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Adam and Donald Faison

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Donald Faison sits in with Adam and the gang right from the beginning of the show. The guys quickly go through Donald’s past performances in projects like Scrubs and Clueless, and then flash back to his early days growing up in New York. Donald shares stories about his twins, and Adam also talks to him about Star Wars and Garden State. The guys also discuss an awesome party at Seth MacFarlane’s that Adam couldn’t attend.

Alison starts up the news next, and talks about a frustrated mom who publicly humiliated her son after feeling the courts didn’t reprimand her son enough. Alison then talks about a college contest that is working toward making a better hospital gown, and Adam rants about ketchup packets. Later in the show, the guys watch a Katy Perry music video, and discuss the newest blend of Starbucks coffee.

In the last part of the show, Adam jumps to the phone lines. They talk to a gay black comedian who is trying to avoid stereotypes, and a caller who is looking to throw a bachelor party in LA. As the show wraps up, Adam discusses the fate of The Car Show, and ponders what he’d be doing if played football for UC Davis.

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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Joe

    Get .. it .. on!

  2. Micah

    Thanks for takin’ my call! – Micah (@micahwhite… comic who will start discussing freeway signs, just for Adam)

    • Angel

      loved it

  3. Dave

    This was the best non-regular guest ever! Yes-and’ed. Laughed at every joke. Geeked out with Bald Bryan. Was perfect. Bring Donald back soon!

    • Alisons V
      Alisons V01-17-2012

      Yes bring him back ASAP! Also the show seems to be right in Donald’s wheelhouse. Donald should be a loyal listener.

      And nothing cuter than hearing Alison saying she loves the little Tabasaco bottle “’causes it’s cute”

  4. Andrew

    Donald Faison is my favorite sit-com actor.

    Empire is the best movie ever made. It’s true.

  5. Ledgewood

    It’s Black Scrubs! But seriously, Donald is an absolute delight.

  6. anthony

    Garden State is a good movie with a great soundtrack.

  7. big jim
    big jim01-13-2012

    Ha, awesome guest. It’s always a great show when they find someone who can hang out and talk shit with the gang.

  8. big jim
    big jim01-13-2012

    Also, what’s with the comment moderation? I thought this was America!

    • Joe

      It is still America but that doesn’t mean you say what you want anywhere you want to.

      I’m sure you’re one of those morons that shout freedom of speech and not know the meaning of the phrase.

  9. jacki

    Great guest – great pod!

  10. John Hails
    John Hails01-13-2012

    Mike must get Clint Howard booked on the show.

  11. jonnypawnshop

    faison….. is he related to “Faison Love” in any way? i’m a blackman who thinks this could be possible, or just wishes it was.

  12. Blaze446

    Great Show…compelling and rich

  13. Howard

    Dr. Turk is in the hizzouse!!!

    Faison had the best line in “Clueless”: “He’s a disco-dancin’, Oscar Wilde readin’, Streisand ticket holding friend of Dorothy”

  14. Jeff

    Sweet. Donald Faison is funny and I bet he is a cool guest. Can’t wait to listen. Get it on!

  15. Dubadubaduba

    This episode had the most race related “humor” I’ve ever heard here.

  16. Newman

    Fucken guy is awesome.

  17. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks01-13-2012

    Faison was great. I hope he comes back.

  18. Lorelei

    Great show. Donald was a good fit with the crew. Have him on again to talk more about Star Wars!!!

  19. Jo ke
    Jo ke01-13-2012

    great guest

  20. The Offender
    The Offender01-13-2012

    Its the black guy from Scrubs. Who will be referred to as such for the the rest of his life.

  21. Dave

    Donald is awesome! Mighty KITES!!!!

  22. chu

    hey the scrubs guy

  23. YouOverRotated

    Donald was a fun guest. I didn’t want this episode to end.

  24. Colt-Honcho

    Fantastic show! Donald Faison was really great.

  25. Chad

    Donald was great on Scrubs…looking forward to this one.

  26. andy

    fantastic show!

  27. TamTam

    Good stuff. Loved hearing Donald laughing at adams rants/stories all throughout the show.

  28. Angel

    one of my favorite episodes! Great show, Adam!

  29. edgar

    i got taold to check my noise level at workm I could’nt stop laughing out loud. awesome show

  30. John

    Love Donald Faison.

  31. Chase

    Scrubs is one of my favorite shows of all time. Love me some Donald Faison. Terrific episode.

  32. samurai

    Good show. Love Scrubs and Faison. Started looking for a YT of the court reaction but the screens are all narrowed to EXCLUDE the face of the guilty lawyer. Funny how they’ve rigged it like that. I remember working at a plant when the verdict was read. You’d have thought the cure for cancer had been discovered. Actual cheers. I actually tried to pick two fights that day after experiencing that crap.

