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At the top of the show, Adam reacts to his spider story feedback and recalls a long-since forgotten moment from high school. The guys also listen to a clip of Adam’s audio book, then take calls for Who The F*** Sells This S***. Items for sale include oversized spoons, forks, and lampshades.

Dom Irrera enters the studio next, and reflects on his Crank Yankers and radio days experiences with Adam. Adam also talks with Dom about his recent visit to South Philly, where Dom grew up. In the news, the opening story is about LA City Council’s vote to ban marijuana dispensaries. The guys also talk about brewing your own beer, and staffer Jeff comes in to defend the hobby. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the Aurora shooter, and what Adam would like to see happen to convicted killers.


Visit http://DomIrrera.com to get all his tour dates. You can also follow him on Twitter @DomIrrera.

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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Alaistar

    Always a good time with Dom.

    • Rick

      Thoroughly enjoyed Dom. He really “gave us the business”…..funny bastard.

  2. Juiceman233

    Hi Dom.
    Roman Catholics hold an idea that the Pope will be held ‘infallible’ if and when he speaks ‘from the chair’ in some official matter of doctrines. (I don’t necessarily agree with them on this),
    They have a kind of rule for themselves. Their rule. Not a ‘rule for Africans’. For any and all Roman Catholics they have this rule (not an infallible ‘seat’ doctrine) and it goes like this in full:
    – Roman Catholics (not just African ones) ought not have any sex outside of monogamous marriage and don’t use things to prevent life.
    Got that? So we are not being deceptive lets go over that again: DO NOT have any kind of sex outside or before marriage and then only have sex with your spouse.

    So lets really smash that now: IF the Roman Catholics (not just African ones) DID FOLLOW THAT RULE of THEIRS (this is a rule the African Roman Catholics have too) then there would be nearly ZERO AIDS.
    What you seem to have suggested was: IF Africans DISOBEY the rule and DO NOT FOLLOW IT PROPERLY and then get AIDS then the Pope (or the rule) are ‘false’ or ‘fallacious’.
    Oh and ‘therefore’ the Pope is ‘false’ etc.

    Anyways, just wanted to blow open your deceptive anti-Catholic comments you deceptive bigot.
    BTW: I am not a Roman Catholic. I just hate seeing bigots unfairly shltting on them like you Dom.
    (Oh ya and Jews are so smart. Good job.. you get Hollywood fame now.)

    • reb

      will you set everyone straight about the Easter Bunny, too?

    • giantELF

      Ummm….whether you’re married or not you can still make lots and lots and lots of babies you Catholic dipshit.

      When you are poor and in Africa and can’t feed your lots and lots and lots of babies they starve to death you Catholic dipshit.

      Dom wasn’t talking about AIDS you Catholic dipshit.

      Africa was just representative for all poor nations you Catholic dipshit.

      One last thing…thinking the Catholic church is stupid, misguieded and akin to organized crime is not bigoted you Catholic dipshit. It’s an opinion.

      You Catholic dipshit. (almost forgot that part.)


      Formerly Catholic but NEVER a dipshit.

      • Juiceman233

        Hey former Catholic Dipshit,
        First thing you should know is that I am not Catholic. I think I mentioned that, fuktard,
        You just screwed this up like Dom by telling us what Roman Catholics (or, African Dipshits to you) can do if they BREAK THE RULES.
        IF they DO NOT follow their Catholic rules then they certainly can have babies outside marriage.
        Then that is THEIR PROBLEM and something that happened by NOT FOLLOWING the Catholic rules.

        And here is your next ‘Domming’: Whether or not you can take care of your children and feed them is another story.
        Again: These Roman Catholics married couples who cannot afford or find ways to feed children are not told to have children,
        Roman Catholics DO have MASSIVE MASSIVE PROGRAMS for feeding Roman Catholics who have children they cannot feed.

        So you lose on every angle Former-Catholic/Current Dipshit.
        You are too stupid to be a Catholic so it’s good you quit. Dont’ go back. You can’t even figure out how to ‘do stuff’ or ‘get how stuff works’ fuktard.

        • Jeremy

          Ha ha ha, you take yourself way too seriously.

