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The show opens up with Adam discussing his weekend at Laguna Seca. He complains about girls never going out of their way to help, and listens to an NPR clip about shampooing not being as important as you think. Adam also rants about a phoner series he had to do on his drive up, which was a disaster on all fronts.

In the next part of the show, Dr. Bruce reads some stories for this week’s Healthwatch. Stories include the benefits of drinking beer, how to lose weight, and the importance of your virtual Avatar. Adam also laughs about a Miss America clip, and rants about flavored coffees. Later the guys take a couple health calls from listeners.

In the last part of the show, Alison jumps into the news. The guys review the results of the Golden Globes, and Alison talks about the cruise that capsized off the coast of Italy. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a Martin Luther King Jr. quote, Heather Locklear’s health status, and the latest Dr. Drew project.



Coffee Flavors

Ms. America Intros

Tampon commercial

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Chumpy


    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-17-2012

      Manbanana, also a fruit.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana01-17-2012

        Sorry, technically it’s a berry because it’s a shrub it is (the banana). The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down. Feelings about your penis.

  2. Geoff

    the Sinatra no-role is epic.

  3. Cyrus


  4. wre

    No conditioner if you want non-greasy hair

  5. Mitchell Chavez
    Mitchell Chavez01-16-2012

    Jesus… that was painful! DR. BRUCE… HOW COULD YOU??




    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-17-2012

      You know what was painful? Reading your ALL CAPS comment.

  6. potatopirate

    Nae pictures of laguna seca adam! You’re fired!

  7. Mike

    It amazes me that Adam fails to see the similarity between his troubles with the radio phone ins and the Ann Coulter call that they bring up constantly, any time they want to slam on her. I love the podcast Adam, but you are a hypocrite.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett01-16-2012

      You have a point. I think the Ann Coulter call was one of those immovable object meets irresistible force kinda deals. But I’m glad he hung up on her. I’m a conservative but she is a nasty woman in all ways but the right one.

    • GinaG

      I’m with you on this one. I kept waiting for BB to bring it up!

    • Alex

      False – carolla would never have said “im REALLY tight on time” he would have just gone with it and not made an excuses.

  8. Jo ke
    Jo ke01-16-2012

    BB great show

  9. Matt

    Does anyone have a link to the NPR story on Shampooing? I need to send it to some one who I have debated the topic for years.

  10. TMax

    Is anyone else having issues with the iPhone app not keeping your playback position after you stop listening for a while? If I stop the show, then start it up again later, the playback jumps back to a previous position.

    Is there a setting I didn’t engage, or is this a bug?

    • Lisa

      Mine does that too, and it’s really frustrating. I didn’t see anything in the Settings to stop it, and I tried deleting the app and re-installing, but that didn’t help.

  11. UptightLamboowner

    OMG. Poor NICK (last caller). He’s trying to get advice from the doctor and ADAM keeps interrupting! Shut it for TWO minutes so he can get advice ADAM. You get obsessed over the dumbest things. Geesh!

  12. It must be said
    It must be said01-16-2012

    Carolla’s rant was basically a minutes-long admission that he’s stupid. He had literally no inkling that “Alisyn” could possibly be pronounced “Alison”? A guy whose sister spells her name “Lauryn” could not fathom an ending “y-n” being pronounced any way other than “ine” or “een”?

    Alison was immediately able to discern the correct pronunciation only because she’s an Alison herself? What about the entire listening audience that figured it out in one try, as well?

    Alternate spellings of traditional names are obnoxious, but let’s not pretend this was some kind of indecipherable code that would’ve had cryptographers flummoxed, as opposed to a guy being borderline-illiterate

    • weskanaloa

      He is illiterate.

      Good day.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-17-2012

      You have to admit that it was a good rant.

    • boss

      I agree. He must have been fishing for some frustration. There’s no way anybody would pronounce that ‘Ali SEEN’. Even a moderate illiterate like Adam would know that.

  13. Jeff

    Where’s the racing pic that Ace talked about at the beginning of the show?

  14. Casey Man
    Casey Man01-16-2012

    “Which one has affected your life more?” Ha! Bald Bryan just earned his salary for the year.

  15. Paul

    Dr. Bruce is a real life Norman Rockwell caricature… Great Show!

  16. Sy

    I’m guessing this was a no gel day for Dr Spazz. EPIC!

  17. Jim

    Sinatra and Isaac Hayes; on a “NO” roll.
    ROFLOL; comedy gold.
    Best radio bit ever!!


  18. Andrew

    Last time Dr. Bruce was on, he mentioned something about “sexual annorexia” and conditioning from internet pornography. Adam ranted over top of him before he really spoke about it. Where can we find some info on that? I have been *ruined* by internet porn, and would be interested in hearing more!

  19. ILLWiLL

    I get the contest is some marketing ploy, but who wants to be some tweeting douche. I know this wasn’t Adams idea.

