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Doug Benson joins Adam and the gang, right from the top of the show. Adam talks about being on ‘Ellen’ earlier today, and dealing with a nervous segment producer. The guys also chat about daylight saving time, and whether or not people do anything with their extra hour in fall. The guys also do some movie talk, and take a couple audience questions.

Alison begins the news talking about a teacher who was fired after asking her students some controversial questions. The guys also discuss a new Huggies diaper campaign, and a new addition to American Idol. Later, they discuss Amanda Bynes, a new Doritos flavor, and potential advancements in postage stamps.

In the last part of the show, Adam suggests an awkward hypothetical question about hooking up with the creepy guy at work. The guys also discuss a new Vogue cover featuring a naked, pregnant Jessica Simpson. As the show wraps up, Alison lists off the Top 10 Travel Innovations, and Adam and Doug rant about the useless hotel key card.

Follow Doug on Twitter @DougBenson. Also be sure to visit http://DougLovesMovies.com

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. HighPlainsToker

    He can only play the same 8 drops over and over. The tumor, you see…

  2. James

    Live pod!!!!!!!!

  3. Beerafide

    Doug looks like a giant next to the Ace Man.

    • minnesota

      a lot of that probably has to do with the camera. Adam is on Dougs back shoulder. It was probably taken with an iphone. An iphone has a wide(r) angle lens which will exaggerate objects that are outside of the exact center of the shot. notice how long and huge Adams closest shoulder looks. Adam probably doesn’t have a pin head. It’s from the extreme curvature of the lens.

      • wow


      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-09-2012

        No, Doug just has a big melon.

    • Mark

      yeah doug’s head looks massive!!!

  4. Bob

    I don’t think that’s a golden.

  5. gg

    Hey how bout throwing the East coast a bone and upload the shows before the morning commute?

    • Bobman

      Stop going ot work so early.

  6. Jr College All Star
    Jr College All Star03-09-2012

    Amanda Bynes is looking hot, black dress and black pumps, nothing wrong with that

  7. Stingey

    I live on the east coast and love listening to the show every morning on my way to school. But I have not been able to download the last two episodes…what the hell?

  8. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy03-09-2012

    LOL….Doritos taco shell washed down with a Coke……..here come da diabetes

  9. foo

    WHERE IS THE EPISODE !!!! It’s been 3 days of late podcasts — I don’t see it on iPhone iTunes and I don’t see it on the app

  10. Aaron

    Episodes are going to the app a day late.

  11. Fat Stacks Jones
    Fat Stacks Jones03-09-2012

    No comments yet? Probably because no one’s heard the podcast. Because it’s late getting up on iTunes.


    Donnie wouldn’t have let this shit go on this long.

    (And yeah, I know I can download it from the site. But I’m lazy and a creature of habit, so suck it haters.)

  12. matt benice
    matt benice03-09-2012

    my wife and i enjoyed the show.
    Thanks for being there!

  13. Rrrrr

    Adam could fit inside jim benson, His head is twice as big as adams !

  14. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks03-09-2012

    Doug’s head is enormous in that picture… “HEED, PANTS, NOWWW!!”

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-09-2012

      “It’s like an orange on a toothpick.”

  15. Daniel

    Where can I watch the podcast? Ustream is not an option now, right? Thanks!

  16. Raquel V.
    Raquel V.03-09-2012

    Adam, Do you think you’ll ever make it to Florida? Yes, I know we’re part of your Germany or Florida jokes, and I agree. I’m actually not a native Floridian. I’m originally from Orange County, California and I worked night shift from 96′ thru 99′ and what kept me going during those hours were listening to you and Dr. Drew on Loveline. Fast forward to last year, I discovered your podcast and have been a faithful listener…it’s literally the only thing I look forward to at work. It gets me through the day. Yes, I’m thankful to have a job, not complaining about that. What I really want to thank you for though is your advice about depression. You really described what I’ve felt like for so long and probably for the first time in my life I’ve taken it to heart. When you said that unhappiness was selfish to those around you and as a parent, your responsibility was to not be bummed out all the time for the sake of the kids, I realized that I was in danger of repeating the same cycle my parents did to us as children and I literally snapped out of it. I’m more conscious of that now and I can see the change in myself and kids. Again, sorry a long comment but I really wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you and hope to attend one of your live shows one day. I’ve recommended your podcast to everyone here at work!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-09-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

    • Dave

      Like I said Aceman, you are on your way.

