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The show opens up with the gang discussing Adam’s weekend in St. Louis and St.Paul.  Adam talks about having trouble ordering beer on a flight and recalls an interesting encounter at a Polish restaurant. He also complains about a recent cab ride.

Later, they welcome ‘Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23’ producers, Nahnatchka Khan and David Hemingson, to the studio. They share stories about how hard it is to get pilots picked up by network TV.  Dr. Spaz joins in with a few thoughts about running shoes and whether or not Adam has Asperger’s.

Alison then goes into the news with a few updates on Ted Nugent and a story about a stolen penguin. She also covers a new method of dispensing medical marijuana and they all weigh in on Antonio Cromartie’s reality show that is no longer happening.

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Penguin Thieves

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Josh

    Ted Nugent shit himself repeatedly to get out of military service during Vietnam War. Why is he now some bastion of the right politik?

    • Josh

      The same way Al Gore is the left’s bastion of global warming I mean climate change even though his own house, etc….produces a shitload of carbon emissions.

    • Zapoli

      You just answered your own question.

    • ran

      are you german?

      • Devbo


    • donewithidiots

      I used to be a fan as a kid, then I read his words. Kind of crazy that he’d think it was valid rationalizing doing what he did to avoid the draft, then trying to become some kind of conservative icon. Lot of people out there living a life of ignorance of the real world and recent history.

  2. Sam

    Get it on!

  3. phil theejoo
    phil theejoo04-23-2012

    Krysten ritter from Don’t trust the B in Apt 23 is scrump-D-lee-icious I fell in lust with her on Breaking Bad.

    • the casual observer
      the casual observer05-03-2012

      if you wanna keep your love for her alive….. DO NOT look at her feet. yikes.

  4. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker04-23-2012

    You guys managed to find one of the best Eastern European restaurants in the Midwest. If you have ever seen Diners Drive-ins and Dives this places was featured last year. I try to stop in at Kramarczuks every time I am in NE.

  5. werthj

    Elton John was at the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, not Sturgis.
    The point remains the same tho.

  6. Tread

    How does Marc Maron get the more relevant guests he gets? Just listened to him with Kevin Hart. He actually lets his guest talk and tell stories. Interesting concept.

    • ZekeG

      As for the guests, it’s probably because Marc is actually a stand-up comedian and he runs in those circles and most of his guests are stand-ups.

      As for the talking, maybe because it’s a completely different show which is a good thing. Adam Carolla likes to talk, it’s what he does. If you don’t know that by now, you’re probably not as much of a fan as you think.

      Or you just came to this site to troll. Which is okay as well.

    • duke lacrosse
      duke lacrosse04-23-2012

      ya, but mark marons not ineresting.

    • Chester

      That may have something to do with the fact that Marc actively listens to his guest and has a genuine conversation, whereas Adam just waits for the guest to stop speaking so that he can rant about left turn arrows or how much he hates the mayor of Los Angeles.

      • adamsunibrow

        It’s funny because it’s true…..yet another reason why he might have aspergers.

    • Brian

      Kevin Hart? KEVIN HART?

    • Jenn

      Maron’s podcast is bi-weekly.

  7. Justin

    Khan’s aggressive homeliness belies her confident voice. I coulda sworn when listening that she’d at least be mildly attractive. Wow. Where do people like that get the brass?

    • nAAter


  8. BS

    Adams on the road stories are hard to listen to. Not interesting, not funny. The end

  9. Mark

    You know this show is edgy because it has the word “bitch” in title. I’m sure this show will be around for a long time.

  10. DonnySac

    Great guests, very funny – I’m honestly looking forward to seeing their show.

  11. JessMan

    spazzy’s back!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-23-2012

      They didn’t play the song.

  12. Lutfi

    The show should have been titled: Don’t trust the C in apartment B

  13. jr

    i own a pair of those reeboks adam is talking about. i love them!!! but i don’t run on trails or anything like that.

  14. Assburger

    If not Asperger syndrome, I suspect a dusting of Avoidant personality disorder?

  15. Dan

    Poor Bruce. Other than that, great episode.

  16. Bill

    I had a pair of GASS shoes. Got me in trouble once at school for walking on top of the teachers cars at recess. (It was a dare and several of us did it) Didn’t take long for the teacher to find the kid with GASS on his shoes. I didn’t snitch though!

    My mom bought them for me Adam! Sometimes kids didn’t have a choice in their clothes. Had toughskins too!

  17. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper04-23-2012

    I wish I could have my very own airline travel-related podcast too!

