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The show opens with Adam joking around about Springsteen singing about hard working people who don’t have jobs. He talks with Dr. Drew about how hardworking people will always be able to get jobs, and Dr. Drew talks about the groups he’s seen struggle. Alison then asks Dr. Drew to comment on the bath salts that affected the Florida face-eater and whether or not being crazy can bring out your inner asshole.

Later, the guys talk about David Alan Grier’s various performances on Broadway, and Adam recalls some stereotypes he saw brought to life in the audience. The guys also talk about the benefits of college, and chat with a couple of callers for relationship advice. As the show wraps up, Alison talks about being lied to about her religion growing up, and Adam talks with another staffer about discovering his biological father at age 14.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. bob

    great audiobook aceman, i could listen to your nasally drone for days. good choice on the book cover too. when did the curly fro gene kick in?

  2. Andrew

    It’s “mispronunciation”, not “mispronounciation”, aceman. 😉

    • mnoswad1

      yep…was waiting for someone to call him out on that, esp. considering he was talking about a person not knowing how to use proper english.

      Adam’s foot in mouth disease is getting worse, but its funnier that way….except when he drones on about smart people who are out of work. Generalities do apply to those situations, maybe we land on out feet, or maybe we take ourselves out because we can no longer live up to our own expectations.

    • KnumbKnuts

      Some grammar nazis are a little Klinky.

  3. unicorn jones
    unicorn jones06-13-2012

    Dr. Drew has a passionate, passionate cock

  4. Halo909

    We finally found a picture that Dr. Drew does not look good in. It was a challenge but it’s finally been done.

  5. John

    I know Dave Dameshek isn’t on this episode, but if I don’t write this now I’ll forget.

    I would submit that Dave should be part of every episode, even if they have to resort to Robot Dave as a substitute for the times he can’t be here.

    – Aaaaah! Diamond earrings!
    – Shut up and F my a-hole.
    – The time when Kimmel did a spot on impersonation of Dave’s voice.

    And many more.

    Oh, and next time Dave comes in, he should do his impersonation of Brusca. I’M HILARIOUS CAROLLA, I NEED MORE MIC TIME. Poor Brusca. He was my second favorite non-Adam person on the KLSX show after Dave.

    Rags on sticks, everybody.

    • oh jeez
      oh jeez06-14-2012

      Dave sucks.

    • MostlyTorso

      I’d love to see Dave on more, but only if he can speak about something other than sports. He’s got a classic sportscaster / commentator voice for sports (not to mention history and experience), but the ONLY time I ever tune out is when they all start talking sports. It’d be great if they had Dave on often to discuss news, etc.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-15-2012

      Dameshek gets old real fast.

    • Mrlivonia

      Agree! Dave Dameshek is the greatest. If not on the show he needs his own show. He kept me interested the entire time while on Allison’s show. He is one of the best I’ve herd on the Pod cast!

  6. DtDan

    Scathing opening comment there, Aceman. Hit a little too close to home. Our construction company folded. I have been applying to places incessantly for a long time now with no job yet to show for it. I have been busting my ass, pounding the pavement looking for work, with a lot of good references and job experience and I still can’t find shit. That being said, I haven’t given up yet. I am sure I will land something eventually, but goddamn it is really tough out there. Meanwhile I am going broke taking night classes to get more education in the hopes of it helping me out in the long run, but it is pretty discouraging, at least in the job market that I am trying to work in.
    Fuck man, on really tough days I line up outside Home Depot and compete with the day laborers for work, cause I ain’t too proud to earn an honest buck just cause I am a white guy and its ‘beaner’ work. It’s more honest than taking money from the Gov’t (ie other American taxpayers.) Anyone here hiring in Santa Cruz?

    • lANCE

      You sir, are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, keep your head up, he is not talking about you.

    • Back sack& Ass crack
      Back sack& Ass crack06-14-2012

      DtDan,get your ass up here to North Dakota,or stop complaining..

      • DtDan

        Would if I could, buddy, but my both my fiance’s family and my family are all here in the bay area and that is more important than anything else in my book. Besides, I would rather be broke in 72 degrees than broke in -10, or -20 or whatever. I lived in Alaska long enough to know that I don’t feel like freezing again.

        • sockpuppet

          uh yeah it isn’t that cold in ND–I live in MT and it’s in the 60s and 70s right now. It hardly even snowed this winter. Global warming. BUT even though jobs in ND are easy to come by and pay a shite load of cash, you have to work pretty much 24-7, and guys are paying 800 bucks to rent a ROOM inside of a TRAILER. Ain’t worth it if you have family because you can’t bring them with you.