      • Tony

        @giantELF Wow, it’s amazing how adding “Catholic dipshit” to the end of every line really makes you sound smarter, really makes your point seem credible too

    • Field Marshal Rick
      Field Marshal Rick07-26-2012

      You do know Dom Irrera is a comedian right? Wait….you do know what comedy is?…right?!

    • John

      I agree with this. Sick of people bashing the RCC when they have zero knowledge of its practices.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana07-26-2012

      You kind of ruined it with the Jew thing. In college, I submitted all our Computer Science assignments alone and wrote them alone, because they were my ideas. But at the end of the semester, I had an F, while my partner had an A. “How can this be,” I asked — it’s not logical, according to rules. But despite logic and basic rules of fairness, he won. He was Jewish, but that’s not the reason. He was simply a douche. I don’t think Jews are any more evil than your typical upper middle class d-bag. Think about the power structure in your town. There are degenerates all over, but are Jews are more likely to be degenerates? No; it’s the opposite. I think it’s more conspicuous when they are (degenerates).

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana07-26-2012

        Sometimes I write stupid shit, but in this case, I think I hit the nail on the head:

        Jews are hated because 90% of them are good and 10% are evil — just like everyone else, but for Jews it’s 90% good, 10% evil, which is a big difference.

        • An Onny
          An Onny08-09-2012

          No, Jews are hated because they’re generally smart and are good at getting in positions of high esteem. Thus, hated because of jealousy. What other reason could there be? I’ve never run into any “evil” ones, personally!

    • An Onny
      An Onny08-09-2012

      Agree. But anyway, how many Africans are even Catholic? I don’t see why people keep bashing the church over this issue, when the majority of Africans are either Muslim or some tribal relgion and don’t care or even pay attention to what the Catholics say. Let’s say the pope one day “gives his permission” for Catholics to start using condoms. You think all of Africa is going to suddenly sigh with relief and say “Finally we have a way to stop spreading AIDS!” Sheesh.

    VIVA LA RAZA07-26-2012

    Im surprised Adam the racist white boy had the cajones to host real man like Dom Irrera.

    Maybe Adam can learn thing or two and see why Mexicans are taking over America. *hint* its cuz we are work harder, better lookings, and taking all your white women who know latino men will treat them right.


    • Mark J
      Mark J07-26-2012


    • Josh

      I’m not surprised a racist like you will only say things like that over the internet and not to his face. Maybe you can learn a thing or two and see why Mexico sucks so bad Mexicans want to come to the USA.

      viva gtfo

    • Justin

      Yeah, mang. Jou is better lookings. Right on, mang.

    • DDameshek

      Choke on a cock. “its cuz we are work harder” LOL Mexicans are lazy fucks. Go pile 15 of you into a truck

    • Field Marshal Rick
      Field Marshal Rick07-26-2012


    • YoussefChristian


    • hilarious!

      First try putting together a coherent sentence, then worry about taking over America…..now go home and get your fucking shine box or leaf blower!

    • Jeremy

      And your English is better, “lookings” at you amigo. 🙂

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197007-27-2012

      at least your spelling is getting better

    • An Onny
      An Onny08-09-2012

      Ha – naw, you’re all too short to be that attractive! 😛

  4. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson07-26-2012

    The most embarrassing thing Adam does is trying to make other carpenters look stupid with his gay questions about measurements of dumb shit no one cares about except him. Grow the fuck up!

    • idiotman

      Details are important and generally separate the wheat from the chaff. Be a pro.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-27-2012

      He’s calling them out.
      It’s like asking a Postman how much a stamp costs.

  5. jw

    Dom is hilarious. “They passed me around…like a taco.”

  6. Steph

    I love the who the F sells this S segment but it is getting way too anti thrift store. It’s dumb to shame people who don’t want to be a part of wasteful system and are willing to shop at somewhere besides walmart.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore07-26-2012

      Don’t take it personally. It’s just Adam acting out his rage and resentment against his parents in yet another passive-aggressive way.

  7. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair07-26-2012

    GREAT show…best podcast in a year….”This needs more yeast!”…funny.funny funny!

  8. edgar

    I love the fact that Dom brought his appearances on Dr Katz, thtats how I was introduced to him as a teenager!! He was always so funny on that show.

