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As the show opens, Adam tells a story about playing basketball with Sonny at the local YMCA. He discusses running into an old friend from the Man Show, then rants about his dog Molly taking a crap in the den. Dov Davidoff then walks on stage and chats with Adam and the gang about strip club champagne rooms and going ‘window-shopping’ in the Netherlands. Adam also answers a couple audience questions.

Since the show is pre-taped from earlier in the week, the guys lightly touch on the Aurora shootings, which had only just happened. The guys also talk about injuries sustained at a Tony Robbins convention, and discuss the arrest of a former wing-eating champion. As the show wraps up, Adam recalls a pie eating contest, and he and Alison exchange stories about Dave Grohl.


Visit http://DovLive.com to get your copy of ‘Filthy Operation’. You can also follow him on Twitter @DovDavidoff.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Phillip

    Finally made it to a live show. I wish Bald Bryan had been there. Makes a big difference.

    • Tiny Tyrant
      Tiny Tyrant07-30-2012

      i’ve stopped listening to the live shows (something about the ‘oh i’m in front of a live audience so i gotta yell’ coupled with AC’s nasal tone jangles my nerves, big time) but i loves me some Dov.

      how is this one, worth risking my nerves?

      • Get it on
        Get it on08-01-2012

        I agree. The live shows have a different dynamic.
        Adam’s busy working the crowd.
        His best work is the one on one interviews.
        Followed by the full crew in studio.

        I’m still addicted to his brand of rant and enjoy it all.
        Carolla for President.

    • Rick

      This was one of the great live episodes.
      Good sound quality and Dov was a lot of fun…should have him on more.

    VIVA LA RAZA07-26-2012

    Let play what racest things Adam said today on podcast!

    A) Black men are bad dads and dont rayse they children

    B) Mexicans are ruening LA

    C) Muslums are vyolent terorists

    D) All of above

    The ansir is D. All of above. Because Adam is racest

    • midwest

      your spelling is amazing.

    • Bret

      Impressive display of spelling.

    • John

      WOW!!! You just misspelled everything. And your grammar is horrible.

    • Devbo

      You really need to learn how to spell words correctly. A product of LAUSD, maybe?

    • DrAwkward

      Come on, even black Mexican Muslims don’t spell this bad.

      • Adam's a Racist
        Adam's a Racist07-27-2012

        Muslim Blacxicans really can spell much better than this. VIVA LA RAZA, you really aren’t helping at all.

    • swingset

      Not being able to spell racist nullifies your comments. Or is racest the racist of them all? If so, then that’s an awesome word invention. However, I think you’re just stupid so let’s go with “A”.

    • MikeA

      What’s a “racest?”

    • Ledgewood

      Yeah. He is a recest. A vyolent terorist racest who rayses vyolent racest children. You’re ansir is correct.

      • jo ke
        jo ke07-27-2012

        Ledgewood your the best.

    • Education, Get one
      Education, Get one07-27-2012

      Wow, you’ve got to be kidding me right? WTF is a racest? We’re being Punk’d, right? This can’t be real.

    • Rosstaman

      Then stop listening. No one that comes here is interested in hearing your PC BULLSH_T anyway. Go listen to one of your leaders butcher the english language and… “leave the joking to Adam”. BTW your spelling is atrocious and I’m pretty sure you may be ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

    • reb

      You’ve confirmed that the stupidity of whatever group you belong to isn’t merely a stereotype

    • U are All NERDS
      U are All NERDS07-27-2012

      All replies to Viva La Raza are NERDS who can’t tell when someone is making a joke.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode07-27-2012

      I thought the “rayse they children” was just the begining to a really funny post but man are you dumb!

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein07-27-2012

      If you make observations about people who aren’t white (and you ARE white, which really just means you are nothing specific, OR it means you can be any color as long as you are a fan of Arrested Development and can watch it in English) then you are racist. That should clear it up for all you people who aren’t sure if what you are saying is racist or not.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana07-28-2012

        Prejudice is what your describing, not racism. Racism is the application of power based on prejudice. Examples are: Apartheid and educational opportunities dictated by the affluence of the town you were born in.