        • An Onny
          An Onny06-27-2012

          See, that’s the thing. You have to go where the jobs are, not whine that you can’t get a job where you happen to want to live. With all the connectivity these days it’s easier than ever to live away from your family for awhile. Men have been doing it for years, from the gold rush days to going off to fight in wars.

  7. DtDan

    Scathing opening comment there, Aceman. Hit a little too close to home. Our construction company folded. I have been applying to places incessantly for a long time now with no job yet to show for it. I have been busting my ass, pounding the pavement looking for work, with a lot of good references and job experience and I still can’t find shit. That being said, I haven’t given up yet. I am sure I will land something eventually, but goddamn it is really tough out there. Meanwhile I am going broke taking night classes to get more education in the hopes of it helping me out in the long run, but it is pretty discouraging, at least in the job market that I am trying to work in.
    Fuck man, on really tough days I line up outside Home Depot and compete with the day laborers for work, cause I ain’t too proud to earn an honest buck just cause I am a white guy and its ‘beaner’ work. It’s more honest than taking money from the Gov’t (ie other American taxpayers.) Anyone here hiring in Santa Cruz?

    • Joe

      Cool story, bro

    • steve

      Move to Detroit they are about to build another bridge to Canada.

    • Bill

      Adam Carolla, champion of the hardworking 1 percent. Someone has to do it.

  8. DtDan

    Oops, don’t know why that double entered.

  9. Katie


    this one is for Teresa!


    • hudabelle

      That has a Joe Dirt feel?! Maybe it’s the very long mullet.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-15-2012

      Katie, for a chick, you got a nice set of balls.

  10. Sue McCallister
    Sue McCallister06-14-2012

    Speaking of correcting grammar, Alison, Bald Brian, PLEASE correct Adam when he says, “has went” instead of “has gone.” He says that fairly regularly.

    • tlewis

      Thank you for pointing that out Sue!!!!!!!!!

  11. Takeda

    Dag and I went there, not Dag and me…

  12. Mike

    Adam you’re a dick who rode and rides on kimmel’s coat tails!
    You’re not funny or talented And you’ll never be jimmy

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian06-14-2012

      But yet mike will continue to listen and post shit Adam will never ever read. You have to be an idiot to go out of your way to listen to a podcast you dont like.

  13. Dirty

    Alison, bless your little Inuit heart! I loved your pointing out Adams inconsistency regarding assumed guilt and his refusal to get fingerprinted. I’ve always suspected that he pulled some petty theft or something along those lines during his poor years and is worried that his prints are linked to a cold-case involving missing tools froma work site. That’s where my brain went whenever the topic arose, his logic seemed like a smoke and mirror defense in that matter.
    Good stuff, A-Rose.

    • Hegro

      No doubt. People like him definitely steal from the worksite because they are self righteous and think they can justify it. Absolute certainty that he was a thief.

    • Ken

      Hate it when one’s philosophies are turned around and used against you.

      I wonder what Adam’s stance was on submitting to Urine tests at construction sites.

      I loved Dr. Drew’s non nonchalant comment about his profession requiring so many back ground checks that he couldn’t be concerned or even count the number of times he has had to submit to background checks.

  14. cripkey

    After reading the summary, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this whole podcast before.

    • Logic.

      WHAAAAT? Carolla repeating himself over and over? No way!

  15. James Roges
    James Roges06-14-2012

    Book was sitting at my house when I got home last night!

  16. Huck

    Are those baby onezies hanging from the ceiling? WTF.

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day06-14-2012

      I think they’re race driver suits.

  17. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-14-2012

    Jesus Christ…I almost did a spit take when Drew said “in spades.”

  18. angrybadger

    Yes! Alison called Adam out on the fingerprinting……Adam loves to over-generalize and it back-fired this time…

  19. setlasmon

    I came really close to Googling ‘peri-anal carbunkle’ but decided that would be a very bad idea.

  20. James

    Adam goes on a rant about people not correcting poor grammar and then proceeds to say “pronunciation” like the word “pronounce” and nobody corrected him… Probably because it wasn’t the time or place – just like I don’t think an NPR interview would go smoothly if they corrected people every two seconds.

    • REB

      Semmetry…thurs (theirs)

      Greg Fitzsimmons says “melk”

  21. Devon

    What happened to Donny?