    • TitusBenfo

      It took me .2 seconds to find the lawyer clip on youtube.

  33. samurai

    Keep sniffing. I love how it bothers so many people. I will continue buying too much shit on Amazon. Bought two flashlights, two Spyderco knifes, and two copies of Chris Kyles book, “American Sniper”. Enjoy the beak wetting Adam. This podcast is addictive. Loved Loveline back when I was getting a divorce back in 98.

    • Brad

      How do you like your Fleshlights?

  34. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-13-2012

    Here’s my idea for an ESPN funny:


    What’s that smell?
    Yeah, what is that?
    Yeah, seriously…
    Smells llike rose petals and freshly baked bread?
    No, better:
    Like grandma baking cookies.

    [They walk down the hall, sniffing and turning their heads confusedly,,]
    [like a dog when the doorbell goes off.]

    No, guys… it smells like bacon.. but no fat.. and flowers. And some parsley.

    [There’s some recognition, but still total confusion.]

    What does that mean? Parsley?

    [They track down the mysterious smell and arrive at a door, and they open it.]

    [Tim Tebow, on the crapper, reading the Bible, with Bronco’s boxers around his ankles.]

    (some mellifluous farts — a challenge for the sound guy)

    TEBOW: Blessed are the…. Whoa? Dudes! I’m in here!

    ESPN GUYS: Sorry, we… uhh … nevermind.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-16-2012

      Not bad.

  35. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-13-2012

    Sounder was a good book. The idea was: your life is a not a statement; it’s a punctuation mark. (IE, it’s not how you live; it’s how you die.)

    That’s the way I read it, but I’m weird — collard greens on the brain.

    Be the best you can be, but don’t expect reward; shuffle your mortal coil under the shed.

    … Very liberal but conservative at the same time, fun for the whole family.

    Good literature transcends politics. That’s the definition of good literature. Did it transcend politics? Then it’s good literature.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-13-2012

      Of course it’s awaitng moderation. It’s true. Not how we live.

  36. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-13-2012

    Something is adrift without a sea. And about me? An offer. Obviously this is ship is drifting, listlessly. What do you want? I can not digest self-destucted.

  37. Gina G
    Gina G01-13-2012

    I am with the majority here. Really enjoyed Donald today! He was funny and engaging. Great guest 🙂
    And… *sniff* good stuff Ace man.

  38. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-13-2012

    And the “Blonde Roast” is a gimmick, and it’s paid for.

    That’s ok. Coffee tastes bitter but rich.

  39. DenverBroncoAJ

    Love the podcast Aceman,go Broncos crush them Pats and make those chowds cry Samuel Adams tears!!!

  40. Janey

    Where’s the pic of the new hospital gown? Way overdue. Love you Adam!

  41. Maccaguy

    This has been a great week of podcasts from Adam and crew. Donald was great, as were Kevin Nealon, Rich Eisen, and Daniele Bolelli. Each seemed to have fun, open up, and have a good time on the show.

    Special kudos to Alison and Bryan. It seems like they have ratcheted up their involvement since the holiday break. Bryan is on fire, both with the drops and jokes, and Alison is both hilarious with her quips and asking insightful questions of guests.

    Good times!!

  42. dano

    great pod today. LOVED Donald. I really want to watch Scrubs now…

  43. Miaggido

    Really good guest. I hope he comes back someday too. How about a live show with Alonzo B., Faison and DAG. YA! Get it on!

  44. TMax

    Is anyone else having issues with the iPhone app not keeping your playback position after you stop listening for a while? If I stop the show, then start it up again later, the playback jumps back to a previous position.

    Is there a setting I didn’t engage, or is this a bug?

  45. L Bishop
    L Bishop01-16-2012

    Adam – Haven’t listened to this show yet but wanted to let you know that when I went to the doctor a month or so ago they gave me a gown to change into. the gown was made like a huge jumper, so think dress with no sleeves. It had heavy duty velcro that sealed the back and came down below my knees. It was very billowy so a doctor could get to whatever they needed to without un-velcro-ing or removing the gown. I immediately thought of you! It’s sleeveless so I guess you could get cold but I think they could put some sleeves on the thing and achieve the same effect.

  46. Mike

    Really? Over ten minutes to get to the part where Katie Perry shoot whip cream in her video? Are you guys on dial-up?

  47. Mark D
    Mark D01-17-2012

    Sorry Adam but if you can’t open a ketchup packet you’re a retard.

  48. Chris Denman
    Chris Denman01-23-2012

    Thanks a ton for taking my call for my brothers bachelor party! Great Pod! I’ll be travelling out to Seattle to see Adam in my 3rd different state in march, hit me up! @tweetdenman

  49. Jeanette

    Great guest! Bring him back. He had great chemistry with everyone. Thanks!

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