  9. big jim
    big jim07-26-2012

    Ah, the great Dom Irrera! Love the guy.

  10. ryan

    Dom was the limo driver in Big Lebowski! “I got a rash, so big…”

  11. Brett

    Sweet. I love who the eff. In fact, I love all the “bits” on the show. Except for Wild’s music. I like Wild, but not everyone’s “my music isnt mainstream so it’s good” segment.

  12. Kirsten

    Great show – NO Dave Damashek!!!! His voice is grating, his stories are dumb and he needs to stay off the show – much better without him!

    • Field Marshal Rick
      Field Marshal Rick07-26-2012

      And his hard boiled egg etiquette is quite uncouth…

  13. ben

    whats up w/ adam being on O’Reilly?

    • RoyalDryness

      He’s on the road to becoming a right wing mouth piece, it’s been in the works for probably over a year now.

  14. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)07-26-2012

    That’s the nose hair guy from Seinfeld

  15. Terri

    I would love to lick Ray’s cans

  16. daddy_monkey

    Alison: “Maybe it’s a Roman numeral 5”. I cracked up thinking about confused Romans in an ancient market. “I’ll take two of your finest togas.” “You mean five?” “No, I mean 2.” But you said 5 with your hand.” “I showed you 2 fingers.” “But you made a V. That’s 5.” “I’M TELLING YOU THAT I WANT TWO FUCKING TOGAS!” “OK, OK, no need to yell. It’s 5 for the price of 2 today.”

  17. Dan

    We sure Dom should be talking about what Joe McGettigan told him a year before the trial?

    • MikeinAZ

      Thought the same thing when he was talking. How funny would it be that Dom was the cause of a mistrial.

  18. medicinedog

    T.S Eliot.

  19. Justin

    Oh, DI looks *terrible*! What happened, Dom? That can’t just be alcohol, can it?

    His roast of Drew Carey is still one of my all-time favorite sets. “Like a man!”

  20. YouOverRotated

    Royalty Analyst? Me too. Podcasts the only way you can possibly make it through the day? Yeah…

  21. TS

    Great guest, great episode.

  22. Brian Livesay
    Brian Livesay07-26-2012

    “they’re stronger and they stay hard…” this is were I lost it

  23. Butt

    Bald Bryan, STFU when Adam is interrogating somebody about carpentry stuff and they’re horrible. It’s goddamn hilarious and you’re not.

    • Rick

      Yeah, huh.

  24. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Great show… this is why I like Adam’s podcast.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore07-26-2012

      Come on, you don’t think the guy whose job is to double-click MP3 files shouldn’t set the direction of the conversation?

  25. JP

    That girl with the small mouth sounded super hot. And thrifty. Rawr.

  26. the necromancer
    the necromancer07-26-2012

    Please bring back your other audio streamer!

  27. dolantrack

    Does Bryan and Allison have to wear a checked shirt too? I”m just saying…………………………………

  28. Judy

    Ace, what about your Mangria??

  29. Peter

    Regarding giving parents a “tool” for dealing with children they know are dangerous, please have a look at Clayton Cramer’s new book (http://pjmedia.com/blog/deinstitutionalization-mass-murder-and-untreated-madness/) which describes how the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s forced the closing of all of the nation’s institutions where people used to send family members who they considered dangerous. Professor Cramer had a brother who fit that criteria. Schizophrenic Plus. Nothing they could do about it. All the institutions are gone.

    • Right Wing Concept
      Right Wing Concept07-26-2012

      ronald reagan shut down the nut houses by not funding them. Homeless population exploded. Deregulation is fun isn’t it?

      • Lefty Logic
        Lefty Logic07-26-2012

        Wow, you are so ill informed and partisan it’s quite sad.

  30. Travis

    I fucking love Dom Irrera

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-27-2012

      He’s been bringing the funny for years.

  31. Andrew Kester
    Andrew Kester07-26-2012

    Egypt craigslist:
    In case you are ever in Egypt and you want to start a quick pick up game of American football in between protests, now you have your ball….

  32. thedecade

    Good, light , funny show today. Always better when it is relaxed and everyone isn’t trying so hard… good stuff.