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-14-2012

      What’s with all this interest in Donny lately? “He’s Gone and There’s Nothin We Can Do About It!”

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-15-2012

        “Go home and get your f***ing shine box.”

  22. Jo

    HA! loved the story of Drew being concerned for the hookers

    • Yak

      Oh brother, I’ve heard that story 5 times over the past decade. You should download the old Loveline episodes. Adam has told most of these stories multiple times over the years. Plus, Loveline is 10x funnier than this podcast. Adam on Loveline was like Letterman on NBC, fresh and very funny. Now they both phone it in.

  23. Chris

    Germany has much higher individual tax rates than we do and a great economy. Germany has Universal Health Care and Germans consider it to be a competitive advantage. They can’t understand why our super religious people are so against it. I remember Adam and Drew being against Universal Health Care and we all know how Adam feels about taxes. Just sayin…

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-14-2012

      I think it’s funny that you capitalize “Universal Health Care” as if it’s a proper noun or a specific concept. It’s some vagary and putting in caps doesn’t make it A Good Thing. The logical relationship between the totality of an economy being “good” and the level of health care is nonexistent. There are lots of factors with anything…just sayin… And I’m sure all Germans are totally happy with Germany because I have never ever heard of a German person emigrating to United States, or people leaving any of these countries that people say do things better than the US.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-15-2012

      Germans are not known to love liberty. They can keep their “competetive advantage,” and you’re free to emigrate to enjoy it. Just sayin…

  24. Tom

    Great episode!

  25. Aaron

    The problem you seem to be forgetting Adam is that the average person…is average. You’re bringing up examples of guys you’re literally refer to as geniuses who spent time out of work. The average person isn’t a genius. And when a business goes under or an industry crashes to the ground or companies don’t have enough growth to hire more people, people stay unemployed. Yeah Adam, there are plenty of losers who are lazy and milk the system, but be careful lumping literally millions of people into the same group because there are a shit ton of capable people who are unemployed right now because the market/economy suck. If everyone you know can bring up an example of one or two people who are perfectly capable, if not exceptional, that have spent time unemployed, it adds up.

    • Ken

      Well said.

      The rules have changed and everyone must adapt and get creative. The old Adam rant that the cream will rise to the top and will be employed holds only so much water in a world wide recession.

      • Nik Weinstein
        Nik Weinstein06-15-2012

        You haven’t changed. Still focusing on the negative. More like world-wide bitching and moaning. There’s no such things as the economy, just a bunch of negative people who don’t have faith. If we all woke up tomorrow and forgot their was a recession, THERE WOULDN’T BE. So quite your damn bitching and blaming the economy for everything. It’s just pure, useless negativity that will only aid in whatever stagnation you’re feel you’re experiencing.

    • REB

      Like lots of people who make money after growing up without it, he’s becoming a one-note jukebox that sings his own praises and believes he knows precisely the qualities of the successful from the failures, the only two kinds of people that there are.

  26. Ace in the Hole
    Ace in the Hole06-14-2012

    Great comment by Alison. Someone needs to call Adam out once in awhile. I hope this isn’t your last podcast.

    Love me some Adam, but I think he could use a couple shots of humility.

  27. Brett

    Usually when ACE says “well now it is time for me to say something that make people think I’m a dick” I usually do end up feeling that he is talking like a blowhard dick and it makes me wince. I don’t think he realizes how limited his experience is. With ACE it is always “if you are having problems – then it is your fault”. ACE – please before you decide to indulge this well boiled rant ask yourself “will this be funny or will this be interesting to your fans” then learn to keep this shit to yourself.

    • Brandoneus

      I find it amusing and for the most part true

    • Logic.

      Totally agree with you, Brett. When Adam talks about what he knows (construction, being an 18 year old jerkoff, etc…) he’s hilarious. When he talks about shit of which he has no knowledge of (economics, global politics, anything outside the San Fernando Valley), he quickly shows his ignorance.

  28. MD

    Thanks ACE for reminding me why I am an unemployed loser. Apparently I had a fake job in a fake economy where my only qualification was as a “warm body”. I just wish I had received this enchanting advice three years ago when I lost my job. I look forward to buying your book someday when I’m employed or receive another government handout. I just want to keep your PIRATE SHIP sailing while mine is sinking.

    • Listener

      Sometimes, this level of bitterness is all that holds someone back. Just saying — the bitterness and resentment in your comment is the one big thing I’ve seen holding back otherwise smart and capable friends of mine from a life of gainful employment. That and they have socialist political ideas which make them feel on a deep, emotional level that they shouldn’t have to sell themselves or take an entry-level job.