        Which is the great irony in the American political debate, I think. The states that have priced out the riff-raff are piously liberal. But they’re not. They’re facists.God forbid affordable housing come to their town.

        • Rex Montana
          Rex Montana07-28-2012

          *you’re describing

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E07-27-2012

      dom irrera is Italian, you dopey spi*. And speaking as an Scottish, Irish, British, Finnish-American woman, I wouldn’t screw you with a ten foot penis.

    • TonyMonterey

      We call people who drive cars on tracks Racer’s not Racest.. But I can’t spell worth a crap too… Here’s a hint the little red squiggly under words means you might want to check out your spelling.

      And… if he was what you claim your comment would have never been posted. It’s real racists like you that are destroying Comedy with your pearl clutching PC bullshit. Your part of a bunch of easily offended morons sitting around looking for something to be offended by… I’m offended by how people like you have destroyed California, not just LA, with your PC ideology and twisted ethics.

      Brown threatens to close State Parks because he claims there is no money… Then a bunch of Rich people donate money to keep the Parks open… Then they find out the State Parks were hiding money… that’s what offends me.


      I bet you can sit through hours and hours of Chis Rock or George Lopez and not be offended by what they say… The difference between you and me is I can sit there too, but I can take a joke and I would never log on to their webpage and post stupid ass comments…

      • tonymontery

        Damn, I drank some Svedka Vodka and wrote a long bunch of BS!

    • JoeyJoJo

      Everyone, this is Adam trolling all of us. Come on, poor grammar, bad spelling, I’m just surprised it showed up so near the top, knowing how long it would have taken him to type it out.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana07-28-2012

      But that’s the most inclusive answer (D). Can’t all the answers get along?

    • Sara Jay
      Sara Jay07-29-2012

      coming from the guy who can’t even spell racist…..lol, you are a joke

    • Adam

      Congratulations, you just proved AC’s point.

  3. Ninja

    All your base are belong to us.

  4. Nate

    I think it’s important to note that “El Wingador’s” real name is Bill Simmons, though not THAT Bill Simmons: http://elwingador.net/el-wingador-bio/

  5. Gafzini

    Dov episode is not showing up in the AC app.

  6. Josh Behrendt
    Josh Behrendt07-27-2012

    In the pic for the episode, I love that Kevin Smith is looking on just over Alison’s shoulder.

  7. Ninja

    This show was on point.

  8. Scott

    “Slowly erode their confidence until they take their own life”………haha! Great episode.

  9. Mike G
    Mike G07-27-2012

    Dov Davidoff is awesome! Bring him on again.

    • Anniepatra

      Dov is a hack. And he thought he was terribly funny, which made it worse.

  10. Flapjack McCrackin
    Flapjack McCrackin07-27-2012

    I really enjoy these live podcasts, as well as the regular daily ones. The only issue i have is since these are prerecorded, can’t the volume levels be adjusted in post production? I listen to them at work and i have to constantly adjust the volume up and down either so i can hear it or so everyone else can’t! It goes from an inaudible whisper to yelling and back again. Either way keep it up, you make my work day go by much faster and take a bit of the edge off.

  11. dave

    well that dude wasn’t creepy at all

  12. LiberalsRstupid

    Adam, your fear of Computers makes you look very dumb. Not all of us have 20-50k just laying around to go Racing. We also don’t get to drive in “Celebrity” races either so your diatribe about “Simulators” borders on insanity. Yea, a Racing Simulator like iRacing.com is JUST like porn…. Dude you are seriously DUMB…

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197007-27-2012

      you do realize that you are listening to his show thru a podcast that is made on a computer right?

      • liberalsRstupid

        Modern Computers are appliances not some kind of magic device. If he were doing this in 1988 on a DOS box your argument might hold water.

  13. LiberalsRstupid

    You do realize many Pro Racers use Simulators right? If you would occasionally pull your head out of yuor ass perhaps you would learn something instead of sounding like a ignorant fool..

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-30-2012

      Somebody has their race-car underpants in a bunch today. Lighten-up dude.

  14. ISIT


  15. ken

    Audio is skipping forward a few seconds periodically during the podcast.

  16. edge323

    am i the only one who thinks the live broadcast aren’t as good? I know why adam does it ($$$) , but still.. so much better when the show is in studio.. like exponentially better.