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore04-24-2012

      That sounds interesting and I would definitely subscribe to it, Anal Ripper.

  18. Katie

    Adam is such a dick to dr Bruce! Either kick him off the show or stop being so douchy!!! God damn this has gone on long enough and is super uncomfortable to listen to.

    • Yak

      Agreed. Adam is a first class a-hole to Dr. Bruce. It’s a shining example of his inferiority complex and it’s been going on since the Loveline days. You can bet that if Dr. Bruce lived next door and one of Adam’s kids were in need of immediate medical attention, Adam would be rushing over for his expertise and I doubt he’d be addressing him as Dr. Spazz.

      • phil landers
        phil landers04-24-2012

        Right on. Gotta give the Doc. a bit more respect. Surprised how quickly usually fair-minded Bald Bryant lobs grenades at Dr. Bruce from the get go

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-24-2012

      That is how Adam treats his close friends. Remember how he used to talk to Donny, and just listen to the way he and Ray interact. The problem is that Bruce freezes up on the air. He’s like a wounded gazelle and Adam just pounces on him over and over. Psychotic as it seems, Adam is showing endearment towards Bruce when he rips on him…I’m just saying.

    • phil theejoo
      phil theejoo04-24-2012

      Yea adam treats him like a red headed step child because he lent Dr bruce over 50,000 and he will never get paid back he should barter Dr visits until paid in full.

    • Alisons V
      Alisons V04-26-2012

      Maybe Carolla does have the ‘burgers. He is a dick to Dr. Bruce and he is justified in his frustration. However most “normal people” would hold back on the insults just because they have empathy!

      Also there is only one way to spell Katy, and it’s not “Katie”

  19. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol04-23-2012

    You cant pick up the cute chick behind the counter with a vending machine.

  20. Listener

    Oh, I remember flying once from Vienna to New York on British Airways. They bumped me up to first class at the gate, free of charge. Now that was first class… leather reclining seats with big cushy arms… free champagne… sat next to an officer at a homeland security consulting firm….

  21. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle04-23-2012

    The Diet Coke ain’t helping.

  22. Bobby

    Good pod. Does Adam hate Dr. Bruce? Sounds like it every single time Bruce is on the show. Adam acts thoroughly disgusted with him. Why?

  23. Daniel D
    Daniel D04-23-2012

    Jenny McCarthy body count:

  24. Reno_411

    Kinney shoes made the Gass Shoe. I woolworth company.

  25. Cole

    Felt bad for Bruce in this episode. I know adam’s just joking around and it’s all in good fun but it seems like bruce wants to impress the viewers and adam threw his medical news segment in at the worst spot, that would have been tough for anyone to not let the room energy down.

  26. Claudio

    I’m sure Rosa the bucket-headed Mexican who works at the Home Depot has seen plenty of Amex black cards. Plenty.

    How is it possible Adam can’t get a pilot on TV? He’s way funnier than most writers.

  27. JoeyJoJo

    Wow, just wow… Adam making a comment about someone ‘needlessly cussing’

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-24-2012

      Adam doesn’t swear a lot. Your comment has no merit.
      Find me an example of Ace dropping f-bombs every other word.

  28. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse04-23-2012

    great show, surprisingly good guests. especialy the chick.

  29. Ras

    Adam is a master of storytelling!

  30. Mark

    Oh my gosh I feel so bad for the young man you asked to leave at dinner at the Polish restaurant Adam, I really like you but you must be a little more considerate of other’s feelings my friend.

    • JoeyJoJo

      He can’t be more considerate, he has a mild dusting of Asperger’s. Unlike Mike August, who has full Asperger’s

  31. Ras

    Ace – i do agree you are sounding very douchey to Dr Bruce. yes he is a spazz and i was also cringing when Bruce was unable to understand how to take the comedy ball and run with it. However the poor bastard is driving from Redlands to do the podcast and you didn’t even acknowledge him at the end of the show. It sounds horrible the way you treat Bruce

  32. Bill

    The game that Antonio Cromartie took that kick back is the same game Adrian Peterson broke the single game rushing record, 296 yards…

  33. Marcus

    They have Kramarczuks sausages at Target Field for Twins games. I’ll take that over a shitty Dodger Dog.

  34. nAAter

    I’m the D in Apt. 23. Trust me.

  35. Jason

    David Hemingson: Feel free to let someone else finish their thought. Don’t be a one upper, like I said before.