      • Really?


      • sockpuppet

        really, listener? Yeah, that would have applied 10 years ago when the economy was good—people who didn’t have jobs usually were self-destructive. That world is gone. We’re in a depression, in case you haven’t noticed. Hard working reliable responsible people can’t get a job when 100 other guys are applying for the same shitty minimum wage job.

  29. rambling man
    rambling man06-14-2012

    anybody has a link to that Wendy Williams appearance? she ripped into him in her after show, so he must’ve been great!

  30. paddym

    Great to hear Drew call Adam out on his bullshit. “the righteous have nothing to fear”. unless you’re Adam, in which case the government is fucking with you.

  31. stnuntrnd

    Is this episode the record for number of live read commercials?
    Hope Alison and Drew were eventually able to get a clear explanation from Adam
    about the brother-in-law relation.

  32. Juiceman4020

    I’m also excited to hear about how I’m clearly lazy and lack smarts because, despite working in construction and working-class jobs for FAR LONGER THAN ADAM EVER DID I started in radio about 10 years later than him (when it was beginning to downsize itself out of existence). Unlike Adam, I became a sparring partner in a gym where no such celebrities or yuppies ever entered for ‘boxing lessons’. Those are for comfy fun clubs I guess?
    And I know Adam is right about this because, once again, he went over the several instances where he guessed something right in life AND take the time to walk us through the perfect almost ‘spark of god’ ownage his mind goes through in these world-beater ‘correct opinions’ about something.
    I mean, last week I just supposed the boss was going to lay off the maintenance guy Boris since a contract was terminated. And Boris is notoriously a dick to people. And Jim is good friends with the boss.
    So listen people.. let me go over how perfectly my mind was able to predict this. (for me its easy) and how I connected each dot, how I JUST KNEW IT would happen, why others didn’t see this and yet its so simple and why my special insights give me this power to actually.. its like I’m a genius or something.. like a mind-reader or a ‘little god’ able to know even more about my boss than he does harharrrrrrr!
    Please email me and I will put together a 30 minute MP3 lesson on the 2 other things I predicted and was right about last week. Including all the brilliant steps my special mind does and how really you ought to do them too if only you got off your lazy ass and used your brain.
    *includes bonus track about how I said Tammy WOULD leave Dave eventually and about how someone else said “no, i doubt it” but I was RIGHT AS USUAL. I give you a bonus 20 minutes breaking down my obviously superior thinking process behind my correct separation prediction.

  33. motoman

    Aceman, speaking of c.sheen you need to get him on the podcast and have a battle between hollywoods to biggest non conforming, not give a shiters that are willing to tell everyone where to stick it! would be awesome. Dr drew in the hizzzzy is always awesome aswell. Good work guys

  34. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis06-14-2012

    About the grammatical erosion, David Foster Wallace wrote a great essay called Authority and American Usage, compiled in his book Consider the Lobster, concerning this same issue that Adam raised.

  35. Brandoneus

    Donny “The Wheaze” and The Aceman have parted ways, unfortunate, I know.

    For all you douche nozzles who think Adam mispronouncing “pronunciation” and the large majority of people of color saying AXE instead of ASK, and they instead of their etc. is not on the same level. I once had a high school teacher who would always correct the black kids bussed in from the inner city. I found it hilarious every time.

    As for Drew’s comments about college teaching him and others to think is insane. I am a third year college student and think just as analytically as I did in high school.

  36. paddym

    also , second podcast recently where adam cant shut the fuck up when someone else is talking. would have been nice for Chris and Alison to get their points across without a bunch of idiotic banter. shut the fuck up once in a while and let someone else talk once in a while.

  37. Blimey

    Adam’s comments about how americans need to quit whining and work harder are largely correct, but its funny how the conversation showed his incredible ignorance. Germany was put up as a model, but Germany has a massive welfare system. They have universal health care. They have basically free education. The average number of hours worked in Germany is significantly less than in the US. In 2008 Germans worked 1432 hours per year, americans 1792 hours (according to an OECD study). Germans get paid maternity leave. They have strong unions that make it difficult to fire people. Germans are lazy bums by american standards. Of course Adam and Dr. Drew wouldn’t know this because they never want to be troubled with facts.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running06-15-2012

      Germany is also not crippled by multiculturalism and the multiple cultures that necessarily go along with it, although they’re beginning to have serious problems with their Turkish laborers.