  17. BobbbyJ

    Two mornings in a row where the current episode isn’t available through the app. I must demand that my free entertainment is delivered in a timely manner!

  18. rlb

    Yikes! Doug Benson has such a big Easter Island statue head.

  19. Dutchpig

    Looked like a great show. I wish I could download and hear it.

  20. Josh

    How huge is Doug’s head? He looks like he could eat Carolla if he were hungry enough…

  21. Jeremiah

    Loved the show with the live audience, they brought some energy for Adam to feed off of and makes for great entertainment.

  22. warrenow

    please tell me some of that laughter wasnt canned

  23. Durtybird

    One of the best live show’s…..GET DOWN & Gett it on !

  24. Russ

    How come the podcast is coming to the app so late? Its been a few days now.

  25. Riggz

    Wow, would you look at the size of that mellon! Adam could probobly fit his entire head inside Benson’s mouth. My god does doug benson have an enormous head. He must have some strong neck muscles.

    • Brad

      I’m pretty sure Adam is standing three or four feet behind Doug in the picture. I mean, he has to be.

      • riggz

        Adam is not standing 3 or 4 feet behind Benson., they are arm and arm. Just look at the mouth sizes and nose hole sizes… they are relatively the same. Doug Benson just has a massive head. Ironically he has a brain the size of a walnut.

  26. Brett

    Ace I love you but that rant about guys doing things better than chicks was not funny, tired and frankly ugly. You “paying for everything” doesn’t buy you a pass on all parental obligations. Just because you are successful doesn’t mean that you get to call everyone that hasn’t earned your kind of cash dumb. Sorry – I say this as a devoted fan.

    • Josie

      Agreed. I’m a fan, but a woman too (I listen to these podcast as I work my ass off!). I was waiting for Alison to step in. Damn.
      Love Doug Benson.

  27. Lazy middle class
    Lazy middle class03-09-2012

    When it’s not on the app I go to Stitcher to get it on !

  28. Devbo

    Doug Benson is one ugly ass mofo.

  29. Moppaletu_CQ

    Nice energy in this live show.

  30. Jessiey

    No pitcher would refuse his team batting around in the first inning but the onslaught never let up. Great day at the plate for everybody. The only mistakes defensively were that guy breaking up the no-hitter with his bloop single Apprentice chime-in. And that gay guy hit a solo shot with his “four straight guys” comment. Very solid line-up today and the fans will go home happy. 10 CC rocks!

  31. FC

    White Kids Without iPads: Adam Carolla’s Important New Cause (VIDEO)


  32. Blah Blah Blog
    Blah Blah Blog03-09-2012

    Who cares about Itunes? Hey all you whiners, since you are here complaining, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SHOW FROM THIS VERY PAGE.

  33. Listener

    That was a quality misogynistic rant!

    If people are still buying into the “men are dumb” fad… there’s seriously been research on gender and intelligence. In short, the bell curve IQ distribution for women is a little steeper, meaning more of them are clustered around the middle 100 IQ, while for men, it’s flatter, meaning that you’re more likely to encounter a very stupid man or a man who’s a genius. Mystery solved.

  34. state your name
    state your name03-09-2012

    I came here to post something else, but I just saw the name “Raquel V”, and WOW, did I get distracted.

  35. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)03-09-2012

    I still use Stitcher for his podcast(s), works like a charm and it’s up early

  36. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-09-2012

    blah blahbitty blah blah

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-09-2012

      Finally, I posted something that passes ABN scrutiny

  37. DES

    probably the funniest show of the year so far.
    Doug should be back on 2 -3x a month

  38. edgar

    one of the best episodes ever, THANX Ace for making my day go so fast

  39. Johnny Tango
    Johnny Tango03-09-2012

    Great show! This is probably one of my favorite episodes! Also, huge props to Alison Rosen who was super funny tonight. Her tags were brilliant. “Has rigor mortis set in?” Brilliant!