  33. DougInLV

    And you’re like “I don’t wanna talk to Chuck”.
    Funniest line of the show.

  34. Aaron

    I love Adam getting semi-shocked by the black rape joke Irrera made. Now you know how the rest of your guests feel all the time. haha.

    • Ken

      I think Adam’s memory of “Jimmy the Greek” came to mind. Loose lips sink ships – and Adam’s Pirate ship will not be sunk on his watch.

      For those of you not old enough – Jimmy the Greek was a CBS commentator and Las Vegas handicapper. He was interviewed at a restaurant after Jimmy had a few to many drinks. He then spouted off about slave owner’s “breeding” their “big blacks” with their big women and that is why football has so many big black athletes.

      Jimmy the Greek was fired by CBS within weeks and he fell from favor with television and he died a pauper living in Las Vegas as an unknown.

      It is ironic how Dom’s racial comedy offended everyone in the room – but Adam’s racial comedy does not. Being a “comedian” does not protect one from thinking and saying retarded and offensive things.

      I am glad Adam called Dom out on the offensive “joke”. I hope Adam starts to realize when he has crossed a line.

      Keep up the good work everyone.

      thank you for the chance to comment.

      • J Rock 1970
        J Rock 197007-27-2012

        Jimmy the Greek was a glorified bookie who was lucky to be on TV to begin with. They probably wanted him gone and used that as an excuse, I’m sure Don Imus can relate

    • FitzDoug

      I think Adam was genuinely embarrassed by such a lamo joke by another unfunny stand-up. We can all appreciate a good tongue-in-cheek racist joke but this Irrera’s was just lame. I thought the guy was unfunny and boring as f. A great show aside from him though.

  35. LiberalsRstupid

    On every topic you always find a way to contradict what you said in your last sentence. It takes a real special kind to do that regularly and not notice it.

    I’m more tired of the Govt stealing my private property (cash) at the point of a gun so a bunch a fat over paid egotists with guns can run around conducting paramilitary operations against some guy getting stoned…

  36. zyzz

    Adam can tell she’s hot by that spoon refection? I can see shit, could be a man.

  37. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-27-2012

    Joey “Bag ‘o” Donuts!

  38. Jeremy

    I like the commentary on the uber avant-garde advertisements. There are a lot of Cheerios ads going up around me (billboards, bus stops, magazine ads, train wraps) that say a single word phrase in the Cheerios yellow background and font with a Cheerios piece as a period. They don’t even have the General Mills or Cheerios name on it–so they’re easy to miss and I don’t feel like eating Cheerios when I see a billboard with “Love.” or “One and Only.” on it. The ads are so obscure that I doubt they are even able to create brand awareness.

  39. sloozen1

    Dom is a great guest…

  40. Wags

    Dom is always funny, and I mean that in a good way.

  41. Eric

    Ha, I just went to the Buffalo live show and gave Adam one of my homebrews…hadnt heard this one yet.

    Maybe it’ll change his mind!

  42. ArrestedDeveloper

    Adam can’t help but get into pissing contests with anyone in a construction related field.

  43. toma

    You guys are total dicks for insulting beer brewers. Why brew beer when good beer is cheap? Well, why cook anything then? Why do anything homemade? Adam, why wrench on your own car? You can pay someone a few hundred dollars to do it for you. I brew beer because it’s fun. It tastes great. The process makes me enjoy my beer more. Also, I never get a hangover when I drink a lot of homebrew. I wake up stupider, but my head feels great. This is one well know advantage to homebrew nobody mentioned.

  44. FitzDoug

    Great podcast as usual, except for the presence of another unfunny stand-up comic in Irrera. The guy didn’t say one remotely funny thing! Adam, bald and Allison did their best to squeeze out courtesy laughs and make him seem funny I guess? Am I the only one who thought Irrera was aggressively unfunny and a creepy guy?? Seems like everybody is touting him as being hilarious. WTF? I think a lot of listeners are confusing Adam making even the most horrible guests seem funny, with his natural comedic wit. Something the Dom Irreras and Jim Gaffigans of the world are horribly lacking.

    • Robert DeNegro
      Robert DeNegro08-07-2012

      And how…

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