      I ignore whatever Adam says about America because there is no America: there are, rather, various groups with wildly different abilities. These groups tend to self-segregate. Give a neighborhood to Group A, it flourishes. Give the same neighborhood to Groub B, it becomes a slum. It’s grossly unfair to talk about how lazy Americans are when a significant fraction of the population is dragging the mean down.

    • pandera

      Thank you! I was screaming the same thing like a crazy person when those two overpaid blowhards were holding up Germany as an example – I wish we had an economic system more like germany’s but rest assured if any politician proposed anything close to it, they would both be sputtering about socialism and their horribly high taxes. Stick to what you know Adam and Drew – you sound like idiots when you talk about politics…

  38. Brem

    Rainbows Rainbows!

  39. DaverJ

    Why no pics for this episode synopsis? I was curious about the KROQ pic they were describing.

  40. SL

    This is a message for John with the biological dad question. I was in a similar situation, and I made a kind of a holiday celebrating the day I adopted my daughter. Every year on the anniversary of the adoption we would go out and do something special, just the two of us. We would call it our adoption day. That way she grew into it and always had a built in opportunity to talk about it if she had any questions. It took out the guess work on when to tell her.

  41. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian06-14-2012

    Dr Drew in the hizzaaae!

  42. goatfucker

    ace & dr. drew never get old, great combo as always.
    funny show

  43. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper06-14-2012

    No soap? No shampoo? So THAT’s what that stench is…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-19-2012

      Adam is a mouth breather. He can’t smell himself.

  44. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies06-14-2012

    It’s incredible the amount of things Adam got wrong in this podcast haha. Keep the ignorant, hypocrite train on rolling.

  45. Mike

    Dtdan try looking getting work from one of your fellow Clansmen! Racist Prick

  46. TS

    Been listening to Carolla in some form or another for a dozen years. I’ve heard every episode of this podcast, with one or two exceptions.

    This is literally the best episode of the podcast I’ve ever heard. I appreciate the depth of the conversation, which was always the best thing about Loveline. (Speaking of which, while the current version of Loveline is more poppy, Mike Catherwood is a great cohost, and should be on the podcast sometime).

    With regards to Carolla’s opening comments regarding unemployment, he is mostly correct, and he is preaching a kind of empowerment (even if circumstances are poor, you can change things), but he is destined to be misunderstood, as opposed to simply not agreed with. (I haven’t yet read the other comments, but judging by their length I am correct).

    Cheers, and keep up the good work,

  47. Lor

    So funny that Drew and Alison would not let Adam interrupt them! Hahah… that doesn’t happen often but it was fun to hear Adam try like 6 times to cut in… 🙂

  48. Whatthewhat

    Geez ACE, how about NOT taking a commercial? Turning into old Stern…not in a good way

  49. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch06-14-2012

    It appears that Dr. Drew has morphed into Ed Grimley

  50. Ken

    Good show.

    Your philosophy that the “Best” are always hired over the less qualified is not always true. It makes for a good feel good philosophy. Your philosophy about working hard is not a bad philosophy – but is not a solution to all market forces.

    Unemployment driven by “Market Forces” makes no distinction on “Talent” – It is a numbers game.

    Your industry proved this when the advertising dollars dried up on your radio gig. Everyone, including you was axed. You had a contract – your coworkers who were salary/hourly were not given a heads up about the upcoming Layoff. It did not matter how hard your coworkers who were planning the annual radio shticks worked – because the radio job was going to be cancelled by the money guys. You were given a heads up and your contract was paid off which allowed you to seed your company.

    According to your philosophy – another radio station should have picked you up – since your talent is what it is – but this did not happen.

    Thanks for investing in your podcast – Self employment is a great solution to your unemployment situation

    I hope you post this – as it makes for great conversation.

    Keep up the Good Work.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-15-2012

      According to his philosophy, he took responsibility and made things happen. If you think you are the best and you are not being hired, there is something you’re not doing to stand out from the best and so therefore you are NOT the best. Why is there nothing but people bitching lately in the comments. I feel sorry for people who listen to the show who don’t feel anything but uplifted by listening.

  51. Jim

    Sorry guys but the photo above of Ace and Drew looks like the Lance Bass coming out photo on People. #notitleneeded Get it on! Thanks for another great show!

  52. james

    Adam epically called out on his own bullshit in real time, LOL!. Thank you Alison:)

  53. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse06-14-2012

    Great show. loven dr. drew. thanks ace and crew.