  20. Marcus

    Bruce looks like Dobby the elf from Harry Potter.

    • marco

      fucking brilliant 🙂

  21. AceFan!

    In your face Gervais. Ace put you in your place.

  22. Six Dixon
    Six Dixon01-16-2012

    I’m usually a really big Carolla fan, but this ep was nigh unlistenable. Not a single one of his rants today really captured that combination of dry humor and social criticism that kind of defines his style. He just came across as stupid and angry. It almost felt like listening to Tom Leykis. Sorry, Aceman, you gotta pick up your game.

  23. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac01-16-2012

    Boo on the Alisign vs Aliscene just because there was a “y” in Alisyn rant. What a dope Adam was for getting all worked over something so insignificant. I bet the real story was he knew the name was a misspelled version of Allison, but he went to the other pronunciations to make a point. Unfortunately the barely interested dimwit on the other end did not buy into Adam’s obsession, which, further infuriated him. The whole rant was neither interesting or funny; people spell their names stupidly, end of story.

    • Tyrone Washington
      Tyrone Washington01-18-2012

      “People” do not spell their names stupidly, parents spell the names of their children stupidly, as Alison (see spelling) so wisely pointed out. Adam’s inability to decipher this particular silly spelling of Allison/Alison/Allyson/Allisyn just proves how awful it must be to spend “quality” time with him. Love the show!

  24. Mac

    Does anybody else think that Dr. Spaz looks like Jeebs from “Men in Black”?

  25. Andy09

    Another great podcast! Get it on!

  26. BJ's for PJ.@parkerjonesalex
    BJ's for PJ.@parkerjonesalex01-16-2012

    Is Dr. Bruce really a doctor? That guy is a dummy. He doesn’t listen for shit.

    • steve stanton
      steve stanton01-17-2012

      do any dr.’s ever listen? jk, i like spazz, but most dr.’s seem not to listen at all

  27. citylife80

    Alisyn. Just like synthetic, synthesis, and sync. Come on, Aceman. This one is on you. You where probably too tired.

    • david

      Are you familiar with how “sync” is pronounced?

  28. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-16-2012

    How come you didn’t take my call about flatutoxins? I was serious about that. Dangerous as second hand smoke, people dying from fart cancer.

  29. donewithidiots

    Good stuff. Little long on the name spelling watergate but….

  30. Juicemann200

    Adam lives in Las Angeles and this is a large part of the explanation for ‘Alysseeen, Allisign?’ because (as he pointed out) there is not only the problem of douchebagging the spelling of names like Karyn, Shyla, Brendyn, Tomyss Tami, Mikaylah, Berigheirgheihlieah etc…. but ALSO how so many need it to be pronounced in some clever new way. Think of the old Kids and the Hall Darryl. “Uhh… Its ‘Dah-Rill'”. I don’t doubt for a minute there ARE Allisyns in LA who DO want you to pronounce it ‘Alliseen’. Adam is right on the money – this is one of the most annoying damn things.

    • Six Dixon
      Six Dixon01-17-2012

      Thank god you’re here to explain it to us, because we haven’t heard that exact rant from Adam twenty times before.

      The point people are making is that if someone has an unconventional spelling in their name, you should probably pronounce it like the common name it resembles. If you hear hoofbeats, assume it’s horses and not zebras. Sure, Allisyn could be “Alliseen,” but how about using a little common sense and assuming it’s a variation of Allison. Or, if common sense fails you, sound it out phonetically. But Adam was inserting vowel sounds that had no business being there in defiance of both common sense and phonetics, then getting angry when he wasn’t understood. That’s why his argument was stupid.

      • Juicemann200

        Six, and thank goodness you repeated the same argument everyone else did. It’s good you know the rules and it’s surely because you are younger than Adam and familiar with the etiquette in attempting the new douchebag spellings and what to do if and when you come across one – however – YOU have made the common sense error and stupid argument here. The actual complaint is that when YOU hear someone pronouncing it wrong “Allisign..Alliseen?’ then YOU should use YOUR COMMON SENSE to figure out that the person is probably over 40 and confused by Allisyn, maybe they think its a typo, or they can’t read it, or they don’t know your rules about ‘phonetic attempt first’ but whatever the case THEY ARE PROBABLY PHONING FOR ALLISON SPELLED WITH a Y. Especially YOU should figure that out since you work with Allisyn and you know.. D’errrrrrrrr! BTW: I deal with this constantly since my name is ‘obviously common sense’ in my part of the world it is somehow baffling to Germans and half the people in LA. When they pronounce the ‘K’ (which is silent) I don’t sit there going ‘WOW… Who is that derrrrr… they must think im someone else derrrrrr… its not my name with a K sound derrrrr stupid person derrrrr”.

