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Adam opens the show discussing the dinner he had with Bald Bryan on Friday night. He also talks about Sonny’s big game over the weekend, as well as details from the Dennis Prager show in San Diego. While discussing Prager, he rants about hearing terrible techno music during the traffic reports on his conservative AM radio station.

Adam then welcomes Dr. Bruce to the studio and they talk about Adam’s recent MRI. They also discuss the deaths of Junior Seau and Adam Yauch, and joke about ridiculous nursery rhymes. Later they talk about how the NFL is combatting head injuries, and the guys jump to the phones for calls about whether it’s healthy to work out when you’re sick, and what happens when you flip a golf cart.

Alison opens the news discussing more details about the deaths of Seau and Yauch. They also talk about Fig Newton’s dropping the ‘Fig’ from their name, and Demi Moore updating her Twitter handle. Another news story is about the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut. As the show wraps up, the group discusses drugs found in tampon applicators, and the Kodak Theater changing its name to Dolby.


Fig Newtons

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over: Mike Dawson
Audio/Post-Production: Chris Laxamana
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Sy

    Hey Ace, please do your Pete Postlethwaite impersonation from the movie “The Town” again. That was spot on & funny as hell. I hope it becomes a regular Bald Bryan drop.

  2. r

    I wish Ace and Alison would quite dissing something they have know clue about. “Techno” has many sub genres: Chill, Drum N Bass, House, Techno, Trance, on and on. Some of it is amazing, some is the bull shit Adam hears at strip clubs. Anyone who disagrees simple hasn’t heard it all and doesn’t know shit. And a preemptive fuck you to anyone who tries to argue.

    • david

      You’re wrong, its all horrible.

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)05-08-2012

      You sound like a huge douche

    • Sean

      Let me see, I have heard it. I know many things. I do not care for it. The music being played is techno, thus to state you dislike what you are hearing is quite acceptable.

      There, a reasoned argument for an unreasonable human.

    • duke lacrosse
      duke lacrosse05-08-2012

      no, its just retarded

  3. Bruce

    Look whose talking, Aceman. You’ve been loosing your train of thought and flubbing words left and right lately. The Jim Jefferies event was a disaster for you.

    • stnuntrnd

      “losing”, not “loosing”

  4. Dave

    Let me guess: Rrrresveratrol

  5. theMisterLister

    i’m kinda getting over adam’s out-of-touch rich ass

    looking for suggestions: is there anyone as funny as adam but that is not so Romney-esque?

    • jd

      I’m a big fan of Mike Schmidt’s “40 year old boy” podcast.
      Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is hilarious.
      Dana Gould, the Pod f Tomcast, Sklarbroro country, Jordon Jesse Go! and Walking The Room are all funny and none of these podcasters are right wingers.

  6. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks05-07-2012

    I really hope Adam doesn’t talk shit about the beastie boys this episode, but I kind of assume he will.

  7. David Abrahamian
    David Abrahamian05-07-2012

    James Lileks has been hosting some radio clips from the 70’s am news . Hear how it used to be sans techno: http://soundcloud.com/lileks

    His blog: http://www.lileks.com/bleats/archive/12/0512/050112.html

  8. winsten

    is Dr. Bruce ok? he looks like shit!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-08-2012

      Good lenses, bad frames.

    • Jenn

      I’m worried too. He’s looking pretty frail in the above photo…

  9. JessMan

    at least sonny didn’t start running to 3rd

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-09-2012

      Best line of the day.

  10. Erin

    Anyone else having problems downloading? Can’t get with App nor iTunes.

  11. David Dietz
    David Dietz05-07-2012

    It’s not just LA that has the techno bed pumping underneath the traffic reports on conservative talk radio. There’s a conservative FM talk station in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, that plays a techno bed underneath the traffic reports (which, by the way, report the EXACT SAME INFORMATION EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!) I think it’s owned by Clear Channel – which explain a lot of things!

  12. Andrew'

    He explained it when he said “it’s pathological” except he didn’t explain it. The reason you can see the color is because that is from the pathology lab where they did the histology to add the color to dye the protein buildup.

    I might have been a doctor, except I’m too good at explaining things to people.

    That’s how you know Dr. Bruce is a real doctor because he makes it very mysterious sounding.

  13. RP

    adam the reason techno is everywhere isn’t because people like it, or it’s the most appropriate, it’s because it’s the fastest/cheapest/easiest music to produce.

    • theMisterLister

      “i hate podcasts and i hate cars and i hate you, dad!”

      i think Dagaroni had some real insight into the direction sonny and ace’s relationship is heading.

  14. Brett

    ACE needs to listen to Lynette and not Prager – his son is 5 years old – ACE is overdoing things and I predict a lot of tension in his relationship with Sonny as dad constantly sends a message of “you are not good enough”.