  54. Hey Man
    Hey Man06-14-2012

    Adam dress like a poor guy

  55. Pumpkin Bits
    Pumpkin Bits06-14-2012

    The problem with Adam is that he was a loser for ten years who got LUCKY and broke out of it. He refuses to realize it was luck and that he’d have pulled through without the luck of meeting Jimmy, who he didn’t even want to meet. It is just odd. He has admitted he failed for years and planned to give up within another year, but refuses to admit he got lucky in meeting with Jimmy. I wish he’d realize that Jimmy was his entrance into fame and Dr. Drew is the reason he has a living today. I like Adam, but his rants about how anyone who isn’t employed/making a good living is just lazy and bad at what they do just come across as a retarded millionaire making ridiculous statements.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-15-2012

      So just go away and stop littering this place with comments. Holy crap. At least he gets paid to bitch. Do you get joy out of listening to things you don’t like and then felling compelled to bitch about them just to add more misery to whole the affair?

      • reb

        I often get a certain kind of joy out of listing to/watching things I don’t enjoy. And particularly when others have, for instance, seen the same bad movie, there is a lot of enjoyment that can come from joking about it.

  56. T-bone

    Gee….what a big surprise… Adam only cares about Adam. I started listening to him because I liked his views on religion, but after awhile you get tired of hearing the same old remicrowaved shit from him. Let me tell you, Adam only cares about you so long as you are lining his pockets by buying his rewarmed books or patronizing his sponsors (which benefits him of course) . Don’t you people listen, Adam doesn’t even care for you “fans” who he calls idiots and worse. He rants about those of you who want him to stay after and take a picture after his shows, even after paying $35 to hear the same old shit you can get here for free. Ironically, the only reason he has enjoyed some limited success is because he has a big mouth and seems to love lissing people off even when it makes no sense.. unfortunately in Hollywood… that doesn’t get you very far.. I’m out!

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein06-15-2012

      People who are his fans are people who share this sensibilities. He thinks people are stupid that he thinks are stupid. Logically, a person who liked Adam and coherently practiced the same kind of thought processes as Adam…Adam is definitely fans of this type of people. Adam is so angry that there are so few awesome people in the world, like him. And he doesn’t want you as a fan because you’re not awesome. I say this as someone who consistently finds Adam’s viewpoints to be dead on so I don’t understand the people here who think they are making some kind of revelation by saying Adam is self-absorbed or some other general insult that doesn’t actually sound like a bad thing. 🙂

      • Just sayin
        Just sayin06-16-2012

        Adam’s views are ‘dead on’ like a surgeon using a chainsaw or a sniper using a shotgun. Yes, he’s right but it the same as me saying the world is full of good people and bad people. Just about everthing is true to some degree. Adding detail to a generalization doesn’t necessarily make it that much less general. It actually should make it less general, but he somehow manages to do just the opposite.

        ‘If life is sucking then it’s your fault’ is similar but quite different from ‘It’s your responsibility to keep your life from sucking’. They both place the action at the individuals’ feet but they don’t both make presumptions about the individuals’ efforts.

        There are fans who love Adam, are struggling but don’t want to feel like shit because of things he says. Go figure.

  57. SteveP

    How do you not know if you’re Jewish. Unless you’re mentally damaged, how do you not know what you believe.

  58. Kevin

    It’s like Adam goes out of his way to be a racist misogynistic dickhead these days.

  59. Silent Running
    Silent Running06-15-2012

    Hey Aceman, I joined the Army in 02 because I didn’t believe in going five-figures into debt for a piece of paper that is essentially worthless. It was the smartest decision I ever made. Got out in 04 and put the money saved into training for a certification.

    Remind me, where did you get your fucking degree from again? 🙂

  60. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett06-15-2012

    I complain. I complain. But this show is still one funny motherfucker. Every day . And it’s free. Love it.

  61. AdamFan

    SO sick of the whiners complaining about being out of work. Carolla is correct (as usual). Make better career choices and if you can’t get a job, start your own business. Chances are if you can’t find a job you truly are useless. Instead of complaining about the economy, figure out a way to make money in it. That is possible for the comptetent and intelligent.