        • Tyrone Washington
          Tyrone Washington01-18-2012

          No, actually, Six was correct. Derrr!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-17-2012

      Juicemann is right on the money. Adam’s rant was totally justified.

    • MizLottie

      There’s an attorney at my firm who spells her name Kymberleigh. That spelling looks more like how a stripper would spell her name than an attorney!

  31. Andrew

    “We” can mandate HPV vaccine that can only be transmitted by juicy contact, but can’t warn people they might be exposed to whooping caugh.

    What is it they say in the business…”We are FUCKING STUPID!!!”

  32. steve stanton
    steve stanton01-17-2012

    wow, i remember about 8 years ago on loveline (cuz im a long time listener) adam said the same thing about blazing saddles when dr. drew said somthing about rameron…. does any remember that besides me? do u remember ad’Ym???

  33. jamie

    Bald Bryan please tell me you got the drop of Alison saying “she doesn’t care what color it is it’s going inside me”

  34. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese01-17-2012

    This episode wasn’t bad, but sometimes Carolla can be annoying. When Bruce is trying to answer the guy’s question and Adam is asking him a completely unrelated question he doesn’t care about, and then yells at him for trying to answer the question. Also when Adam says something that is wrong, and then gets mad when someone doesn’t agree with him, or as he says “shits on his point.” You are wrong as much as anyone Carolla, so stop getting mad when people point it out. Plus the rant about the name was terrible. I’ve never seen it spelled that way, but when he first spelled it out it was obvious the name was Allison. How about you just pronounce it that way and let them cry about it if they want.

    • West

      I agree wholeheartedly Matt, Adam ran roughshod over Bruce in this episode, more so than in most and it was grating: really physically uncomfortable for me to listen to. I’ve listened to 100+ episodes and haven’t winced more than I did during this episode. If it was a guest Adam was shitting on, then I could probably accept that. But Bruce is a friend of the show and of Adam personally; he clearly busted his ass to do a lot of research for his segment, which was all for naught since you couldn’t hear any of it over Adam’s ranting (most of which was unrelated as well.)

      Bruce coming on the show offers the opportunity for educational content. But if he’s going to be continually drowned out it doesn’t much matter. Also, he shouldn’t be criticized relentlessly because he takes a while to start speaking. Adam doesn’t realize that his quick-tongue is unmatched by the vast majority of people. Bruce is deliberate about what he says as he needs it to be medically accurate. Adam doesn’t need to do this and thus should stop his harassment. It’s simple really: if Adam doesn’t want to let Bruce talk, he shouldn’t have him on the show. It’s deceiving for the audience who expects to actually hear him.

  35. Katie

    I call bullshit on Adam’s “Allisyn” rant. Seriously, he repeated the name to the receptionist that many times, struggled for so long, and did not even think to pronounce it “Allison” even once during his efforts? Hmm. And in the woman’s defense, if you’re pronouncing it “All-ee-seen or All-e-sign” It starts to sound middle eastern or hebrew. I can understand how you’d have no idea who he was asking for. Adam your rants are usually A+’s….this gets a D.

    In other news, Adam is always so rude to Dr. Bruce… why can’t he let him get one full sentence in…ever?

  36. Jll M.
    Jll M.01-18-2012

    Stop being a dick Adam.

  37. Ian Kavanagh
    Ian Kavanagh01-19-2012

    Re: Alisyn
    I whole heatedly embrace the rant on names. The made up names or unique spellings serve what purpose? New names I have encountered: Nevaeh, Nevik…c’mom, really? I once dated an Allison even going so far as to deface my copy of ‘My Aim is True’ just to take a side. But that is as far as i will go. My name is Ian and not Ion.

  38. bobo

    So I’m going to stop wiping my ass,cutting my finger and toe nail’s and brushing my teeth.Are you going Howard Hughes?Do you need some mason jars for your piss? A shower just fucking feels good.
    P.S . love the show!!!!!

  39. edgar

    I know Adam will never read this BUT for fucks sakes, when you do this whole bit of being a dick to Dr Bruce you might as well bite fucken Mencia irritable duddudu bit. I love your show and have been listening to you since the 90’s but shit man why the fuck must you shit on a guy that is willing to lend his time to your show? You fucking complain all the goddamn time about retarded morning shock jocks yet you lend yourself to the same practice. If this guy always bothers you with his presence than why the fuck do you keep bringing him back? WTF?? Just to show your audience how much of a dick you can be to a guy that will never interrupt the taping by just punching you in the face and scream you know what fuck you asshole why do you keep inviting me back just so you can be a dick to me??

  40. da.awful.truth

    Does anyone really care about DR. BRUCE? I don’t. but apparently EDGAR above does. Don’t invite this idiot back.

  41. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-19-2012

    Aceman on fire! Again at his cranky best, great shows lateley.
    Wish him all the best,of course, but he’s at his funniest best when really aggrevated and p.o’d…

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