  40. Moe

    Why did they stop doing these live shows?
    They use to do them weekly.
    Great pod, hopefully they do more of these live shows.

  41. HFM

    I really enjoy the times where Adam tells someone who’s interviewing him on a podcast or whatever how “everybody thinks I’m a misogynist…” and acts like he’s not but is unjustly perceived as such because he did the man show. Funny, but Jimmy isn’t. Adam goes off on a rant, and he was not joking, about how men are better at everything than women and should’t be bothered if a woman makes less than him or until she does. Add that to the rant about how since he pays a lot in taxes, he should be afforded better treatment, and you have a really awesome guy. I would love it if someone richer than him, preferrably female, disagrees with him about something like John Hiatt, then tells him since she makes more than him, her opinion is right and he is a fucking idiot. Then screams SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

  42. Derp

    Yep Ace gets kicked off of the Apprentice. The description on Mondays Ellen says they’re interviewing the castoff. Wonder why he gets the boot and not the guy with only one working hand.

    Least I wont have to watch that show and suffer watching any more of that annoying woman team.

  43. mike

    If Adam taped a segment for Ellen that means he gets fired on Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice. Put your bets in now!

  44. Leo

    It’s good to listen to this podcast while in the can imitating the Porcelain Punisher, laughing makes the dumps fly out faster haha

  45. tjshere

    Jessica Simpson is on the cover of Vogue? According to the photo, it’s Elle.

    And a swing and a miss for the Porcelain Punisher!

  46. Chales

    never thought I would pass demi moore and jessica simpson!

  47. Alison is my new best friend
    Alison is my new best friend03-10-2012

    Planet of the Apes; no love for the human butt

    Alison: “What, you don’t like hairless?”

  48. Jason in the 562
    Jason in the 56203-10-2012

    What IS up with the app not loading new shows? Why, if this keeps on I’ll have to keep waiting!

  49. Erich D
    Erich D03-11-2012

    The man rant is one of the greatest rants on Adam’s catalog.

  50. Matt

    I know Adam always breaks Doug’s balls about only being a comedian because it always him to sleep in late and live the stoner lifestyle, and he also always says things like Doug is gay, but I get the feeling Adam really does believe these things and isn’t just joking around

  51. sloozen1

    Best LIVE episode ever….thumbs up. And get it on Adam.

  52. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-11-2012

    hey guys, we need some pics of Alison every now and then so we can beat off properly. Jessica Simpson pregnant is not really spank worth come on. BTW Doug has the biggest melon I have ever seen…..you think he;d be smarter

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-12-2012

      …at least some pics of her boots.

  53. turdferguson

    way to fuckin spoil the next episode!good no more reason to watch that show

  54. Marc

    Best pod of 2012.

    • RobK

      Might have been. Certainly was funny as shit. I’m not usually wild about the live shows but this one was pretty awesome. Adam was really on his game. Speaking of that, it must be hard for all these comics who’ve been doing standup for decades to sit down next to Adam and within a few short minutes sound incredibly unfunny by comparison.

  55. Phil

    Jesus, look at the size of Doug Benson’s head!

  56. sloozen1

    There are nine (9) times more vegetarians in Germany than in the US…

  57. Brad

    Hot damn! Alison is on fire in front of a live audience. She seemed to be getting just as many, if not more, laughs as Adam. She really rose above “newsgirl” status to “sidekick” status in this show, IMO.

    No, I’m not Alison typing under an assumed name.

  58. Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson03-12-2012

    Alison always interrupts too much during live podcasts, like she thinks that the audience needs to hear her “witty quips” every time Adam says something.

  59. ILLWiLL

    Alison has never been better. She comes alive with a live audience.

  60. Snowdog

    look at that heeeed on doug. That’s not a forehead…it’s a fivehead

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