    • Justin

      You are not the only one.

    • reb

      kind of surprising that people pay to attend

    • Erica

      I always skip the live podcasts…I hate them.

  17. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-27-2012

    YMCA – Young Mijo Chicano Association?

  18. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah07-27-2012

    Speaking of menstruation-related cultural rituals… Orthodox Judaism has a long list of them — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niddah

  19. Craig

    That guy doesn’t seem to know that those windows are a tourist scam targetting people like him.
    It’s not that the Dutch have looser morals. In some respects they’re more conservative.

  20. Shannon

    Love this live shit.

  21. Sean

    4 out of 5 days with the same shirt for the ace man this week.

  22. Aaron

    was it my hypervigilance, or was there a beeping sound at the beginning of this podcast? Sounded like the alarm from a digital wristwatch going off, can’t believe Carolla didn’t explode on that person.

    • Ellie

      I definitely heard it, too!

  23. Dan

    Love the show! Keep up the weekly Dave Dameshek appearances. He’s great with Carolla!

  24. Frankie

    please avoid live shows adam, the audio sucks, one minutes its low then its blasting loud, tired of riding the volume knob!

  25. Cg


  26. J Rock 1970
    J Rock 197007-27-2012

    That Guy Smiley reference was SPOT ON!!! Goddammit I laughed my ass off!!! Allison is the shit!!

  27. Paul

    Is it me or is Dov a hack?

    • Anniepatra

      Nope. He’s painful to listen to.

  28. Kris Kringle
    Kris Kringle07-28-2012

    Pie eating contest? Didn’t we hear about this back in the Loveline days? Didn’t we hear about this on the Podcast a couple of years ago? Didn’t we read about this in “Not Taco Bell Material”? Has the well run dry? Are we doomed to an eternal summer reruns of Adam? Get some new material pal. You don’t have to look any further than the Allstate commercials.

    • JoeyJoJo

      I first heard about it on the KLSX LA radio show.

      My 2¢

  29. 7hardway

    I think it is strange that Ace doesn’t use soap. Lynette can’t be too down with that.

  30. chi

    this guest was trying way too hard … he was so annoying and not funny

  31. AC


  32. idiotman

    Dov is an awful guest. Limp wristed on the nose pandering.

  33. RoyalDryness

    Something Adam has said at least 2 or 3 times in the last week or so is how cheap the YMCA is. Maybe it’s that way out in CA but here the Y is ridiculously expensive at $59/month per person. Our Y isn’t nearly as crappy as what Adam describes but considering the nicer gyms in the area are between $25 and $35 the Y is not some cheap place but a horribly overpriced one.

  34. Wags

    The wingbowl always sells out.

  35. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana07-28-2012

    “Touching lightly” is pussyfooting, but understandable, because it was really confusing.

    He was an honor student, going for a PhD, but.. he had dropped out and ordered 6k rounds of ammunition.

    Since then, it has come to light he was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

    This is interesting because he was self-aware enough to seek help. What is the responsibility of the state? Should we have taken his guns away? It’s difficult to say, because health care plans are more concerned with profits and liability that getting people the best care. (Not being sarcastic, that’s just the way it is.)

  36. June Igger
    June Igger08-01-2012

    Its your right to have DAG and Harland Williams(had to look his name up) as repeat guests, even though they are no talent idiots. But having Dov on more than once is abusing that priviledge. He is one of the worse of the ‘i think im funny and hip’ knobs. He is dane cook without all the success. If he put as much talent into writing jokes as he did into trying to look uniterested and cool.. hed still suck.. because he has no talent.

  37. Matt

    i’m halfway though it and it was really funny. dov was saying some crazy shit and adam was on his game. it was so funny i didn’t even notice bald bryan not being there.

  38. Yossarian

    Yes, Dov is a hack, and the live shows continue to be painful.

    • Walter white
      Walter white08-20-2012

      Dov is a self-important pseudo- intellectual douche of the highest order. He annoyed the fuck out of me.

  39. memo

    Dov was kinda annoying, seemed like he was trying a little too hard, or was maybe drunk or something, trying to one-up Adam.

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