  15. sloozen1

    Two things. 24 Robbers was featured in the movie Dirty Harry when the nut is running through the city of SF and girls are jumping rope in front of a church. And usually women who shoot their self usually shoot their self in the heart or stomach..Not men.

  16. Wally

    Bryan should play the Ozzie clip into his voicemail to see what eVoice does with it…

  17. Brett

    The “This Little Piggy Riff” …great!

  18. David

    Allison, we had the Fifty Nifty states song at my school to, like 20 years ago. Thanks for getting that stuck back in my skull.

    • Chris G. Murphy
      Chris G. Murphy05-07-2012

      Shout ’em scout ’em tell all about ’em; one by one till we’ve visited every state… in the U-S-A!

  19. Mark A.
    Mark A.05-07-2012

    While that radio transition is pretty funny, I’d love it if someone who listened to techno questioned Adam on his knowledge of it. Blank stares would come up for sure when asking him who Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, James Stinson, etc. etc. are.

  20. Bo B
    Bo B05-07-2012

    Jeezuz, again with the evil architect crap?

  21. McMichael

    Wait, you can’t determine how to turn on the air conditioning in a Honda Accord ? Wouldn’t that be a big button with a illuminated indication of being on; and the letters A/C, or MAX A/C, or a snow flake symbol.

    I suspect the real issue is that Adam needs reading glasses, but doesn’t carry a pair.

  22. Shannon

    It takes a secure person to admit that, even if they don’t dig the person’s art, they can appreciate the person they were and they were important in life. Adam Yauch may not have made the best music for everyone, but those of us who do “get it” and enjoy the Beastie Boys will miss him and everything he did to improve our lives. Thanks to Adam C. et. al. for the tribute. Looking forward to the Sonny ringtone because, after all, it is justa waste ova my time!

    • jd

      I must have missed the “tribute”. He spent 30 seconds on MCA and 20 minutes on his hatred for John Melencamp.

  23. ron

    Can’t believe you missed the “hit me on the head with a rolling pin” part of the ‘not last night…’ jump rope song…specially in the middle of the head trauma discussion!

  24. chuck


  25. Robert

    Adam – I was at a restaurant this weekend and my friend asked what kind of Iced Tea they had. The waitress replied that they have the “Regular” passion-fruit iced tea, and passion-fruit-mango iced tea. Just so you know… passion-fruit is now the regular version. And the regular flavor no longer exists. Get it on!

    • Jeremy

      I work at a busy restaurant in Asheville, NC. People constantly ask me what flavors of tea we have. I always just say sweet or unsweet. It’s the easiest way to determine whether or not they are a tourist. No one from Asheville likes flavored tea.

      • Sean

        Hm. Also, you call it tea. It’s actually iced tea, but I’ve gien up fighting that fight.

  26. HMD

    I totally forgot about the Ozzie bit you used to do! Bring it back Ace Rock!

  27. Tony

    ALISON!!!! We sang that song too in my school. It wasn’t private but you just brought me back by singing the fifty nifty state song….how funny

  28. Carrie

    Just ordered Shari’s Berries for Mother’s Day through the website. Get it on!

  29. murderfan's revenge
    murderfan's revenge05-07-2012

    fuck another live rerun

  30. BEATnick

    i know fifty nifty all too well. at some point every day it pops into my head. alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas……..

  31. Roy

    love that traffic report music

  32. Andy90

    The right-wing content is definitely increasing. The comedy still outweighs the ignorance, I think, but the trend is not good.

  33. Easy on the Eyes
    Easy on the Eyes05-08-2012

    I saw The Aceman live with Dennis Prager here in San Diego last Saturday. Not only was it a thrill to see him live, but he is truly easy-on-the-eyes – yeah!

  34. Jesse

    Poor Dr. Bruce. Adam’s still pissed at him. Jeez, never get on Aceman’s bad side…

  35. moviejunkie

    Poor Dr. Bruce. Adam never lets him talk or finish a thought.

  36. Brandon

    My favorite part of this episode was hearing Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia played underneath the traffic report and Adam’s ranting. I agree with 99% of his rants, but I think he’s a little off the mark with the stereotyping of fans of House/Techno music and harsh criticisms of it’s quality. The overarching genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has become completely mainstream, has a exponentially growing fan base, and is becoming more integrated in everyday media/TV programming.

    As a long time listener of “Techo” music and a regular festival/show goer who has never touched a drug or attended a scandalous “rave”, its pretty disappointing the music retains such a negative connotation.

    I can’t wait for Adam to discover Dubstep… He will surely love the disorganized sound of robot noises and heavy bass lines.

  37. A Fan
    A Fan05-22-2012

    Do you guys remember when Junior Seau was in the podcast? There were two parts of the show recorded on 11/18/09 I believe.

  38. Jenni

    Everyone has their opinions. If you don’t care to hear Adam’s take then why do you listen? Go piss up a rope if you can’t take his “take”.

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