto an otherwise funny comedy show. It just isn’t his best work. The only thing I can hope for is after Obama’s re-election, Adam will stop paying attention and I can enjoy the podcast again.

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