  62. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town06-15-2012

    HAHA, anybody catch Alison’s joke about the Piano and Kazoo…you play the simmularly.. get it?? with fingure and a mouth!!
    GET IT ON!!! +_+

  63. Lawn Cherry Tuna
    Lawn Cherry Tuna06-15-2012

    Y’know how Adam sez: ‘Hot chicks don’t gotta learn math cuz they got the goods to get by without it’ ? Well, Adam is the comedy version of that. He’s got the funny so he don’t gotta be accurate or compassionate. When Chef Carolla (why does spell check mark this as wrong?) serves up a big bowl of FU it’s because he CAN, and the fish will still bite. It can’t be denied, but you don’t gotta keep eating it. If you do, try to keep a large grain of salt nearby. There is a point at which you are just being a masochist. On the other hand some of the other listener s are getting erections watching your nose wrinkle with every bite. Your comments here are proof enough.

    Today’s Menu
    Adam’s Comedy Cock fish of Truth: He serves it unscaled and rubbed dry with a dry rub of yeast and iron filings. Mmmmm! Take that you lazy bastards.

  64. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett06-15-2012

    Maybe Doctor Drew can explain hysteria in his next appearance.

  65. RoyalDryness

    Aceman, please understand why who ever is working around kids or volunteering with kids needs to be fingerprinted. It’s not for the 1 or 2 hours a week that you are on a field in full view of 20 other people, it’s for the fact that a predator will find a way to get at those kids when there isn’t anyone looking. You have two children, would you be comfortable if one of the other coaches was a sex offender? Of course you wouldn’t because you know that person would be looking for an opportunity. You know you don’t molest kids but even though you are a celebrity they don’t know that you don’t so just be a big boy and get it done instead of taking your retard stand. Drew was right, what are you afraid of? Is there something in your past that you don’t want out there or are afraid of being connected to?

  66. ross

    MORE on Kevin Smith? Now that’s great pod… #sarcasm

  67. Ian Capilouto
    Ian Capilouto06-15-2012


    Being the best doesn’t always ensure that you will keep your job.

  68. Ryan

    Unrelated to this episode, have noticed something about the Origin of Matt The Porcelain Punisher. I remember the episode where the nickname was created, Adam was talking about airport bathrooms and the divider height variability. He mentioned how Matt apparently has a really intense urine stream and that he pissed like he was waging war on the urinal- hence the Porcelain Punisher. In Bald Bryan’s chosen drop for anytime Matt is mentioned, he uses a toilet flush drop. Dunno if he could get it cleared, but Adam Sandler had an album with a sketch called The Longest Pee with multiple piss audio clips which would be more true to the intent of the nickname than the toilet flush which implies to me he’s always shitting. Likely I’ve thought about this way too much…

  69. :( :( :(
    :( :( :(06-15-2012

    Fast forward through the first 15 minutes. I DISAGREE wholeheartely.

    Adam knows sh%* about anything that isn’t reality to the people he knows. I, sir, am sick of hearing Adam’s rants about how if you’re suffering, you’re lazy, retarded or too coddled. He doesn’t know jack about real life today. The world is NOT the same as in the 80’s. Lots of smart, hardworking people are out of work or underemployed. People get tossed out because they can be replaced by cheaper less competent people every day ….. “it’s just business.” I hope no one is taking that crap to heart. Ace, you’re building up a lot of bad karma by overgeneralizing, putting people down & blaming them for this horrible situation that is affecting the entire country, the whole global economy.

    LESS throwing stones, MORE comedy please.

  70. Dean

    I agree with most of Adam’s rants, but he can be such a dick! Just because things are going well for him, he thinks everyone who is out of work has a problem of some sort. I can’t believe I used to listen to this show every day!

  71. marco

    LOL at Alison calling the Aceman out on his B.S. “Oh I’m a master at figuring out people’s motivation – I knew Kevin Smith wanted to do a show with his podcast co-star” yeah Ace, except for the part where you never mentioned that through the whole brouhaha. And how come you can’t figure out that the Little League’s insurance policy probably requires them to screen all the coaches?

  72. Clint

    Good job Alison, way keep this hypocrite in line!!

  73. Gottagetiton

    Think Drew was right with his defintition of “speak easy” A place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks, as during Prohibition in the United States…… Anyway, the Dr. is always a great episode…

  74. Slimjim

    About the Jewish topic…
    I may be mistaken, but isn’t Jewish a religion and not a nationality.?
    I do not recall a country called Jew. I can see someone being Hebrew, or Israeli.
    This has confused me my whole life.