  36. ash

    In light of Adam complaining that his name was spelled two different ways on the front and the back of the car that he raced a few days ago, it is funny that Nahnatchka Khan’s name is spelled three different ways — one way on this page, another way on the promo video and a third on the podcast blurb that appears on my ipod.

  37. Devbo

    Actually that’s a 10mm Glock

  38. phil landers
    phil landers04-24-2012

    Cowardly Nugent shit himself silly to avoid the draft. Check it. Just like Adam often says the blowhards that really have a stick up their ass over something usually have something to hide that shames them.

  39. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese04-24-2012

    I agree with some of the other listeners. Dr. Bruce deserves better than to be treated like a piece of shit. He may not be the funniest guy, but that’s not his job. I don’t think I would keep coming on the show if I was treated like that. I feel like Adam is acting like a boyfriend who is afraid to actually just say “I want to break up”, so he treats the girl like crap until she leaves. Not a mature move.

    By the way, this is coming from a huge fan of the show.

  40. What's Up Brogan
    What's Up Brogan04-24-2012

    Went to the show in St. Paul the other night, great job Adam, it was a lot of fun. Minnesota is a very white bread state as a whole, but there’s actually a lot of diversity in the Twin Cities. Less than 65% of Minneapolis is white, and there’s a lot of Hmong and Somalian communities in the cities. It’s actually pretty culturally diverse. Once you get into Bachmann country there’s a lot of close-minded white folk that represent the stereotype of the Midwesterners that populate Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas as well as most of MN, but the Twin Cities are actually pretty awesome, lots of great music, all four major sports, always something to do. Thanks for coming and hope you enjoyed the show as much as my friends and I did!

  41. Patrick

    Next time ACE stay in Saint Paul to avoid the weirdos in Minneapolis.
    Hell next time you play Minneapolis stay in Saint Paul, trust me.

  42. john

    funny show love the vending machine part. use to work as a copier tech and we had a few set up as vendin copiers. id laugh my ass off at all the post- its on the wall,” machine ate my dime”.. really my dick boss would make me tape dimes to the wall. good times .

    ps you people need to chill even the so called big fans, i dont think spazz would come to the show if he was dissed everytime he came in . he is a doctor i dont think he has to come in. It is a show,people! maybe its setup that way. and lets face it, it is funny.
    and do you think the kid or adam would pose in a picture if he just booted him from the table. if he did that to me i would be pissed and say fuck that guy hes a duch and walk away im sure theres more to the story he didnt share with us. but i guess i could be wrong so who knows, im out…
    love the show adam

  43. Jerel

    The AMEX cards give you access to all of the American Airlines, Delta and US Airways lounges when you flying that respective airline. You also get use of the Priority Pass program (www.prioritypass.com) which gives you access to other lounges. At LAX this means you also get access to the United and Alaska Airlines lounges.

    At LAX the American Airlines Flagship Lounge (the secret chamber attached to the regular lounge) is for anyone flying first class on a transcontinental flight, which means that you have either spent $10,000 or have traded in a ton of miles to fly in the front of the bus. I sat in there while waiting for a flight to Australia (I traded in 150,000 miles). There is no first class on domestic flights, only business class. In the 14 or so years that I have been flying in the front the quality definitely has gone down (no more made to order ice cream sundaes) but coach has got even worse so I will keep using upgrades to sit in the comfy leather seat.

    The nice thing about the airport lounges is that you do not have to sit at the crowded gate. In the lounge I can get a nice comfy seat with an electrical outlet nearby and Wi-Fi. No, the domestic lounges are not as fancy as you would think but they are still so much better than sitting out in the terminal. The international lounges are a different story, free unlimited self-serve food and drinks.

  44. Elle

    On a Virgin America flight back from L.A. last week, the 3 female flight attendants were in the back, snackin & bitchin about some such nonsense, and they were standing in the way of the bathroom. Had to move once I forced the door in their way. Then they never announced that food service stopped at a certain point (it was about 40 min till our scheduled landing), and the only redeeming quality those flight attendants gleamed from me was that I got my Pringles for free! They also couldn’t have been more apathetic about the whole flight, the most drab, emotionless announcements (and service!) I’ve ever heard. I mean I know it wasn’t Southwest, but the flight to L.A. from Seattle was much better, although that was 3 male flight attendants. Maybe that was the diff.
    Very shocking the male flight attendant Adam came across.
    And for first-class fliers, I feel bad for them cuz they get all the dirty looks from the non-first-classers on the way to the back of the plane. I’ve only flown 1st class once, and that was a fluke.

  45. Justin

    I don’t think Adam has aspergers, but perhaps Ray does.

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