    • kathy


  75. Dean

    Good luck Bald Brian and Alison, but I’m going to take Adam’s advice and work harder at finding a job. I just unsubscribed because this is just a wasta’ my time. Way too repetitive. Also, the bigger the audience, the more Adam tries to be funny, but he is actually less funny and insightful. I’m not the first to notice this, but Adam is a narcissist. He insists that everyone pronounces it “P-Izadora”, instead of considered that maybe it was him who was hearing it wrong the whole time?

  76. George

    GREAT episode! Dr Drew calling out Allison on still blaming her parents for lying to her as a kid was EPIC! That, and following it up with “just sayin..” LOL. I love you Allison, but, that was pretty on. Allison calling out Ace on his stance against getting tested for his kids little league was awesome too. Been nice having you girl ; ) Love your sharp sense of humor.

    • An Onny
      An Onny06-27-2012

      Yeah, and how did they “lie” to her anyway, by telling her they weren’t Jewish? Did they go to the temple or have bar mitzvahs? No? Guess they were not huge believers in Judaism then!

  77. Dave

    Good episode. I like how Drew plugged Skype on smartphones, being Go2Meeting’s biggest competition.

  78. Glen

    Adam: men are kazoos and women are pianos.
    Alison: you play them similarly.
    Congratulations Alison! You’ve earned your stripes! Best quip of the year !!!

  79. Weldy Chain.
    Weldy Chain.06-16-2012

    I kept listening, and trying to keep an open mind about all the right wing ranting; Adam was sadly to say a role model in my life, and I far from think I’m infallible, but he’s noticeably full of shit. The kind of judgments he’s been making are enough to make anyone rational realize how completely arrogant, and delusional he is. I’m not saying that in an argumentative way as I don’t assume I’m qualified to make such sweeping generalizations, which is exactly why I wouldn’t make them. And exactly why I know he is in fact full of shit. People with half a brain don’t say such nonsense. Especially not people like Adam, who is so obviously uninformed on every topic he brings up. And as long as I’m nay saying Adam(which he’s known for responding to well, and with maturity), how many tough guys do you know who feel the need to call themselves tough, tell stories to make them appear tough, and feel the need to do it all day, every day, on air(podcast)? Here’s an idea, if you have any integrity or grit inside you, have someone qualified on with you discuss the political issues you’ve decided to adopt without any actual knowledge. I mean this with as much humility, and sincerity possible, you’ve lost your shit man.

    • pandera

      Agreed. Adam is a charismatic and funny guy – who wouldn’t want to hang out and drink a few beers with him? It’s the base of his appeal – but his politics turn him into a douche. He creates strawmen and then condemns them like most of his conservative brethren. Dennis Prager anyone? It takes actual effort to understand complicated issues, they’re always grey. He condemns laziness but can’t motivate himself to learn about the actual human cost of things like drone strikes and the real reasons that people can’t find work among many others. Laziness is the cause of all bad things right Adam? You might want to look in the mirror. Whenever he’s confronted by a person who actually knows what he’s talking about – he always backs down. I’ll always love Bald Bryan for one (to most) forgettable moment when he challenged him on the individual mandate for health care by arguing that wasn’t that what he wanted? To have people take responsibility for their own health care? Adam slunk away. Thanks Bryan. On the bright side – it’s a good business move, lazy c-list right-wing talk show hosts do fairly well (how ya doin’ Dennis Miller!) but it’s a shame to watch such a bright guy slide into such a hacky ditch. And make no mistake – that’s where he’s going. Another one of O’reilly’s pets. It’s a living I guess…

    • Ochie

      I have to agree with a lot of what’s being said here. I am an Adam fan and everyday downloader from day 1. I take and agree with most of his rants, however to generalize that those who are out of work are lazy or not good at what they are doing is just not right. I thankfully have a job, but there are plenty of good people who don’t. Just because they are still out of work, doesn’t make them lazy or unproductive in any way.

  80. Rachel

    Love me some Dr. Drew. As I’ve said before, Adam behaves differently with every guest, which is understandable, it just makes him intolerable when he picks bad guests. Dr. Drew is always the only person to temper Adam’s doucheyness, and Adam makes Dr. Drew so much more likable and funny in return. They’re perfect together.

  81. Eric

    GREAT EPISODE… adam is at his best when he is giving advice and talking about life… nice break from the complaining

  82. Joey

    Good advice at the top of the show. We all just have to be the best at what we do. Everyone will be the best carpenter therefore nobody will be out of work… oh wait. Is Adam serious with this? Nobody can be that ignorant.

  83. thedecade

    Conaway, Starr, King. Note to self, if you need help, make sure your doctor doesn’t have a TV show. Very sad.

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